Looking for BIG impact at a reasonable price? Decor Uplights are your perfect solution! Uplighting can really warm a space with some accent tones or truly transform the look and feel of a room. We would be happy to recommend a number and color to match your venue and vision.

What lighting should you go with?

Our Wired Uplights ($18 each) can be set anywhere there is an outlet.  We have LED and traditional par fixtures and can achieve just about any color you like with Red-Blue-Green mixing or gels.

EZpar64RGBAOur Battery Powered LED Uplights ($25 each) can be set anywhere in moments and can achieve thousands of colors with the mixing of Red-Blue-Green-Amber LEDs.

Our Color Changeable Wireless Uplights ($35 each) can also be set anywhere since they run off their own power source (perfect for outdoors or where you do not wish to be limited to having a power outlet handy). They also have radios built into them so colors can be changed at a moments notice creating different “scenes” as the night progresses.
*delivery and labor charges may apply

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