The Company Party

What’s going to be the buzz on Monday?

Congratulations on your new job title!  If you’re reading this, chances are you have been given the estimable responsibility of planning the company party. It may be something new to your job description or something that you might not be so thrilled about. Not to worry, we’ll get you through this thing and help make you an absolute hero in the process.

OK, Party Planner, what are you planning?

What are we dealing with? Will your co-workers prefer Earth, Wind & Fire or E-40? Will they mingle and enjoy sophisticated conversation or will they be dancing on the tables? Our objective is to figure out what makes your group tick so we can help you custom-design an event that perfectly fits your style. Whether you need an outgoing, energetic party motivator or a low-key entertainer, we’ll fill the work order. Also, we’ll be happy to share our fun ideas that get people on their feet.

Musical Buffet

One good thing about a buffet is that there’s always something for everyone. It’s all about variety. Chances are your group has musical tastes that range from listening to smooth jazz or doing the Merengue to rockin’ out to rock ‘n roll to EDM. We’ve got it all. You’ll have access to a library we’ve been building for over 40 years. Our DJs are skilled at blending different kinds of music in such a way to ensure everyone’s musical taste buds are satisfied.

Looking for something different?

Denon & Doyle has a full A/V department to serve small gatherings to festivals, the most experienced and talented Disc Jockeys and nicest looking sound systems in Northern California.  Simply put, we have you covered!

Red Carpet Photo Shoots

Camera in hand Photo Shoots

Decor Lighting

task lighting
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