greenscreenphotomachine23greenscreenphotomachine2Instant Green Screened Prints  •  Gif Animations  •  Slide Show Display  •  Social Sharing

We have not been this excited about photos since we purchased our first photo booth a decade ago!

Our Green Screen Photo Experience offers live view guests see themselves in the scene before the photo is taken & animations (you might want to stop reading and scroll down now to check them out). All the photos and animations can be printed or shared via email or text messaging instantly!   They are also displayed on a slide show monitor to wow all your guests.  You can also add a sharing station iPad or two to allow for Facebook, Instagram and twitter).

* NEW FEATURE:  Our creative geniuses programmed “ScreenLess Background Removal”.  Layman’s terms…if you don’t like green itself for the screen, ask us about your options. 

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• Unlimited Photo Sessions For Your Guests
• Props
• An online gallery of all the photos
• Custom Graphics for final print (name, logo, event date as desired)
• Your guests choose from dozens of fun backdrops
• A fun and creative photographer to get the best our of your guest


How much space does it take up? About a 7’ wide X 10’ deep area

How many photos can be taken an hour? Our photo booths can do about one a minute.

Are those fun props included?  Yes!

How many guests can get in the photos? Ideally 2 to 4 guests, but if your guests what to get “friendly” we can get creative.

popular options

• Upgrades to one of our Classic Style Photo Booths or photo shoots with a live photographer team
• Upgrade slide show display so the whole room can watch with our projector and Plasma options.
• Our external iPad sharing stations where your guests can instantly share with social media

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