Fun. Outgoing. Energized. Extreme?

While the first three words aptly describe MC/DJ extraordinaire Joel Brown, we aren’t quite sure that the fourth does. Sure, at times he may have some extreme moments in his life, but we’re not sure that qualifies someone as extreme.

Is someone extreme because they prefer their roast beef sandwiches with mayo and honey mustard in lieu of traditional mustard? Hardly.

What about someone who will binge watch entire seasons of his favorite shows on Netflix? Having too much time on your hands doesn’t necessarily make you extreme.

Oh, and his love for the outdoors and “extreme” sports like BMX riding and skateboarding. They may sound a bit intense, but all of that is in the past. For example, if he was to dislocate his arm again after a failed ollie attempt up a curb, the mature Joel would take the heavy numbness in his arm (so bad he felt like his arm wasn’t even there) as a sign that he should immediately see a doctor, instead of simply continue on with his day and go to a movie with friends—like he did when these events actually unfolded years ago.

Even his musical tastes and aspirations might be mislabeled as extreme at times. Just because he surrounds himself with all things music (concerts, festivals, producing and creating his own), doesn’t mean he’s an extreme DJ and performer—just that he is extremely good at what he does. His ability to play to the crowd is also one of the attributes that makes him a great MC. He has an appreciation for the role that music plays at each event and relishes the opportunity to grab the mic and take control so his clients can enjoy the party.

Joel thrives on the energy of the crowd, and is also adept at creating it with his smile and outgoing personality. His most memorable event takes him back to the Meadow Club, where he relives memories of an incredible dance party. “It was special because I knew the family wanted a lot of dancing time,” Joel recalls, and “being able to work in the formalities in a way that honored tradition but also kept with the family’s wishes was a great feeling.” A feeling that was only topped by a palpable energy buzzing all night on the dance floor. “It was crazy,” Joel admits, “they just kept going.”

For a guy with extremist tendencies, it seems the only things truly extreme about Joel are the dance floors he commands and the memories he helps create.



“Everything was great! It was an amazing event and you sent a great team to us! The dance floor was packed from start to finish and the games and dances kept everyone engaged. We had so many dads participating as well, which was wonderful to see. Thank you to you and your team for being wonderful.”
-Lindsay Cross, Orinda Country Club, May 21

“I know I was very fortunate to work with each of you. It’s a pretty amazing thing- when ones vision is able to become a reality. Your professionalism, eye for detail, organization and artistic abilities culminated into one beautiful day; A graceful, stylish and delicious luncheon To an elegant, fun and flavorful evening.

I have requests for each of your talents- and will be referring you out to all. I hope each of you keep this list of talent- as together you orchestrated- from what I hear ‘The Best Party Ever.'”
-Laura Raney, Danville Veteran’s Memorial Hall, April 16

“Just wanted to let you know that Joel did an awesome job for us on Saturday night.  Everyone seemed to have a super time.  Great music and games and dancing and MC-ing.  Very happy with it all!”
-Jeffrey Eckber, Albany Community Center, March 19

“I wanted to let you know that my experience with Denon & Doyle, from start to finish, has been the best service experience I’ve ever had with any vendor — in my personal or professional life. Dan, you are so responsive and proactive, and you do an amazing job of guiding your clients. I was so appreciative your advice.

Joel was fantastic. I was so impressed that he came out to our home to meet with us, and we got a sense of what to expect from one another. He also clearly knew what needed to happen and when, and provided outstanding advice.

The team at the party was amazing. EVERYONE was out on the dance floor — all night! Keep in mind that we had no other entertainment to distract the kids or the adults. The onus was completely on the DJ team to keep the party going, and they exceeded expectations. Numerous people approached me to tell me how great they were, and to ask me how I found you. We couldn’t be happier with our experience with you guys. Both the kids and the adults told me they had the best time.

Thank you for making a great party. You really brought it!”
Giselle Lederman, Portuguese Cluteral Center, March 5

“Just wanted to say thank you and let you know what a wonderful job Joel did last night at Ally’s party. Everyone had a so much fun and was raving about the entertainment. Ally’s younger brother has already requested Joel for his bar mitzvah in a couple of years.”
Lauren Sorof, The “W” Hotel, January 2

“Joel and Chaz gave us absolutely everything we had hoped for and more!  Joel is exceptionally talented and we would be thrilled to work with him again!”  
-Cynthia Leavitt, University Club-SF, November 14

“It was a terrific party.  Joel, we really appreciated your enthusiasm and checking in from time-to-time to get a sense of real-time wants and needs.  That was fantastic customer service and made for a great event.  Thank you for making this special event even more so with your professionalism and energy.”
Jamie Rose, Jewish Home of SH, August 29

“Our heartfelt thanks for the most amazing [party] we could’ve ever expected. We knew it would be fun but had no idea how great the DJ and Joel were. The kids raved about the party and the adults had a great time. I’m embarrassed I ever hesitated using Denon and Doyle. I now know there is no replacement. There’s no question whatsoever that we will use you for all of our future events and recommend your services to our friends.”
Manny Berston, Ondine, June 20

“Thank you very much for your great service! We had a blast at our event on August 27th. And I especially want to put in a good word for the DJ, Joel Brown. He was very professional — arrived on time, worked flawlessly with our set up, played a great mix to kick us off, and was responsive to requests once the dancing got started. A complete pleasure to work with.”
-Susan Cass, UC Berkeley, August 27

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