Virtual World Live

Virtual Reality For Your Event

Add a cutting edge touch to your event by booking our virtual reality (VR) service Virtual World Live. We bring everything you and your guest need to enjoy being transported to new worlds and creative platforms. While a guest plays in a game or creates artwork everyone else gets to cheer them on and see what they see through high quality 60 inch displays. The best way to experience our VR product is by scheduling a demo in our show room to see and experience it for yourself.



How much space is required?

This system is quite customization regarding the physical footprint, the minimum size required is a play space of 1.5m by 2m, or 5ft by 6.5ft. Some games require much more, up to 3m by 3m. We recommend having room beyond the play space of at least 1-2 feet as a buffer but we can certainly optimize our setup to your individual venue and space requirements.

Do guest get to keep anything from this?

We have numerous options for guests to keep content from painting in Tilt Brush, they can print still images of the art along with sharing short GIFs and videos of the work. If you are interested in keeping the 3d files for the art created as well we can arrange options for that as well. All of these options are considered add-ons to the booking.


What games are offered?

We have a diverse set of options.  Some of our favorites are Tilt Brush and Space Pirate Trainer.  We can also develop custom content for a more “branded” experience.

We also have the following available:
Diner Duo (Supports 2 players 1 in VR one with a controller), Drunken Bar Fight, Climbey, Sports Bar VR, Zombie Training Simulator, Cloudlands: VR Minigolf (supports multiple players taking turns on same headset), Cosmic Trip, Holopoint, Fantastic Contraption, Fruit Ninja, Island 359, Pierhead Arcade, Job Simulator, Water Bears, Fast Action Hero, Audio Shield, Brookhaven Experiment

Interested in something not listed? don’t hesitate to ask, we are actively seeking out content to add to our library (not all games or software have commercial licenses yet but we can always work with software vendors)








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