A familiar scene, but remixed for the times. A fusion restaurant, representing a blend of cultures and traditions. In this case, a Japanese Sushi Restaurant with a particular vibe. Young Treyvon Brown was with his grandmother at the time, looking over the menu of various artistic sushi rolls when his ears perked up. “They were playing music and it was a much different sound that I was accustomed to,” explains Treyvon. 

Asking his grandmother about the unique sounds he was hearing, her reply was simple but set Treyvon on a very unique musical path in life. “That’s Jazz,” she said. It wasn’t long until Treyvon picked up his first saxophone and let the love for music take him on a journey. 

After working in the entertainment industry for years as a musician, and even having the honor of playing some high profile events here in the Bay Area, Treyvon kept challenging himself musically. Whether it was adding new instruments to his toolbox or taking on other aspiring musicians as students, his passion for music eventually evolved into DJing. Having plenty of event experience, including weddings and corporate events, the foundation was already set. As you would expect from a Jazz musician, that transition has been seamless.

Treyvon’s skills as a musician have made him just as formidable behind two turntables and a microphone. No event ever goes according to plan and a running industry joke is that no timeline is ever on time. That’s where you have to be able to read a room and react accordingly, to feel the vibe and improvise when necessary. Treyvon’s fusion of passion and talent are undeniable, and he reaches back to his roots to make every event feel familiar, but remixed to meet the needs of his clients. You might think that is a difficult task to achieve nowadays, but as his grandmother told Treyvon long ago, “that’s Jazz.” 

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