Tim Phelps

phelpsTIMMY (pronounced: “Tim-MAY”) PHELPS is creatively endowed. Music is his muse and she’s a beast beating in his breast, baby. Mention the process of writing a song and he’ll be off on a tangent the size of Texas faster that you can say “wha’ happen’?” He oozes excitement and bubbles good times like Johnny Cash in a fountain of foam from Folsom Prison. He can’t help it — he just is.

He earned his education as a “Road” scholar on major 1970’s musical tours, trained from the age of 19 in the arts of stage, musicmanship and wild things he cannot share in this forum as he is pinky sworn to secrecy. Do him a favor and don’t pull his finger. We can say that Bill Graham himself credited Tim with putting the in the “-een” in the “Day on the Green” show he played back in (mumble, mumble, evasive gesture).

But hey, what say we get today? He simply loves to DJ; he loves a full dance floor and the crackle of a perfectly-timed and executed event — which, in the Timmer’s opinion is almost never what one plans but is exactly what it should be.

Pause and reread the last line — then feel the chilllllllll of zen wisdom. Tim is more than man, more than machine: he is pure music innovation … and, quite frankly, a heckuva nice guy.


“Tim was awesome!!! He is so friendly and fun to work with, a real team player. Everything came together wonderfully.”
-Lauren Westbrook, Hiddenbrooke Country Club, May 9

“I am so happy to report (and I’m sure no surprise to you) that last night was an absolute blast! Tim was outstanding and so fun to work with. It was a pleasure talking with you leading up to the event, and I hope to work with you and your team in the future.”
-Lesa Stevens, Mira Vista Country Club, April 18

“The wedding was amazing and Tim did an awesome job! Couldn’t have asked for a better dj, everyone had a great time. We will definitely be writing you guys an awesome review.”
-Matt Seelig, Elliston Vineyards, August 9

“I think I’m finally recovered from Saturday.  Tim and E.J. were just awesome, it’s like they were a part of the family.  Tim did such a great job with the music.  He was even so sweet he played songs that my young nieces liked.  Most everyone danced all night. We had so much fun, thank you all for working so hard to make the day fun and perfect.”
-Janet Pennisi, Marine’s Memorial, June 28

“Everyone is bragging about Tim and how great he was. Everyone loved the song selection and had a blast! Thank you so much for providing us with a DJ who knows how to mix a great party. Thank you”
-Rose Taylor, Crokett Community Center, May 31

“Everyone loved Tim! I would like to write a testimonial. My girls are still talking about him. The karaoke went off without a hitch, and Tim had the computer screen so I could see the words! Big for me! The equipment went off without a hitch, thanks for the mics, and it was clear to everyone That we had hired professionals and everything was first cabin! I can lose a client, but not my wife, and you guys saved my bacon! Please send me Tim’s full name and mailing address. I want to write him. TIM ROCKED IT! everyone has asked for his contact information. He nailed the music, nailed it! From the first tune to the very last, everyone was up and dancing. We had 70 year olds leaving hot and sweaty, laughing and loving every second. What can be better than that? NOTHING! Our kids, 30s, agreed. He didn’t miss a thing. Great tunes.. perfectly delivered.”
-John O’Connor, Ondine, May 10

“The party was great and Tim did a nice job for us. We would definitely recommend your company and will call you for our next event.”
-Dan Fivey, Alamo Residence, May 3

“Thank you! Tim was great! Donna was over the moon! Here is what she has to say…’My party was the most perfect event ever!!! Everyone danced all night, no lulls, no suggestions for changing it up, all smiles!!! I could hardly walk to my car, which makes me realize how old I am, but also a good sign that our set list was THE BEST dancing tunes of all time. Tim did a great job of selecting my requests and he was a great ‘keeper of the mic and clock’. His personality was perfect for the way we chose the decades and he really seemed to be having a great time. I’ve gotten a ton of feedback and the music is always the favorite thing. Thank you so much for making this process so easy and fun. I will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a good DJ experience.'”
-Lauren Perez, Barbara Llewellyn Catering, Catering Loft, March 22

“Tim did a very good job – got everyone dancing.”
-Nigel O’Rourke, Olympic Club at Lakeside, November 16

“Tim was PERFECT and, in fact, one of our VP’s (Simona Zannetti) would like to use your company for her daughters’ birthday party. Thank you for helping us make this such a wonderful event and the professionalism and courtesy of the DJ, along with perfect music choices, did not go unnoticed.”
-Jessica Kelley, Metronic, Sonoma County Fairgrounds, October 12

“The celebration of our wedding was wonderful. John, our DJ was first rate and fit right in to our party.”
-Dick Friedman, Claremont Resort, October 12

“The evening was just really wonderful, and Tim was perfect! He was a wonderfully upbeat emcee, and the mix of music was great. We will definitely use you guys again for future gatherings, and I’ll certainly recommend D/D to anyone who asks. Thanks so much for being one of the great partners in our event.”
-Sally Johnston, Lafayette Residence, October 5

“We love DJ Tim. He did an awesome job of included our prior suggested songs, along with pleasing the crowds mood and taste in dancing. We are very impressed with Denon & Doyle attention to our request and questions. Every time we had a question or concern, a rep and even the owner, we reply quickly.”
-Christina McCullough, Brix Restaurant, September 28

“The party was fantastic. I really liked our DJ (Tim). He was on time, flexible and completely cooperative with my requests. Further, we extended the event well past the original time expectation, and he made me feel like he was thrilled to keep going. I would recommend Denon & Doyle with zero reservations. Thank you!!”
-Jill Godsey, Spengers Fish Grotto, August 30

“It was a great party. Everyone enjoyed the music and dancing it really made the night. Thank you so much for being a partner with us.”
-Sherry Rowan (Temple Isaiah), Private Residence, July 27

“Please thank Tim for the wonderful job he did. Everyone was very pleased with the selection of music. Even though we didn’t have as good a turnout as we expected the folks that were there enjoyed it. We plan on using you again in the future.”
-Virginia Oram, Private Residence, July 4

“Based on what I heard, fun was had by all and I know that the music played an intricate role in that. Tim was a professional but at the same time easily approachable. Please know that I will highly recommend Denon & Doyle to all of our 56 properties for future events.”
-Ruby Luna, Kenwood Residence, September 29

“As parents of the bride we were very pleased with Tim’s DJ services last Saturday. He followed all of the bridal couple’s wishes and chose songs that kept everyone, young and old alike, out on the dance floor throughout the evening. Everyone commented on how the music was so perfect for those in attendance. We also appreciated that the volume was just right and allowed for folks to still have conversations on the sidelines. I have very sensitive ears and I felt the volume was perfect. Thanks for taking requests from our guests too.

Thanks for great services. I would recommend your company to all.”
-Felicia and Chuck Shinnamon, B.R. Cohn Winery, September 1

“Just wanted to let you know that everyone loved Tim! He was absolutely perfect for our party! He has such an amazing personality! We can’t wait to have another party and book him for our DJ!”
-Julia Allen, Alamo Residence, August 25

“The party was great, Tim was all you said he would be, very appropriate in all respects. We enjoyed the music very much and it was just right. Thank you!!”
-Florence Silver, Fremont Marriott, August 4

“Everything was wonderful! We enjoyed having Tim at our wedding. He was very helpful and good at making song recommendations for us, which helped keep the party flowing.”
-Letty Nunez, Brix, May 12

“The party was a hit and Tim did a great job. Very easygoing and flexible and played a good mix of music for everyone – young, old and middle aged. We’d definately ask for Tim again. ”
-Bill Dewitt, Lafayette Residence, April 13

“IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED, LOVED, Tim…he was perfect. We had a great time and i would use you again and again!

Thank you so very much….everything was sooooooooo FUN!”
-Gayle French, San Mateo Residence, March 31

“Tim was FABULOUS and very helpful! We have passed our information on to the next NCL class – thanks for everything!”
-Charlotte Perkins, Claremont Resort & Spa, March 11

“The party was wonderful…everyone loved the music and had a fantastic time! Tim was awesome! The only complaint I got was they did not want to leave, they wanted to continue partying! The group was way more into the “games” (pass the buck and extreme musical chairs and such) than I ever expected them to be…some people (older members of the group) really surprised me with how “into” the “newer” music and the dancing they were…I was amazed! A great time was had by all and I will definitely keep your information handy for future events. Thank you ever so much…it was awesome! Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year to you all! And a huge Thank You to Tim…I hope we will see him again! J”
-Robin Hansen, Bechtel, Dublin Ranch Golf Club, December 17

“Everyone loved the party, the music definitely added to the fun. Tim did a great job, easy to work with, read the crowd well. It was a little difficult because all the young adults that I thought were going to be on the dance floor-just sat. The older folks were up dancing and of course the children. They had a ball! Tim played everything I asked for, accommodated the singers and came up with some other good music. Thanks for a great addition to my Mother’s 90th birthday party.”
-Donna Johnson, Sir Francis Drake, November 12

“The wedding is over and it was great! Much of that is due to Tim, our DJ, and the excellent job he did in getting everyone on the dance floor. Both my husband and I were so pleased with his work. The volume was perfect and he moved the evening along. Our guests loved it and danced the night away. We will certainly recommend you to any of our friends looking for a professional DJ.”
-Laura Gallagher, San Francisco Olympic Club, October 15

“I just wanted to send you a quick email before we leave for your honeymoon to thank you, Brian, Chris and Tim for making our wedding extra special! And I don’t want to leave out the adorable gentleman who did the photo booth, I am just drawing a blank on his name! But honestly Tim and he were AWESOME and the guests were raving about how much fun they were having!!! The music was great and our photo book turned out simply amazing!!! Thank you SO MUCH too all of you for making our day even more special!!!!”
-Paula Buchholz, Hyatt Vineyard Creek, October 8

“Everything went very well and the feedback has been uniformly positive. Tim did a nice job of satisfying the eclectic musical tastes of our attendees. There were no complaints about the selections being “too old” or “too modern”. Much to my surprise, he was able to keep people up and dancing right until the very end of the party. That was quite an accomplishment!

The non-dancers were also happy. They were able to mix and converse easily, without having to shout to be heard.

This is the first time we have employed a DJ rather than a live band, but it will not be the last. We will be pleased to work with you again for our 2012 Christmas Ball.”
-William Callahan, Associated Roofing Contractors, Fairmont Hotel, December 3

“Hi Brian – The DJ was fantastic and everyone had a great time. I wish we could have given him a tip but we can’t tip. We will call you again!”
-Erika Sanchez, Berkeley Alumni House, December 2

“The Anniversary party went real well. Tim was great!.. he even got out on the dance floor to lead a few dances. Everyone left with wonderful memories. Many thanks for all your help!”
-Kathleen Pandes, Palace Hotel, October 1

“Thanks for the follow-up- everything went great- Tim was a big help with the rental keyboard set-up- (glad he plays the piano!) and his DJ services were good- thank you!”
-Christine Berlin, Lawrence Hall of Science, September 3

“Pictures are worth a thousand words. See attached. Everyone commented on it was best party they had been to in 30 years… or ever for that matter. Food, music, dancing was fantastic. Just look at the pictures. Everyone had a great time. Tyrone and Tim and the young ladies were great! I especially like picture #221

Everything was beyond my expectations, except they did deviate a bit from my play list because I’m sure they gauged the crowd wanted to hear Love shack, YMCA and KISS.. I didn’t hear my Barry White, GQ or The Whispers, but people danced right to the end. Don’t take that as a negative, because everyone had a great time and danced to the end!”
-Jerome, Lafayette Residence, June 25

“Tim was a great DJ… did everything the correct way…, music was what we wanted, Tim jumped in when needed but otherwise let the party flow… thanks.
-Shirley Alexander, Rossmoor Gateway Clubhouse, June 11

“I just wanted to let you know that Tim and Bob did an excellent job! The party did not stop until midnight, people (including me) danced the night away. It was exactly how I wanted it to be. I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job!”
-Megan Light, Vintage 1870, May 29

“I though Tim did fine, he had activities for the kids and thought he did a great job.

Look forward to doing it again”
-Raymond Manzano, Meadow Club, March 19

“The Party went very well – a big success! Tim was awesome, he knew the appropriate songs to play at the appropriate times! It was tricky with all the different types of awards being presented, but he definitely added to the event and if we have any future Bay Area events in the future we will mostly likely choose Denon & Doyle again.”
Courteney Morgan, Vasyli, Fairmont Hotel, February 4

“The party was AWESOME! Tim was fantastic. He managed requests really well and the dance floor was full the entire night! We even had comments on our surveys about how great it was. Please apologize to him again that we were having so much fun we didn’t offer him any food or drink. Thank you for your excellent service and talented DJ!”
-Emily Warren, Masterpiece Living, Claremont Resort & Spa, February 2

“The party was great and we once again loved Tim. It is wonderful that he can join us each year. He is a great addition to our event.”
-Tracy Aubuchon, UCSF Pedi CT Surgery, Green Room at the SF War Memorial, December 17

“Tim was great, he was able to go along and ad lib during events, plus very personable and helpful. He had music for a variety of tastes, and he was able to switch it up when the vibe called for it. There was talk about how this was the best company holiday party yet! Although it was a first time for us to have our party at the office (instead of an outside venue), we are definitely considering doing something like this again. Everybody I had contact with at Denon & Doyle was very professional, helpful, and reassuring that we could pull off a great party – and we did!”
-Lesley Gordon, Hoffman Lewis, December 16

“Tim was wonderful. We couldn’t have asked for a better DJ. He got people moving and excited about the music. More people than I thought were dancing. We had so many compliments on the DJ. I was in charge of hiring the DJ for Dora. The party was for Dora to celebrate her 60th birthday. She was so happy about my selection of Tim and couldn’t say enough good things about him.

-Donna Madsen, Alamo Residence, December 4

“It was fantastic, Tim and Elena added another layer to the evening that was a lot of fun J Thanks so, so much for pulling it together so last minute for us. Tim was just great, and Elena very helpful.”
-Sue Schubring, Winery Exchange, December 3

“Tim did an absolutely fantastic job! Franck and I could not have been happier! Tim had people of all ages packing the dance floor from the start. We have been getting very positive feedback from so many people and from all ages regarding Tim the excellent DJ! It is not an easy job to get such a diverse group dancing — we not only had people of all ages and backgrounds but we also had people who flew in from France, China, UK and all over the USA. Tim made the entire group happy and everyone had a wonderful time.

Please relay our thanks and HUGE smiles to him!

MERCI BEAUCOUP to Tim and the rest of the Denon & Doyle team for making our reception so memorable! :)”
-Monica & Franck Chastagnol, Sharon Heights Country Club, September 18

“The wedding was perfect! The music was amazing… it was the talk of the night. We had our whole group jumping up and down on the dance floor… we couldn’t have had it go more perfectly… thank you so much! Give [Tim] a hug for us and tell him he nailed it! You guys are the best!!!!”
-Pamela Simpson, Healdsburg Vineyard, September 11

“The wedding went great! Tim was a lot of fun and we were all on the dance floor until they kicked us out at midnight!”
-Erika & Jordan, Solage Calistoga, September 5

“Everything went so much better then we could have imagined!!!! Tim was so awesome and he kept the party going all night. I don’t think there was ever a break in dancing or empty space on the dance floor, which is exactly what we wanted!!! Normally there are some people who end up leaving before the wedding is over, but not ours. When Tim played the farewell song, everyone was on the dance floor! (we even got lucky because he played two more songs even after the final song) He was so great and everyone keeps talking about how fun the music was! I am so glad we decided to use Denon and Doyle!! You are so easy to work with and made it so simple. Tim Rocks!!!”
-Ashley Natons, Crow Canyon Country Club, August 28

“We can’t compliment Tim enough on his great job at our wedding! We were very pleased with him, he kept everyone entertained and dancing, played just the right music at the right time, and helped to keep our entire wedding night running smoothly and on time. Thank you so much – we really enjoyed working with Tim and Denon & Doyle!”
-Sara Kessinger, Calistoga Ranch, July 4

“Everything Denon and Doyle provided was wonderful. Tim did an amazing job in seamlessly mixing an eclectic mix of music for everyone to enjoy. We were happy to see people from all generations dancing continuously throughout the night. The changing ambient mood lighting was complimented profusely by our photographers so we were pleased that we«ve made the right choices. What gathered the most accolades was the photobooth! It was a HUGE hit, especially with a small dosage of props and personalized logo. The modern photobooth was nostalgic, efficient and extremely fun for all of our guests. We are so inspired and tempted to get one just for our home!

Thank you for all the accomodations you have made for us and our event. It«s been a pleasure and we look forward to perusing through the online gallery of photos. ”
-Uyen Dinh, Calistoga Ranch, May 30

“Best DJ you could have sent over for our Father Daughter Dance! Tim played all the appropriate music to get both the dads and daughters dancing. Tim also supplied maracas, hula hoops, limbo bar, etc! Everyone had great fun and Tim did an OUTSTANDING JOB! ”
-Chistina Doell, Crow Canyon Country Club, April 24

“Everyone I talked to was amazed at how well Tim controlled or organized various segments of the reception. He played what we asked him to as well as well as various other music to keep the guests moving. I can’t say that I really remember a lot about the reception because the whole day was pretty much a blur to me – so it must have gone really well and was enjoyed by all.

Thanks to Tim and your company for being there and allowing us to enjoy the day without having to direct the DJ in what he did. It couldn’t have gone better from my standpoint!!”
-Paul Russell, Endeavor Hall, April 10

“Everything went great. Tim, as last year, did a wonderful job, everyone loved it. Everyone really likes the fact that even though he’s prepared with the music, he’s willing to listen to requests, and make last minute changes. Great job!!! We’ll be in touch for our next event, and of course, Tim will be requested again.”
-Ruth Maltez, Green Room, December 18

“I want to thank you for an excellent job on Saturday night for IC Engineering’s Holiday Party. I would like to commend Tim, he did a fantastic job.

Thank you again to contributing to the success of IC Engineering’s Holiday Party.”
-Amy Service, Scott’s Gardens, December 12

“Hi!! Tim was a fantastic DJ 🙂 everyone had a fantastic time and people are still talking about how much fun the DJ was. Thank you soo much for all your help and for helping make our wedding SO much fun!”
-Jennifer Kozazuk, Kohl Mansion, October 24

“We had the most wonderful time at our wedding!!! Tim was absolutely the right person for the job! He really read our energy and was a great leader of the night… he really worked hard to make it exactly what we were looking for! Please extend my gratitude and appreciate to him for his hard work and care that is so apparent in his work!!! Can’t wait to have another party to have Tim DJ for us again!!!! We also really appreciate your assistance and enthusiasm through this process… it is a stressful time and your really came to the rescue w/ your great attitude and energy!!!!”
-Gina Romano, Kohl Mansion, October 23

“Tim did a great job. Everyone enjoyed the wedding and had a great time. I would definitely recommend Denon & Doyle!”
-Katie Crumpier, Marine’s Memorial, October 10

“Everything went perfectly Timmy did an amazing job he is a really good DJ. We couldn’t have asked for a better one for our wedding.”
-Michelle Alrey, Sonoma Golf Club, September 6

“Tim was amazing. The “older” crowd complimented on how he didn’t scare him off early in the night like most other weddings they had been to. Tim had my friends and family dancing until past 11:30. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a djay for any event.”
-Adriane Ramos, Blackhawk Auto Museum, August 15

“Tim was great, wedding was silky smooth, just as planned. Thanks again!”
-Danon Friedman, Hacienda De Las Flores, August 1

“I just wanted to let you know that Tim was awesome!!! I would highly recommend him.”
-Mark Mose, Private Residence, July 25

“Tim did fantastic for both the ceremony and the reception – he was always watching me for signals and/or assessing the crowds likes and dislikes on the dancefloor and he made Amy and I feel like everything was always going smooth with no problems even if there were.

Thanks again for all your help, care and support and we will hopefully be able to work together soon again :)”
-James Michael, Riu Palace – Cabo San Lucas Mexico, May 30

“Tim was awesome and went beyond our expectations. The music selection was great, but he also saved our audio/video malfunction from ruining our slideshow and video. When our slideshow came on the sound was really quiet, but he quickly hooked up my computer to his sound system and saved the day. Also throughout the night, we would do little things to make things go smoother: asking the restaurant to dim the lights, he got us more napkins, and was extremely responsive to our requests for music or changes in itinerary. During the dancing, he brought our a limbo pole and shakers for added fun. The guests LOVED it. Everyone was dancing and having a great time. Without Tim, our wedding would have been dramatically different and we are extremely THANKFUL.

Take care and thank you for your DJ services, you guys are doing a great job!”
-Eric Chak, Hong Kong Flower Lounge, May 23

“A big thank you to Denon & Doyle, you, and Tim for putting together a musically-flawless event! From the light dinner music, to the fun intro songs, to the higher energy dance music, everything was perfect. Once the floor was opened up for dancing, our guests were out of their chairs and I don’t think they ever sat down again. In fact, some of them even missed the cake because they were too busy dancing! We all had an absolute blast and I don’t think it could’ve gone any better. We will be sure to recommend Denon & Doyle to our friends and family for any events that they put on.”
-Julie Pearson, Marine’s Memorial, May 22

“Tim was awesome! We have only received the highest positive remarks regarding the music and dancing at our wedding. We can’t image having been paired with a better DJ. We will highly recommend your company to all of our friends, family, and associates who are in need of a DJ.”
-Erin & Matthew, Piedmont Community Center, April 11

“The wedding was phenomenal. It was the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding.. good thing it was my own! Haha. Anyway, Timmy was just fantastic. He was relaxed, knew when to take charge and knew when to let things flow, had a nice selection of music at the appropriate times, and kept people on the floor to the very end. I couldn’t have asked for things to go any more wonderfully. I particularly enjoyed his centerpiece give-away game, which involved some running around tables and musical chairs. It was hilarious. And as described in another review, he definitely managed to get conservative Koreans on the dance floor. Your whole team was as good as the reviews I read. My friend recommended you guys to me and I was certainly not disappointed. It was a wonderful experience. I will recommend your crew to my friends, too!”
-Sunny Kim, Sheraton Palo Alto, March 28

“Tim was great — he showed up early and hung around so he could get a good feel for the group. He was lots of fun!. I really don’t see how there could have been improvement!”
-Shea Paredes, Mark Hopkins Hotel, March 4

“Tim was great. He also had some trivia for our groups and handed out Hawaian lays. He also had lights for our dance floor that made our room look so much better! Thank you for everything!”
-Jennifer Leichter, Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa, February 28

“We had a great wedding. Tim was great. He really kept the music going for the people who wanted to dance and tool requests. I think he was a perfect fit for our wedding. Thank you for all your help and support the days leading up to the wedding.”
-Elizabeth Duemling, Palm Event Center, February 7

“The Wedding went well and was very fun to go through! I really have no complaints about Tim. I thought he was professional, but also warm and outgoing. It looked like he was enjoying himself too because I would often see him grooving along with the music. He responded to directions well and there’s really nothing more that I could have asked for. Tell Tim thanks again for doing your job well and having fun while doing it!”
-Jennard Cahatol, New vision Church, January 3

“Tim even got my boss to dance. Let’s just say he was so sore the next day, he could hardly walk. It had been a while! It went really well, I think. I left around 11p, and the dance floor was packed with the 20-somethings wildly dancing to music I had never heard in my life!”
-Amy Bates, Palace Hotel, December 14

“Thanks again for coordinating our DJ. We all had a blast at the party and Tim did a great job. His enthusiasm definitely carried over into the crown and he was very amenable to individual’s song requests. ”
-Stephanie Mann, Waterfront Restaurant, December 10

“It was great — Tim was the best — fabulous dancing and the lights were terrific.”
-Jayne Greenberg, Mill Valley Golf Course, December 6

“I think everyone enjoyed themselves at the party and it was another success. I think Tim did a great job and really kept the crowd dancing through the night. I heard he even taught them a few dances that I missed, but everyone seemed like they were having a great time. My coworker is now getting married and considering your company for her wedding, so I will keep the recommendations coming!”
-Julie Crivello, Woodfin Suites Hotel, December 5

“Thank you so much for making our wedding at the Brazilian Room such a great success. The DJ was fabulous and everyone raved about the music and the great party atmosphere. Exactly what we wanted!”
-Eve Dolin, Brazilian Room, October 17

“We had such a great time with Tim. He did such a great job. I didn’t have to worry about the music which was nice and Tim knew just what to do.

Thanks so much for making our day great!”
-Lisa Hales, Sunol Country Club, October 4

“Tim did a fantastic job!! We received many compliments from our guests re: Tim’s management of our reception. He played great music and all the songs we requested and really got our guests involved, which was key.

We highly recommend Tim – friendly, professional, entertaining – and were super happy he cleared his schedule to do our wedding!”
-Jonathan Mungai, Elliston Vineyards, October 4

“Everything went very well on Friday and my client couldn’t say enough good things about Gracie and Tim. She was a little hesitant about one DJ mixing for seven hours straight, but Gracie was fantastic! And the karaoke show was the highlight of the party.

I also want to let you know how wonderful Addington was to work with. My client had a lot of specific music requests leading up to the event and Addington took care of each of my scattered emails!

Thank you again for you and your staff”s great work.”
-Ryann Simms, AT&T Park, September 12

“Everything was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! You did a fantastic job, and there is absolutely NOTHING i would change about the way things went. If there is a place where we can make comments we would ,love to do so, because you were amazing. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and appreciate everything you did for us. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!”
-Maria Koch, Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa, September 6

“Thank you for checking in. Everything went well. Tim did a great job!! He was very professional and entertained the crowd well.

Thank you for providing such a great service!”
-Inna Grimberg, Ruby Hills Golf Club, August 24

“I just wanted to write and let you know that our DJ, Tim, did an excellent job at our wedding reception on Friday, August 15th at Ondine. We were very happy with his service as well as your’s, and we’ll be sure to recommend your company to our friends.”
-Emily Julius, Ondine, August 15

“Everything was great Tim did an outstanding job he kept everything flowing perfectly I’m so glad I hired a DJ because at first i was going to use my IPOD but if it wasn’t for Tim the wedding wouldn’t have went as i had planned.”
-Jacob Ruhl, May Laveroni Park, July 27

“We just got back from the Honeymoon…. yes, everyone had a great time and Tim did a great job judging the crowd and keeping the mood right. He even got some very reserved Koreans to shake it on the dance floor! He communicated with me throughout the night and made sure Christine and I were ok. Basically he did better than we can have possibly imagined! We had so much confidence in Denon & Doyle because of the correspondence with all your professional staff that we could not have imagined that you could have exceeded our expectations and Tim did. Thanks very much for a great performance and if you ever need a recommendation from us please do not hesitate to contact us. (seriously). We know how tough it can be to get great vendors and definitely put Denon & Doyle at the top of the list when it comes to entertaining our guests.”
-Victor & Christine, Green Room-SF War Memorial, July 7

“Tim did a great job. We’d use him again if another occasion comes up for sure!”
-Janet Johnson, Round Hill Country Club, June 15

“The wedding went very well. Tim was great. He was very flexible and he gave the perfect amount of interaction and humor to the event. If we were ever to need a DJ again, we would absolutely ask for him!”
-Carey Hawks, Buena Vista Winery, June 7

“Tim did a great job for the reception! He really got into the music and was lively and engaging. The group had a great time – we left the event with at least 40 people still dancing at 9:45! I hope to work with you again. ”
-Jerilyn Taylor, San Jose museum of Art, June 3

“We had a great time and Tim did an excellent job. I had a number of people comment to me that the DJ did a great job adjusting the level of sound during our dinner. People were able to carry on a conversation without competing with the background music! Thanks so much for providing excellent service and for helping to make our event such a success!”
-Kim Hegg, San Ramon Marriott, April 5

“The wedding was fantastic and the reception was beyond our expectations. We enjoyed working with Tim, who was a very enthusiastic addition to the party. Our only frustration was relatively minor and that was his addition of several songs that were not on our list and were far from the style of music on the list. I had to ask him to stick closer to our selections which I was positive had enough choices to last through the party. That being said, he had a great attitude and clearly wanted to keep the dancers happy long after our curfew.

I appreciate Denon & Doyle’s comprehensive website and conscientious staff that I enjoyed speaking and emailing with throughout the planning process.”
-Amanda O’Shea, Fairmont Hotel, March 8

“Everything went great! I am working on thank you letters and will get those out as soon as I can. There was a lot of buzz about the event and the guests who attended had nothing but good things to say. Tim was a pleasure to work with and this was the second time that I had worked with him on an event and he was accommodating, professional and very attentive to the guests. The karaoke station was absolutely jammed packed for two hours so he definitely earned his salary.

I was slightly hesitant at first to bring Tyler in as my DJ as I was not given a sample of his music or what he would play (I received a written playlist) but I trusted Chris after extensive talks about the type of sound I needed and the environment I wanted to achieve. I must say that Tyler amazed me. He was awesome! I would definitely use him again for any of my events. He played exactly what I needed him to and read the crowd perfectly and by the end of the night people did not want him to stop.

Please give them both another big THANK YOU from me as they both did such a wonderful job and helped to make my client extremely satisfied. It was a pleasure working with you once again.”
-Brandon Smith (Extraordinary Events), Santa Clara Convention Center, February 27

“We just got back from Maui and are now faced with the cleaning/organizing/etc. Of a small house with two people in it!

Our wedding and reception was FANTASTIC! We could not have asked for a better coordinator/DJ than Tim. He made both of us feel (as well as both of our families) comfortable and he was able to make the entire day flow smoothly. He kept the crowd engaged and played the music that he felt reflected their moods. Everyone I have spoken with said that our wedding was “5 star” and “top notch” and Tim deserves some of the credit for that!

Thank you again for all of your help and please let Tim know that we really appreciated his hard work! We will definitely refer our friends and family to Denon and Doyle for their special events!!”
-Reichel Feicht, Corinthian Yacht Club, February 23

“First and foremost, I wanted to thank Denon & Doyle and in particular, Tim, for helping create a fantastic company party. Tim’s great expertise is what made our party a success. He did an extraordinary job as master of ceremony and worked the “crowd” well. Please let him know how much I appreciated his great work. Once again, Denon & Doyle has proved successful. Thank you so much for everything.”
-Steve Robinson, Wiley Publishers, February 5

“The wedding reception was wonderful in large part to the great djay and music! Our family and friends were on the dance floor all night because of it, and had a great time. Tim was so very nice and helpful. He was easy to work with, but also very responsible and on track with what needed to happen when. He worked very well with the reception site staff, and together they made the reception run very smoothly to the point where I didn’t worry about any of it (and it is a challenge to keep me from worrying about things!). Tim looked like he was having fun too, which just added to an even better vibe! It was all great.

Your customer service in all has been great- all of the Denon & Doyle employees I worked with were friendly and helpful. You all made the wedding planning and day that much easier, and we are grateful for it!!”
-Elizabeth O’Loughlin, Argonaut Hotel, January 5

“We really wanted to thank Tim for the wonderful job he did that night. We received so many compliments about the music and even got the chance to recommend him to a few of our newly engaged friends! Tim fever is spreading! He displayed great energy and really played to the crowd. A million thanks for helping us throw the best party of our lives. ”
-Jeny Tran, Palace Restaurant, December 29

“The party was a hit and Tim was great. He was extremely personable and took time to check in with guest to find out what they wanted. By the end of the evening everyone was on the dance floor having a great time.”
Tracy Aubuchon, Green Room-SF War Memorial, December 21, 2007

“We couldn’t have been more pleased. Tim is a real pro Ð he was absolutely perfect. I have never seen our “group” have so much fun dancing. I wouldn’t consider using any other company from now, on Ð so save us a spot in mid December next year!”
-Amy Bates, Palace Hotel, December 16

“Tim was great. He instantly interpreted the mood of the party, and went with it. He was engaging and friendly and he did a bang up job of involving people in the music with offers for requests, assisting with dance tunes and generally being friendly. ”
-Shayna Lawson, McCormick & Kuletos, December 12

“Tim was great and we had some good dancing going on. Hope to use your services again in the future!”
-Melody Taylor, Fairmont Hotel, December 1

“The wedding went very well and we LOVE the DJ Tim, everyone complimented him from our party and we have referred your company to couple who are getting married next year. Thank you so much for everything and please let Tim know that we LOVE him! :)”
-Janice Chan, The Cypress Hotel, November 3

“Another great party from Denon & Doyle. Tim was fabulous as usual. He really gets in there and gets the party going. I think everyone had a great time.”
-Sherman Clay & Co, California Golf & Country Club, October 27

“I just wanted to finally take a minute and tell you what a GREAT JOB THE DJ DID !!! Honestly, I don’t think anyone could have done a better job,(-no offense DJ’s!) He was exactly the personality we were looking for, he clicked with the adults and I believe his “dad like” charm made the kids extra comfortable to be able to get crazy, have a good time and not be self-conscious about dancing! -AND THAT IS HARD TO DO!! As I mentioned on the phone I wasn’t sure if I wanted just a “human jukebox” or getting someone who would interact with the guests because we’ve had dj’s before (not from your co,) and they kind of felt out of place and awkward being there. But this time it was worth the extra money! Tim was a great help to me and making our party “flow ” and made it a complete success!!”
-Venus Mercure, Deputy Sheriff’s Hall, October 26

“We had a fabulous wedding and have received soooo many compliments on the music & Tim, so that’s always fun to hear! It was great to have someone so energetic and lively, and Hamid was extremely helpful in pulling the whole night together as well! We loved them!”
-Chrissy Mooers, Oakhurst Country Club, October 20

“Everything went very well. Tim was great, I needed his help with a few moments during the reception and he read my eye signals which was so very helpful. He was also a little goofy, which our family loves, we were a bunch of goof’s in fancy clothes! The music for everything was perfect, only one song he forgot to play…Candy man, but no worries, I was having such a good time I didn’t realize it until the next day!!!Thanks for everything, it was perfect!”
-Shannon Rock, Murrieta’s Well, October 19

“The wedding was perfect! Considering all the hiccups with the weather, i think Tim did an excellent job! I haven’t heard one complaint about the music selection! Thank you so much for making my day perfectly romantic, specially since it seemed like we were caught in a monsoon!”
-Stephanie Bein, Stanford Park Hotel, October 12

“Dominick and I could not be happier with the service D&D provided. You folks were organized and professional from the get-go and Tim, our DJ, was fantastic. He hit every note and exceeded our expectations. If I wasn’t already married I’d seriously consider dating him!!!

Thank you for making our wedding day so enjoyable. We can’t wait to be able to recommend you to everyone we meet.”
-Bronwyn & Dominick, Privae Residence, September 29

“We had an incredible wedding night and the entire night was truly magical. Tim did an amazing job and the dance floor was packed (seriously) all night long. He picked up on the vibe of the evening and chose the perfect songs at the perfect time. We are both very very happy with him and many people have commented on how great the music was. We are so happy we went with you guys, as you definitely delivered as promised.”
-Kajsa Wood, Hotel Vitale, September 15

“Tim and all were wonderful! The music and our guests had a fantastic time.”
-Michael Lee, Jack London Lodge, August 25

“Thanks to Tim, James and I had a really fun wedding. I am still amazed that he got my parents on the dance floor, something I have never seen and do not expect to ever see again! Thank for all the support you, Mark and Tim have given to make our wedding a success. James and I gave minimal thoughts to the music for the evening, but no one can tell! It’s an event we’ll be hearing good things about for a long time to come. We’ll definitely recommend Tim to any of our friends.”
-Sophia Wu, Sausalito Women’s Club, June 2

“I just wanted to take the time to let you know that Tim was awesome, he made our party rock! His personality was hilarious but professional and the way he periodically checked in with me to make sure I was happy without seeming like he was constantly asking me questions was perfect. Numerous wedding guests have told us that it was the best wedding they have ever been to. I have a picture I am going to send to you when I get it to show you what a good time we had dancing to Tim’s tunes. We will definitely recommend Denon & Doyle to friends and family.”
-Jill Sucee, Adobe Lodge Faculty Club-SCU, May 27

“Tim was great! He kept the party going, he was nice, professional and punctual. We couldn’t have asked for more.”
-Kristen Thomas, Renaissance Clubsport, May 26

“Please let Tim know that he did a wonderful job at the wedding. It was exactly how we wanted it, and he did a great job of keeping the schedule stress off our backs. The music was great, and we had a great time out there on the dance floor — I heard a lot of great feedback from my friends about Tim, and in any case it was evident since the dance floor was always full. We also appreciate all his help rigging the sound systems, for the officiants and also for the slideshow. We love him and have already recommended him to several other friends!! Thanks for all your help in making this day perfect… :)”
-Elaine Yu, Brazilion Room, May 20

“It went well. Tim was terrific. Thank you very much.”
-Larry Lusk, Lake Merced Country Club, May 18

“The wedding was wonderful!! We had a LOT of fun 🙂 Thank you so much for helping me with all the details and for assigning Tim to be our DJ! He really brought out the party animal in my Dad and my Grandpa!! Thank you so much again. Everyone I spoke to from Denon & Doyle was very nice and helpful. You have a wonderful company!”
-Beth Willis, Oakhurst Country Club, April 14

“Tim DJ’d for a joint sweet 16 party for my daughter and all three girls thought that Tim did a fabulous job. “He understood us.” they said. He got everybody dancing and involved and having a great time. He also serenaded the parents on the piano as we cleaned up after enjoying a great evening. The parents and kids enjoyed the music equally well I think, and that was great. Please pass that all on to Tim, he made it a memorable evening for us all.”
-Christa Krock, Alamo Women’s Club, March 17

“It was a fantastic party. Everyone had a blast! Tim was perfect with the music and knowing when to switch back and forth from Latin to good ole rock & roll. Everything was set up and ready on time. Thank you for contributing to make the party such a success!”
-Joni Brockway, Kingfish Restaurant, March 10

“Just wanted to thank you all for doing such an amazing job on Alex and Chris’s wedding! They were so happy and the families were very impressed with all their vendors.”
-Alexandra Muskivitch, Historic Del Monte Bldg, March 3

“Tim was delightful, friendly and a great person. We appreciate all your hard work and your request for feedback. Please thank Tim for a great night.”
-Madelyn Piretti, Houlihan Lokey, February 24

“The wedding was great! The ceremony music was perfect and Tim did a great job at the reception. My maid of honor made a toast and she mentioned a song we used to sing over and over as little girls. Tim surprised us and played it at the end of the night and gave us the microphone to sing it. It was so much fun!”
-Lindsay High, Palm Event Center, January 20

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much my fellow co-workers LOVED Tim!! He completely made the night an absolute success! He totally flowed with our whim style and made us look like we had actually had time to plan out the night! He played a perfect balance of music for everyone to enjoy and kept even the non-dancing crowd groovin’ all night! Everyone is hoping that Tim will be able to come again next year in hopes of a repeat best holiday party EVER! Thank you so much for your support in our holiday party. It just wouldn’t have been the same without you! Cheers to you and your fabulous crew! You are a true pleasure to work with!”
-Allison Bianchetti, Palo Alto Hills Country Club, January 14

“Everything was great – I received a lot of compliments, not one complaint! In fact we already have the Faculty Club booked for next January (19th – wow, one year from today) and we want Tim back!!!!! The whole evening was perfect – we had never had our party there, it turned out to be a perfect venue for our group; plenty of room, good food, great service and of course our DJ was fantastic!! He really got us up and dancing, and even though a few people left after the raffle (which I knew they would), quite a few of us stayed and danced the night away!”
-Roxanne Ray, Stanford University Club, January 6

“I loved Tim, he is the best DJ I ever. He has sense about event and very helpful for everything. Please help to express our thanks for him, I will check his availability for next event.”
-Tania Brown, City Hall San Jose, December 16

“The Holiday Party was great and Tim was a big hit! I advised Tim that I wasn’t sure if anyone would brave the Karaoke so not to worry if no one stepped forward. The main objective was to have music to create a classy, fun atmosphere. The music was perfect during lunch and then during the gift raffle, Tim used his creative musical abilities to match songs with the gift give-away. We would definitely use you guys again and would recommend you to anyone who needs DJ services.”
-Joan Williams, Palm Event Center, December 12

“Tim was great and everyone loved the music! Many thanks. We would certainly want to use him next year.”
-Deanne Hill, Palace Hotel, December 10

“Our Holiday Party was a great success. Tim and Chris did a great job. They got our associates involved and kept the party going all evening. I would definitely have them again.”
-Raj Sihota, Hyatt Vineyard, December 2

“The wedding went wonderfully. Tim was really great. He constantly communicated with the groom and my coordinator throughout the event to make sure he was doing things the way we would like them. We also thought the dance songs he played complimented our orignal playlist very well. Please thank him for us.”
-Susan & Stephan, Wente Vineyards, November 11

“Tim was awesome! We couldn’t have had a better DJ…. They only problem was about the time. I didn’t realize on the contract it stated 6-10pm but when I spoke with Chris before the event he said that he would have Tim work 7-11pm and if we needed him longer than 11pm to just ask him. I guess this was not communicated back to Tim but he graciously stayed til 11pm. I didn’t get to stay at the party long since my little guy was sick but from what I saw the dance floor was packed and everyone was having a fabulous time! Thank you again for making our event memorable!”
-Jeannine Guanzon, Concord Hilton, November 11

“Tim was fabulous! He really kept the party going. Look forward to working with you again.”
-Cappa & Graham, San Francisco Marriott, November 8

“Thank you so much for getting Tim for my birthday party. The party was a great success. He is really awesome. We had such a good time. He even keyed into my son and his friends being there and brought hula hoops. We brought glow necklaces and they became everyone’s halos. Thanks again for everything.”
-Lara Gremmels, Ordine, October 22

“Time got away from me, but I just wanted to say thank you to you and Tim for a fantastic evening on October 14. We will definitely be repeating our Over 40 Dance Til You Drop party next year. A great time was had by all, but, I think, especially me!”
-Beth Kawasaki, Private Residence, October 14

“The wedding was so much fun!! Tim did a great job reading the crowd. The dance floor was full most of the night. So many of our guests have told us how much fun they had and Tim was a big part of that. I also think that the preparation done ahead of time really helped make everything go smoothly. The wedding planner form you sent us really helped us communicate the tone we were looking for. The end result was exactly what I wanted!!”
-Lisa & Eric, Corinthian Yacht Club, October 6

“Our wedding was terrific! Just about everything went according to plan and the transitions between activities were very smooth. I thought Tim did a great job managing the timelines during the cocktail hour and dinner. It was also an immense help when Tim took the kids inside for games during the latter stages of dinner. This allowed us to greet and take pictures with all of our guests. I also would like to compliment Tim on his superb piano playing and for learning the music for our vocallists virtually over night. The after dinner dancing was also terrific. Tim played some great music to keep the guests dancing throughout the night. Even my 87 year old grandmother was on the dance floor! Thanks so much, and please send our regards to Tim.”
-Kris Clark, Vinter’s Golf Club, September 24

“The reception was wonderful and Tim did an AWESOME job. He kept the music going, people on the dance floor, and led the dancing with enthusiasm and fun –just what we wanted! Please send along a BIG thanks to Tim –he really was just the right fit for our group –the dance floor stayed full and fun until the end. He was great. Naturally, w/out hesitation I would recommend Tim and D&D to anyone I know who will be getting married :)”
-Carmen Robinson, Presidio Golden Gate Club, September 10

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