The dude travels north.

He’s a So. Cal transplant who is stoked to be up in No. Cal’s clean and green. His roots are the mean streets of East Los Angeles. Today he can happily smile and shake his head about his wild times as a teenager.

When his uncle made the move up north, he said there might be work for Patrick in his transportation company (he also threw in that No. Cal girls were much nicer than So. Cal girls). Patrick didn’t hesitate. Getting in contact with a good moving company (similar to but local to California) he made his way upwards. His uncle promised him the ocean and its waves would still be available a la norte — a big selling point as Patrick finds his mojo in the mosh of the ocean’s whitewash.

What his uncle didn’t mention was the bone-chilling water temperature, or the rocks off the secret spot in Capitola. Patrick left a pound of shin flesh (and a good portion of his brand new wet suit) after eating it on a particularly heavy set.

Nasty scar in tow (nothing makes the chicks “oooh” and “ahhh” like a good scar), his hustle made him an instant favorite at his transportation job. He shot up the ranks from file boy to the front office in no time. He also moonlighted at Applebees, waiting tables to make a few bucks and meet a lot of people — thankfully for us at D&D, one of those people was a DJ of ours who liked Patrick’s style and told him to come check out a showcase. Though Patrick didn’t know him from Adam West, and was wary of the potential Amway Scamway, he gave us a peek. Hook, line and sinker.

At D&D we often say the music is the easy part — the person with the personality is the gem that we’re looking for. Patrick’s a rare one, shining with the mic in his hand, coordinating games & dances with guests, and running behind the scenes with vendors at the same time. He loves getting lost in what could feel incredibly chaotic to others.

“It’s like catching the set wave, getting completely barreled and making it out,” he says with the trademark So. Cal smile. “It’s sick.”

“Sick” is So. Cal lingo for “great”. You can take the boy out of the ‘hood… See photos of Patrick performing.


“The evening could not have gone better. I had so many wonderful comments from guests about your team. But the best part was that Gabriella was so thrilled and had exactly the dance party she wanted.

I can’t say enough good things about Cam and Chris and Patrick. They were amazing and everyone loved them!

Thanks again!”
-Danielle Jarvie, Studio 333, May 28

“Dave and I want to say thank you for a wonderful evening last Saturday. Patrick, you and your crew were amazing! The evening was full of fun, great music, and positive energy.

Josh had the time of his life! Thanks again for all you both did to make the evening memorable, special, and fun!”
-Pamela Messing, San Ramon Community Center, April 30

“I know I was very fortunate to work with each of you. It’s a pretty amazing thing- when ones vision is able to become a reality. Your professionalism, eye for detail, organization and artistic abilities culminated into one beautiful day; A graceful, stylish and delicious luncheon to an elegant, fun and flavorful evening.

I have requests for each of your talents- and will be referring you out to all. I hope each of you keep this list of talent- as together you orchestrated- from what I hear ” The Best Party Ever”.

Thank you!”
-Laura Raney, Danville Veteran’s Memorial Hall, April 16

“They were awesome. I can’t say enough good things. We all had a wonderful time. Kelly, the catering chief who ran the Bancroft end of things, says she never saw an event where ALL the kids were on the dance floor. Worth every penny! Rave reviews from all. “
-Lisa Goodman, Bancroft Hotel, January 30

“I just wanted to thank you again for the tremendous job that D&D did for Jack and Mackenzie’s b’nai mitzvah. I can’t begin to count the number of compliments I’ve gotten about Patrick and the crew — they MADE the party. Patrick, you are incredibly talented, and I feel very fortunate that you were such an important part of our event. Thanks again for everything. I hope we get a chance to work together again in the future. I know you are not lacking for referrals, but please feel free to add me to your list of very, very happy customers.” Knowing that customers leave happy is very important for any business, no matter the industry. Companies like Salesforce know all to well about giving customers the best experience, whether it is selling products or just speaking to them. They’re more likely to come back this way and know they will be greeting with positivity.

-Sharon Bunzel, Pleasant Hill Community Center, January 23

“I just wanted to send you a note to say you hit it out of the park on Saturday night!!! I have been receiving continuous text and emails regarding Ben’s bar mitzvah the entertainment the party everything you’re amazing fantastic and I truly felt like this time we did this as a team my family and you and all your entertainers they were spectacular thank you for the extra special attention you give to our family. All the best.”
-Robyn & Bruce Cohen, Peacock Gap Golf Club, December 5

“As always, Patrick and his team just shined. They have a way of ensuring that everyone, young and old, participates. Many guests commented on the way Patrick keeps the party moving, exciting, and always age-appropriate. Many guests appreciated the party as a nice blend of the “old with the new” including old-school Jewish traditions with modern fun. Please pass on our thanks and warm regards to the team. Tell Patrick that we are sorry we don’t have a 3rd kid so we could justify another party with him…PS – the crowd surfing for Joseph was fantastic! What a fun surprise that was.”
-Fara Elizalde, Friedman Center, November 28

“I want to tell you that the party was a complete success, everyone had a blast! I am getting texts and emails that it was the best party they have attended, where the music, the program, and how it was coordinated by Patrick were beyond fantastic! Patrick was incredible, and everyone kept asking me where and how I found out about him. He was professional, entertaining, funny, detailed and punctual, and looked gorgeous (don’t tell Alex 🙂 ). Your girls danced amazing, and pulled everyone to the dance floor.

People said it was a great gesture, and they felt involved and cared about during the party. Janelle’s friends keep talking at school about the best party, and Janelle feels very happy and proud. Thank you so much for all your hard work, and effort you put into making this event possible and successful. We appreciate your attention to details, for going above and beyond, and your patience in working with me :). We couldn’t have been more thrilled with the way everything turned out, and it wouldn’t have been the same without your team. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.”
-Gita Rader, Castlewood Country Club, November 14

“Wow what a night, I want to thank you so much for just the most amazing event, everything went seamless.. Patrick you are a rock star in many people’s eyes, you have such great energy and enthusiasm that created the perfect vibe for the event.. Many of our friends and family thought you were truly the best MC they have ever seen.. You kept the dance floor full the entire night which is exactly what we wanted, and the Hora was a blast.. I can go on and on..I can’t thank you enough.. Sophie said it was the best night of her life..Mission accomplished! With so much gratitude.”
-Stacy Cohen, Sweetwater Music Hall, September 12

“Patrick and crew were absolutely AMAZING. Josh said he had the time of his life, and it was the best bar mitzvah that he’s ever been to!!!! All our family and friends said they loved the DJ and their energy. They couldn’t have possibly done any better. Patrick was wonderful with the timeline, wonderful at getting all of the crowd to dance, wonderful at knowing which songs to play, wonderful at making people feel comfortable and at ease to have fun,it was awesome that they wore San Francisco Giants jerseys, and Patrick a black outfit with an orange tie to match our theme, it was a huge party of 13-year-old boys who never ever got bored because of your oh so talented crew. The party was a huge success because of them and I am ever so grateful to you. I have recommended dennon and doyle to everybody I know ever since you guys hosted Rachels three years ago and I will continue to recommend you guys to everyone I know. Thanks Dan, AND A SPECIAL BIG HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU AND YOUR CREW, PATRICK. ????????????????????”
-Michele Morgan, Congregation B’nai Tikvah, August 29

“I am not shy about offering thoughts for improvement, as I share your view that client feedback is the way to get better. But I have to say I have only kudos. The team, and Patrick particularly, were fantastic. His energy level was amazingly high, without being overbearing. He found ways to get everybody onto the dance floor. He respected our requests, and found ways to give alternative paths without trying to persuade us to do it “his” way. And when I did disagree with his planned approach (only on a couple of trivial points) he turned out to have the better idea. He found ways to connect with 13 year old girls and to keep them involved, which is not always easy. He was accessible throughout. He is a ton of fun. All in all, it was one of the best parties I have ever attended. Most importantly, he kept Julia as the star of the show, without being over the top. We were very happy. Thanks again. We will be sure to suggest you guys at any opportunity.”
-Seth Jaffe, Meadow Club, August 8

“Well, where to begin. I don’t think the event could have gone better for me and my family and Aaron!! Patrick is more than an MC, he is the event coordinator for the evening. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate all of his efforts during the evening. He kept us on task, informed us of transitions and when to be prepared for what, kept that dance floor full, and the party mood going. I have been a guest at many events led by Patrick, but I just didn’t know the level of detail he provided for the evening. I don’t think my words can ever do justice to how much he is appreciated. My friends and family are still calling me and emailing me with comments on how fun the party was and how great Patrick and his team were…… Everyone of them were awesome and friendly and had our best interest at heart, atleast that is how I felt. He kept me moving during setup too!!! I don’t know what I would have done without his support and efforts that entire afternoon and evening. So a big thank you to all of you for being a huge part of the success of our event (probably the biggest part).”
-Marci Winer, Fireside Room, June 13

“What is there to say about Patrick that you have yet to hear? give me a break! We have seen Patrick grow and mature over the years . We have known Patrick for at least 8 or 10 years if not longer, he may have not remembered us from the events however, in each one of the events he left such a positive impression that we would go home and we would say: ‘how awesome it would be to have Patrick our MC one day.’ Well that day has come and we had a blast!

His presence, his ability to command of the kids and the older crowed is unparalleled! I swear, if he told me to climb to the top of the building and jump I would jump! lol

You and Patrick are an example of how a business should run, you are on top of everything. The communication was second to none! It would be awesome to know if you guys use manage unified communications. Take care and looking forward to celebrate with your company for many more years!”
-Ofer Zur, Lafayette Veteran’s Memorial Hall, June 6

“You guys are such pros to the very end! It was such an amazing night, and Patrick and the team were just ON IT. They worked their butts off, created so much energy, spun an incredible river of fabulous tunes and, really nailed every aspect of the night. I can’t tell you how many people commented on how great the team was and how they totally transported the evening to a huge celebration. Patrick, you are just a total master. You have the ability to hold the room without dominating it, to manage the crowd without being too heavy handed. You also got and stayed true to our wish to not engage in the usual “child worship” of many of these things. Sam so appreciated your respect for staying low key about him and his role. Patrick and the DJ and the team were just PHENOMENAL and made the whole party the unforgettable and fabulous celebration that it was.”
-Julie Fingersh, Stonetree Golf Club, May 9

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! Patrick, Mark, Isabella, Sabrina and Clare were an amazing team to work with! You and Patrick told me that you would think of everything to make sure I could enjoy my own event, and you were right! I had the best time!!! All of us did!!! You have an amazing team of talented people! We can’t wait to work with you again in 2 years at my other daughter’s Bat Mitzvah! Mark your calendars for June 3, 2017. And we absolutely want Patrick and crew again!! All the best!”
-Jennifer Barth, Capay Canyon Ranch, May 3

Hi Patrick! I just wanted to send a special thank you for creating a great dance party for us on Saturday night. Our family had a great time and many of our guest and mira’s classmates said it was the best party of the bar/bat mitzvah season! We appreciated your playing of the oldies(for me) and the Bollywood(for mira) and we only wished it didn’t have to end so quickly. As I told you that night, our crowd loves to dance! Thanks for everything. It was a wonderful evening.”
-Mika Varma, Presidio Officer’s Club, May 2

“Patrick -You are an artist!!! … and seeing you in action is really something to behold! Amazing how you can move and motivate and entertain and do it masterfully and graciously. You kept that crazy circus of ours running smoothly and caught us up when we needed and kept things rolling when we needed. And on top of it, you kept the whole evening fun and worry-free for us!!! I told Dan I need to send flowers to Shana Middler who recommended I contact you the minute I got Sophie’s date…I’ll be doing that again as soon as we have the next two. :o)

Thank you for all the time you put into the event in advance as well. We really appreciated your “hand-holding” and guidance. I hope you got some rest on Sunday because I know you were in action from the second you stepped foot onto Kohl’s property. Your energy and the energy of your crew did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Really, really awesome working with you!! I look forward to the next time. :o)

Thank you so SO much!!!!!!!”
-Kelly Golub, Kohl Mansion, April 18

“Wow-we had a fabulous time on Saturday!! Patrick and his crew were amazing! They had the kids and the adults up dancing the whole night. We had many guests from the east coast and LA (B’nai Mitzvah heaven) and they were really impressed too. It was above and beyond our expectations. So, thank you and Patrick for all of your assistance. And that being said, we’d like to book Denon & Doyle (with Patrick of course) for our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. Thank you again!”
-Jamie Garson, Mariott Hotel – Walnut Creek, April 11

“Nate’s party was PHENOMENAL! Patrick and the team were absolutely amazing. All of our guests were complimenting how impressive they were. Dave, Nathan, Kyle and I all had the BEST time, as did everyone there.

A few highlights: *Patrick’s energy and warmth, and perfect combination of being on the mic and off the mic. *Mackenzie and Sabrina’s dance moves and their ability to be involved while not being in “your face.” *Charles’s patience with all the young girls who were loving on him. 🙂 *Patrick’s ability to make Nate feel like a rock star. *Having EVERYONE on the dance floor for many of the dances, but especially the hora.*The music. *Having all of them in Giants attire. *Patrick’s kindness to take my call (on his cell) on the Thursday before to calm me down. 🙂

THANK YOU, THANK YOU… seriously the best party I’ve ever been too. We will remember that night forever.”
-Melissa Schwartz, Addison Penzak Jewish Community Center, March 21

“Sorry for the delay in writing this, but I did want to get back to you after Rosie’s party.

Me: “So, how was it?” Rosie: ” I had the best time. It was perfect!” (need I say more??)

Many thanks to Patrick and his crew for making it a great night. Your gang worked hard that night, keeping things fun and moving. All of the kids had a blast… and from where I stood, I too thought it was perfect. Bravo, great job and many thanks!!”
-Rae Corr, D&D Studios, February 12

“We had a fantastic time. Could not have been any better. Patrick and Chaz were incredible as were Sabrina and Mackenzie too. My son, Andrew, really tried hard to teach them some new moves 😉 Thanks to all, a night never to be forgotten. I really did not want it to end. All of our guests were asking where Patrick was from and wanting to book him for their future events. Thank you so much! Looking forward to Andrew’s in a couple years. You’ll be hearing from us!”
-Sarah Langbein, Temple Isaiah, February 7

“I [want] to express my heartfelt THANK YOU and GRATITUDE for a SENSATIONAL evening that Patrick and his team put on for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah! Having your team wear SF Giants colors was truly appreciated. Everyone got into the spirit of the venue. The setting was unique but what made it work was Patrick and his team. Everyone got into it (even my 87 old father and his 87 year old buddies). Now, that is hard to work a crowd ranging from 10 years old to 87 years old, and Patrick did it.

The smiles say it all – thanks to your whole operation. Everyone kept coming up to me and telling me how SENSATIONAL you all were. I have never heard or seen that word used so many times and I have all the emails to prove it. With are heartfelt thanks and forever gratitude.”
-Janice Diamond, AT&T Park, November 29

“Patrick– as always, you were amazing Saturday night! You went above and beyond to keep our timeline on track with our guests spread out in several rooms…many watching the World Series and not easily pulled away from the game. Tracking me down several times to remind me of what was next on the agenda. We had such a magical night celebrating Jared and are so appreciative of all your hard work and boundless energy. A lot of rowdy boys on a sugar high…it was a tall order to keep them engaged, but you did!

We are both sad and ecstatic that this was our last mitzvah to host, but look forward to being guests at future events with you as the MC.”
-Wendy Robinow, Marin Jewish Community Center, October 25

“Hi guys! Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for such a great night last night. We had such a great time at Max’s bar mitzvah! Max absolutely loved it, and the party exceeded our expectations in every way. Patrick and his team did an outstanding job… from getting the kids engaged and having a blast, to getting the grownups dancing too. It was a fantastic night.

Our son Aaron loved it so much, too, that we’re ready to book his bar mitzvah! We’d love to book Patrick again for that night. We don’t have a location, or anything else, but we know that if we get Patrick and his team, it will be awesome. Thanks so much for everything!”
-Jen Friedman, Lake Merritt Hotel, October 18

“Wanted to let you guys know how grateful we are for the amazing party you put on for Aliza on Saturday night. She and her friends had the time of their lives. Patrick you were so awesome! You and your helpers couldn’t have been more perfect. Did you know you have a new fan club in San Francisco. The kids are in love with you! I keep getting calls from parents who are telling me their kids can’t stop talking about what a great time they had. On another note, I am just about to pick Josh’s Bar Mitzvah date. Will call you in a few weeks to start all aver again with his party. Thanks again.”

-Julie Mayer, Four Seasons Hotel, September 27

“I am still on such a high from the ‘best party ever!’ this past Saturday night. Patrick and his Team did an amazing job keeping us on track with the agenda, getting everyone dancing and participating, making it oh so much fun for everyone, and allowing me to enjoy myself along with all of our guests. I know Cami felt so special and had the ‘best day of her life.’

I don’t think I would change a thing about the party/dancing/music. Everything was perfect! The party motivators were like “celebrities” for the 13 year old crowd, and kept everyone engaged and inspired. I appreciate all of your hard work to make it all look so effortless. All of our friends, family, guests have raved about the party too. Thanks again.”
-Sherry Haber, Peninsula Temple Sholom, August 2

“Just wanted to get back to you about our thoughts following Emily and Zach’s b’nai mitzvah. Patrick and his team were amazing. He is the consummate professional. The team made Emily and Zach feel like stars and Jake made sure that this b’nai mitzvah mom had someone to follow during the group dances!

Things started to unravel with the pipe and drape rental company that afternoon. When Lori Young brought me over to Blackhawk, she saw Patrick in the D&D truck and said… Patrick is here… all is going to be great. And, she was right. Patrick kept us informed throughout the night and everything ran seamlessly. We were running so late due to the pipe and drape issue that we got there right at 7 while our guests were arriving (we were supposed to be there at 6!). The dancers were greeting everyone and making sure the kids went into the ballroom and the adults into the bar. The guys carrying Em and Zach into the party were briefed and that went very smoothly as did the Hora and chairlifting (except the one guest who couldn’t keep Em’s chair level — but that was his issue, not D&D!!).

Family and friends are still talking about how great the party was and we all know this is in VERY LARGE part due to Patrick and his team. Steve, who cannot stand loud screeching DJ’s and music, thought Patrick and Chaz were amazing!!!! The kids and I almost begged Patrick to play YMCA, as a joke to Steve! We were told by many that this was not only the best bar/bat mitzvah party they’ve been to, it was the best PARTY they’ve ever been to.

I am more than happy to write a review, but not sure which review site it should be done on. If there is one that you prefer, please let me know and I’ll be glad to do it. If I can ever be of any assistance to Denon & Doyle, as a reference, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thank YOU for your guidance, patience, encouragement and support!
-Lisa Lowhurst, Blackhawk Country Club, July 12

“It was the best time ever!!! We had a 50/50 split guest list (half kids and half older adults) and everyone had the best time ever! Patrick and his crew were so incredibly talented and amazing. I have never seen a DJ/emcee work so hard. Nothing like the old days of spinning record and sitting back and watching… (I was sort of expecting to lose the older half early on but they all stayed to dance till the very last song!).

Patrick read the crowd and personally tailored the entertainment as he went along. They found us and kept us up to date on all the timing. They worked so well with our photographer and videographer, as if they were all working together. I have never seen anything like it! I have been getting calls and texts from guests raving about them, as well as interested parents who are in planning mode for their own events that want to book them ASAP. Couldn’t be more pleased!! The best decision we made was to call you guys!!!”
-Jody Emanuel, Hyatt Regency – SF Airport, May 31

“I just want to let you know how fantastic Patrick and his entire crew were last Saturday night. The dance floor was packed the entire night with guests of all ages. The evening went flawlessly, and we could not be happier. It was just the best party; everyone commented on how much fun it was and how great Patrick and his crew were. It exceeded our hopes for a fantastic night. Everything came together beautifully. 🙂 We had 130 people, of which 64 were young adults. Because of the way we set it up with long dining tables, the space (Veteran’s Hall) worked great, with a big enough dance floor. Some of the kids tables were shifted a little bit later in the evening to allow an even larger dance floor.”
-Lori Young, Danville Veteran’s Memorial Hall, May 17

“Patrick and team were just fabulous last night. The party was as perfect as it could be. And thank you for sending Ben – was totally psyched when he walked in. That was a nice surprise for me. The dancers were terrific and they kept it entertaining and energetic all evening long. I even used the ambient video you made for me – it looked great on their big screen. Thanks!!!”
-Diane Weisman, Terrapin Crossroads, May 3

“Patrick and Crew, You guys did a great job Saturday at Maya’s party. I have received a lot of rave reviews. I already gave your name to one family who attended and is having a Bat Mitzvah in November. You have all been a pleasure to work with (responsible, reliable, creative), and Patrick’s energy at the event was just right. Thanks again.”
-Deborah Silver-Ezekiel, Mills College Conference Facility, April 26

“The event was everything, if not more, than we hoped. Patrick was as expected – beyond expectation. Shay really loved Amanda and the personal attention she got from her. Amanda’s partner, whose name I did not get, was also awesome. I love the way he interacted with the kids. We received many compliments on your crew, and want to thank you again for being so reliable. Once I booked Patrick I knew I didn’t need to think about it again – complete trust. D&D set the tone and kept it up the entire time. Thank you.”
-Maria Levy, San Mateo, March 29

“I’m sorry we didn’t get to say goodbye and thank your crew last night! The party was AWESOME!!!! Your team was fab! Chloe is on Cloud 9-she had a blast! Hope you guys had fun too. Thank you Thank you Thank you!”
-Leslie Ticktin, JW Marriott Hotel, March 22

“OK, I am still on cloud 9. We had such a magical weekend. After all that hard work we got to enjoy one of the best parties of our lives. Thanks to you guys for making our night so great. Patrick , you are the man and we really just love you. We decided we want to adopt you into our family. So whenever you are feeling like a little sushi dinner you know who to call. Get ready we have two more kids already calling your name. Thank you Dan for all your support and keeping us on track with everything. Did you get to see the Montage. I am sure you have probably watched over 2,000 now. But this one has some funny twists. Green screen, so glad that we decided to throw this option in.”
-Caryn Kramer, Temple Isaiah, March 1

“All your staff was great! A good time was had by all- even the “non dancers” in my family. I have no complaints or anything that I would do differently. Patrick took full control and made sure the event flowed well. Thanks again for all you help with the planning the past year!”
-Barbara Nash, Temple Isaiah, February 8

“Wow! What a great night. People are still talking about it! When we have calmed down from the high, we will definitely fill out the survey. Patrick and crew, you guys are the best!”
-Michal Braker, Palo Alto Sheraton, January 25

“Friends and family are STILL talking about Ethan’s bar mitzvah ! Patrick superseded our expectations! His team had kids and adults dancing the entire evening. I really liked how professional he was checking in w/ me on the timeline and what to expect. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing him early Feb. You are the BEST at what you do. That was my last mitzvah (whew) but I know I’ll be seeing your team a lot this year. Please feel free to post this somewhere:)”
-Christine Parness, Peninsula Temple Sholom, December 14

“We did have the best time ever and I have heard nothing but rave reviews for Patrick, David, Amanda, Jake, Alex and Aaron. I can’t think of a single improvement. I knew I could trust the crew with the whole evening and they led us through the night with a great sensitivity to the crowd and our needs. Please take a look at Yelp. I have posted a review already as my thank you note to your company. I hope to have the chance to work together again.”
-Hali Croner, Jewish Community Center of San Rafael, November 30

“It was an amazing night. Patrick and his crew were outstanding. They understood the vibe and helped move it to the next level. I am not much into social media but I will absolutely pass this on to my friends. Please say a special thank you to Patrick, Kahler, Amanda, and Jake; I felt the whole night was a team effort of fun and family.”
-Bob & Elizabeth Sheppard, Meadow Club, November 23

“Patrick is fantastic! Our family from out of town was talking about him from 2 years ago still and they were equally impressed this time. They have asked if you have a division in Southern California to do events there. He is professional, flexible, great at audibling if needed, and has a real sense of timing and ‘feel’ for the energy of a party and how to hit the right tone at every stage. He would be the only one I want doing any of my celebrations. We want to make sure we lock him in for our 3rd sons bar mitzvah in 2 years. Thank you for a great event.”
Robyn Cohen, Jewish Community Center of SF, November 16

“Patrick and team were great – they really couldn’t have been better, and Ava is confident hers was the best bat mitzvah of all time (just what you want as a parent, right?). Thanks so much for all that you and your team have done!”
-D’Anne Gleicher, Claremont Resort, November 9

“Thank you so much from all of us Rabbino-Rubins. Your team was totally exceptional. Everyone commented about Patrick specifically, from my 13 year old daughter to my 70 something mother, and everyone in between. Patrick was highly disciplined in his approach, negotiating between the strong anti-game opinion of my daughter, and my desire to keep the huge group of kids entertained and involved. He led our festive crowd in much dancing, and kept everything lively and on schedule. I did not hire a party planner, and Patrick totally delivered in terms of allowing me to feel like a guest and having him execute on the schedule which we mutually agreed on (and he advised me of the optimal timing). So, with apologies for a couple of days delay–both Neal and I were back to work today–but huge kudos to Patrick and your team. Caleb has a lovely demeanor too, and had great energy. The rest of the team were terrific. My absolute favorite memories of the night were all the dances which Patrick led from the stage, and the concluding activities (the Queen song was unbelievable) and how he wrapped up the night. There were many enthusiastic 40 somethings following along with the dances which Patrick led (in addition to teens and 70 somethings). Great charisma and dance moves! I also appreciate all the assistance with launching our Havdalah, and then moving it into the hora. That was perfect too. Our deep gratitude for helping us in such a responsive and professional, and totally festive and fun way. It is stressful hosting 185 people, and it’s a relief to have such great partners in the endeavor. I will be happy to post online, but wanted to say thank you so much to you both. Please convey our thanks as well to Caleb, Bethany, Amanda and Kahler.”
-Amy Rabbino, College of San Mateo, October 12

“Patrick and his staff were fantastic and the party was amazing!!! So great to hear Patrick, Tyrone, Amanda, Bethany, Gabriella, Nate and Parry had a good time too! Start to finish, it was wonderful working with everyone at Denon & Doyle and we look forward to working with all of you again for Sydney’s Bat Mitzvah. We get her date in January!”
-Ari Lauer, Temple Isaiah, October 5

“Everything was perfect and so much fun for everyone. I didn’t have to do anything other than enjoy the night. Patrick and crew ran the night amazingly and the whole D & D experience for Rachel, our family and our guests was easily the most heard comment and compliment heard all night and the next day from everyone. Thank you so much for the prep work and the fun night!!! I hope your team had a good time too. They seem to enjoy what they do.”
-Ginger Gross, Marriott Hotel (Walnut Creek), August 24

“Yes, we had a great time. Patrick and crew exceeded all of our expectations. I am very very pleased and would definitely love to work with you and Patrick again. Thanks for all your help in making Bernard’s Bar Mitzvah amazing.”
-Jill Adri, Temple Isaiah, August 17

“We feel like we had a great team of people working together at the wedding. Patrick was prepared, calm, and rocked the dance floor. Brandon and I are happy with our Denon and Doyle experience, and would highly recommend Patrick to our friends.”
-Kassie Peters, Murrieta’s Well, July 19

“Patrick and his team did a great job. Miya and all her guests had a great time, and the evening went very smoothly. I really appreciate the way Patrick manages the time schedule. He does an excellent job of letting me know where we are, but is low key so it does not distract me from being able to enjoy the event.”
-Marc Herman, Peninsula Temple Sholom, June 29

“Patrick: You are AWESOME! you truly made our party saturday night. you are so talented, enthusiastic and truly know how to engage the crowd! thank you for giving us all a bar mitzvah to remember for a lifetime.”
-Daren Tuchman, Menlo Circus Club, June 22

“Everything was perfect . How amazing to be guests at our own party !!!! Thank you for all the good energy, perfect timing, flexibility and spreading the love. The night was the best and you made it happen. Adam loved it . Great blend of music for young and old. Loved seeing everyone on the dance floor!!!”
-Erica Pelavin, Sharon Heights Country Club, June 1

“Just wanted to let you know how appreciative we are for the great job you, Patrick and your staff did for Julia’s party. As you already know, Patrick is a consummate professional. The vibe he orchestrated in the room was amazing. Everything ran so smoothly that the night whizzed by much too quickly.”
-Dave Mendelsohn, Scott’s Seafood Bar & Grill, May 25

“Patrick and team did an amazing job, especially considering how large the party was! Patrick kept things moving at a great pace. It was challenging getting everyone to quiet down, but he did it in a perfect way.”
-Jill Douglas, Temple Isaiah, May 18

“We want to let you know how much we enjoyed having Patrick and his team for Alexander’s Bar mitzvah! They all did an amazing job and everyone was raving about them all! Patrick was fantastic and I hope we can book him for Sebastien and Alannah’s B’nai Mitzvah in two years – A while to go but I’m wishful thinking!

Thank you for your professional staff and great entertainment.”
-Cybille Scott, Round Hill Country Club, May 4

“Everything was perfect at Noah’s Bar Mitzvah! I have been receiving calls, emails and texts from our guests gushing about how fabulous it was! Patrick and his team (James, Amanda, Mikaela and Jake) were amazing…in fact although I did not think it was possible, Patrick was even more amazing than at Jamie’s Bat Mitzvah! I hope Patrick will be available for Max’s Bar Mitzvah in 3 years! I will be calling with the date as soon as I receive it!!

Thank you from all of us!”
-Deb Plafker, Blackhawk Country Club, January 26

“Now that we have had some time to recover.. I just wanted to thank you for making Hannah’s party a complete & utter blast!

We have had so many of our friends contact us to say how incredible you were at the party,! (Along with your entire staff.) The adults had just as much fun as the kids.

Thank you for making our evening so perfect!”
-Karen Rovner, Round Hill Country Club, November 10

“We were just so thrilled with Patrick, the dj, jake and all the other dancers, as well as the photo booth young man. Patrick really was magical with all the teens and adults. People are still buzzing about the girls party, so thank you, thank you. Absolutely amazing staff and treated all the kids so well and kept everyone included, even the younger sibs and cousins. Kudos to you and your team… Go patrick and jake!!!”
-Cheryl Markowitz, Temple Emanu-El, October 13

“Patrick was fabulous as always. He’s a real pro and you’re lucky to have him. Not only is he charming and motivational, but, more importantly, I know I can rely on his good judgment to direct the night’s events so that I don’t have to worry. Wouldn’t have changed a thing.”
-Lauren Boro, Curi Odyssey, August 25

“It was absolutely wonderful and I credit you. You did an amazing job moving things along, including everyone, keeping us focused, all seamlessly. Alyssa was initially nervous about being the center of attention, but you kept her informed and prepped so she could relax and have a great time. I was concerned about the boy to girl ratio, but that was not even an issue. I can honestly say I put it in your hands and you rocked it!!
-Beth Mikeseil, Concord Crowne Plaza, August 18

“As expected, Patrick and crew were amazing! Jake had the night of his life and we’ll all never forget how, once again, Patrick kept everyone on the dance floor all night long. I will post on facebook a little later but just wanted you to know how incredible the evening was.”
-Liz Rosenberg, Beth Chaim, August 4

“Patrick, Mark, Ashley and Kelsey were OUTSTANDING at Maddy’s Bat Mitzvah. Everyone had a fabulous time and believe Patrick could become a Bay Area celebrity in the future. Patrick was AMAZING with Maddy and made her feel so special. This is a huge task since Maddy can be very shy. You are so lucky to have Patrick within your company. We had over 100 relatives from Chicago attending Maddy’s Bat Mitzvah and all of them commented that it was the BEST Bat Mitzvah party that they had ever attended. Thank you for talking me into the Photo Booth because it was a HUGE hit! Everyone had a great time but I didn’t get to meet the attendant since I was running around. My friends said the photo booth ran very smoothly. Lastly, I completely forgot about tipping Patrick, Mark, Ashley and Kelsey last Saturday night. I will be sending their tips by the end of the week.

Once again thank you for everything and I will be contacting you as soon as I have the twins Bnai Mitzvah date for 2016. Lilly has already confirmed with Patrick that she wants him to be the MC.”
-Alissa Rozansky, Peninsula Temple Sholom, July 21

“Patrick, Thanks for a great evening. The kids had a blast! Many parents commented on how impressed they were with your ability to get everyone up and dancing.”
-Staci Stoveland, Foster City Rec Center, June 14

“The entire team was outstanding. Ethan and his friends had a fantastic time as did our extended family. Patrick did an outstanding job reading Ethan, reading the crowd and making the event flow perfectly the entire evening. Ashley, Kaitlyn and Rachel kept the crowd moving and on the dance floor. And Mark did a great job with the music!”
-Deborah Strull, Harbor Point Racquet Club, June 9

“Oh my gosh….Where do I begin? Patrick was amazing! He and his team made the most fun, memorable party experience ever!!! Everyone had a fantastic time, and can not stop talking about it. No one wanted it to end. I can’t thank you enough for doing a great job! Everything was so professional, but with such a warm, personal touch. ! Between the music, the DJ, the dance/party motivators, the games, the prizes (bling/hats/sunglasses were a huge hit) the sing off, the candle lighting and uplighting, set up, slide show projector/screen’ horah dancing, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. We will pass your name along to all our friends.
-Sherry Haber, Peninsula Temple Sholom, June 2

“Thank you for a REALLY FANTASTIC PARTY!!!! I know I am biased, but this was the best party! Thank you for pulling through on creating a great dance party – it was exactly what we wanted.”
-Michele Spitulnik, Temple Isaiah, May 26

“Thanks for organizing such a fantastic DJ experience; you were a pleasure to work with. Ben and his guests had a wonderful time. Patrick and his team were excellent. He did a really nice job ensuring teenagers and older people could all have a good time. He also showed flexibility and patience which was very reassuring. Please send him my gratitude. I would copy him on this email, unfortunately though my computer is broken and I can’t access his email address. Thankfully these problems are happening this week and not last.”
-Elaine Gold, McKormick & Kuleto’s, May 19

“Paul and I wanted to let you know what a wonderful night we had with Patrick and the gang tonight with YPO at the 49ers venue. It was a tough space and tired crowd after a long week and long night, but he rallied the crowd and we all had a blast. Is there any chance Patrick is available for 4/20/13? I have it in my head that he was booked already, but if not, it would be nice to have someone we know. He had a great way of making everyone feel energized.”Br>
-Paul Zuber, San Francisco 49ers Headquarters, May 18

“I would give anything for today to be LAST Saturday and have Jacob’s Bar Mitzvah evening to look forward to!! It was a glorious day from morning until night. The “buzz” around San Mateo certainly includes Patrick and his team! Jacob could not have been more thrilled with the music, the dancing, the games etc…. He loved being the main attraction and Patrick was one of the ones to make it happen. It will be an event to remember ~ always. Having Jason present really was an advantage. I think the club had things covered and the kids were really cohesive and had a great time.

Thanks again to you all for making our event come to life!”,br>
-Susan Oser, Peninsula Golf & Country Club, May 5

“A special thanks to Patrick for the great job he and his team did on Saturday. They succeeded in getting more people out to dance and have fun than I have seen in 20 years with this group. All the careful attention to details paid off and we appreciate all their efforts. We’ll look forward to the next one! Follow us on Facebook as we posted a thanks!”
-Darlene Laspina, Walla Enterprises, Diablo Country Club, December 10

“Everything was GREAT for Saturday night! We have been recommending Denon and Doyle to all of our friends ;o) (wish you had a finders fee-ha ha) Patrick was awesome and we hope to work with him again for our daughter…no date yet, but hopefully after the new year!”
-Leslie Ticktin, Mission Bay Conference Center, December 3

“Everything was wonderful. Patrick is a rock star in our community! His team was phenomenal. The dance floor was packed from minute one. I think we are already booking you for our next 2 bar mitzvahs 🙂 Thanks for all the work at the party, the preparation, and the hard work behind the scenes we know goes on to have flawless execution.”
-Bruce and Robyn Cohen, Mission Bay Conference Center, November 19

“All was perfect!! Honestly, I did not pay much attention to the kids, they were all dancing and busy with Patrick all night. Yes, many phone calls and compliments, one mom said her son told her it was the best party he has ever been to! Joel did mention he thought the motivators were not dancing as much as they were at Andrew’s, but like I said, I stayed away from the kids (Grace likes her privacy with her friends), and socialized with my family and friends. Therefore I did not see it… Feedback from guests was 100% positive! Thank you so much, Patrick you are the best!!”
-Julie Westle, Harbor Point Racquet Club, November 12

“Hi Patrick, You were phenomenal! You made Ben’s event. I hope you are resting today(I don’t know how you keep up your energy Thank you again(we will see you at Diana’s Bat Mitzvah in 2014)”
-HIlary, Peninsula Temple Sholom, Ocotber 29

“The party was great. Patrick did an awesome job. We heard many compliments on how he managed the event.”
-Marc Herman, Peninsula Temple Sholom, September 24

“We have been to a ton of Bar Mitzvah receptions over the past ten years (being at the Jewish Day School, and active in the Jewish community). Noah’s party was as good as it gets. Patrick deserves all the credit in the world. There were some other important ingredients (great venue/space, kids who were ready to dance/party, etc.), but Patrick’s level of service, desire to do things exactly as we wanted, ability to ‘read’ the crowd, and energy/talent were just amazing.”
-Joan Jacobs, Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa, September 3

“You dj’ed at my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah last Saturday at Crow Canyon Country Club. You were absolutely magical and made the entire party a success. You got a sense of the crowd immediately and got everyone up and dancing immediately. There seemed never to have been a lull. Everyone’s first comment was how good you were and how much fun you made the party.

I wanted to thank you for your professionalism, your superior ability to get people to participate, and for making Aliya feel so special. We are all so appreciative.”
-Jane Sondel, Crow Canyon Country Club, August 27

“Everything was great! You guys are truly the best! Everyone can’t stop talking about your company. The girls kept the young ones busy, Mark kept everyone dancing and Patrick is so charming and so good at what he does.

The only disappointment my daughter had was that no Justin Bieber was played. Not a big deal I just I would mention it because Aubrey expressed that was her favorite singer. Your team made Aubrey feel like a princess all night!

We really appreciate the professionalism your company has. Patrick is incredible! My other daughters date is January 26th 2013. Please save that date for us and send me any paper work that is needed and we will send the deposit. I would love to have Patrick again if he is not booked yet. A thank you note and tip is in the mail to Patrick as well.”
-Lainie Krieger, Round Hill Country Club, July 23

“We can’t say enough good things about Patrick and his “A” team. Our bar mitzvah celebration expectations were not only met but were exceeded. Sharon Cox from Crow Canyon Country Club suggested we get Patrick from Denon and Doyle and boy was she correct. Not only our family from out of town was extremely impressed with his excitement and crowd pleasing personality but so were all of the kids and our friends. He has a magical way of getting everyone from age 5 to 85 getting involved. We had a ton of adults and kids and there was something for everyone. How many times do you go to an event and at 11 pm at the end of the party everyone is still there? This was because of Patrick!! We have been getting calls for the past 2 days about how it was the best party they have ever been to. His organizational skills matched with his pleasing personality and energy are second to none. HE IS SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
-Ninan Fox, Crow Canyon Country Club, June 18

“Thank you again for helping to create a fantastic party for us. You kept the energy and flow going beautifully, and you have a knack for making the client (me) feel like it’s the BEST party ever, and that YOU’RE having a blast. Amazing (and appreciated) gift you have for that, especially given the hundreds or thousands of events you’re done, and the potential for a bored, been-there, done-that attitude. Not a trace!! Adam told me you did the Miramonte graduation the night (and morning) before, which makes your boiundless energy even more impressive! And countless guests also told me how fantastic you were. Bravo all around!!!!”
-Gail Brager, Temple Isaish, June 11

“On behalf of the parents who put on the 2011 Miramonte Grad Nite, I want to thank Denon & Doyle for your participation and contribution to a very successful event. When students comment that the entire event including the entertainment was amazing, you know we did a great job.

As the entertainment chair, I will be summarizing the event. There are rumors that the campus may no longer want to hold the grad nite event, but if they do, they will find an excellent cast of 2011 entertainment to hire again including you. Kudos to both Patrick McMichael & Mark Roberts for an amazing job.”
-Laura Sawczuk, Miramonte High School, June 10

“Patrick and the team were simply amazing. From the moment the kids walked in to the moment they walked out they were busy, entertained and having a blast. Every time I looked over at Sam (as I was busy talking with the guests), I saw a huge smile on his face and knew I could go back to what I wanted to do without worrying whether or not he was enjoying himself. At the last activity, where Sam wrapped himself in bubble wrap and everyone went in for a hug, then Patrick had him walk around the circle of guests and hug everyone, Sam whispered in my ear “you nailed it mom”. Many people have asked about the dj, and complimented Patrick in a big way. Many of the guests have been “making the rounds” at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and to hear the great feedback, and the excitement it generated is truly wonderful. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Denon & Doyle, and specifically, Patrick. For my part, he made my experience perfect. I didn’t have to give a thought to whether the kids were entertained; when there was an issue with the DVD, Patrick took care of it; he asked me a question, then acted on the response. There was absolutely nothing he could have done better, as the party could not have been better. People (kids and adults alike) talk about the party with a smile on their face. What more could I ask?

So thank you, Dan & Patrick, for a stress-free, supportive and could-not-have-been-better experience. I wouldn’t consider ever using anyone else.”
-Maria Levy, TRC Harding Park Golf Course, May 28

“I just wanted to thank you and your team for being so great Saturday night. I think all the kids had a great time and that it did what Lexie wanted it to do. I had 3 kids tell me straight up that “this party is awesome” – so I think that about sumsit up. Patrick your team was great…and just blended beautifully without forcing things…so thank you for that.”
-Kate Polevoi, Fort Mason Firehouse, May 14

“Everything was perfect!! A great time had by all. Patrick was so helpful last week and the evening of the party he makes it look so easy. Mark , Ashley and Amanda were awesome.”
-Jenna Feinberg, Lake Merced Golf & Country Club, April 23

“We were a little worried at first when we learned Dan wasn’t available for our son, Jackson’s Bar Mitzvah, since he was there for our older son AJ, and we loved him. However, after meeting with Patrick prior to the event, we were sure he would be great. What an understatement! The entire team was beyond fantastic!! They worked so well together and made, not only Jackson, but our entire family, and all of our guests feel very special. I hope we have an opportunity to work with them again. From the Torchon family to the D&D family, we send our gratitude, affection and extreme thanks!”
-Jeanette Torchon, Seafood Peddler, April 9

“I am a Sales Manager at Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar in Walnut Creek. On Saturday, March 26th we held a Bat Mitzvah for the Marriner family for their daughter Lucy in our Garden. Patrick McMichael and his crew were amazing. They provided a party that was absolute perfection! From the flawless set up that took only minutes to every single detail perfectly timed for the party, I can’t say enough about what an amazing job they performed. I do not have Patrick’s email but can you please pass on my compliments to him and the staff, I was impressed with them from the minute they arrived. I would LOVE to work with him again, and would not hesitate to recommend Denon & Doyle to anyone booking a party whose goal would be to make it incredible!! It was definitely a night to remember.”
-Lisa Griffin, Sales Manager at Scott’s Gardens, March 26

“Everything was perfect!!! I have been receiving emails and phone calls from family and friends all weekend about how fantastic Patrick and the DJ were. Thank you so very much for everything!!! It was a pleasure working with you and your fabulous crew.”
-Sheila Emanuel, Stonetree Golf Club, March 5

“Denon & Doyle has done another amazing job!. Patrick was amazing and went above and beyond out expectations. We were thrilled from start to finish. Patrick memorized the kids which is not easy to do at that age. Everyone (honest) asked many times who is this? LOVED every minute of the evening. Ashley and Kesley were also great, very sweet and awesome dancers. I heard the boys had crushes on them!not too exciting for them to hear being they are 12 and 13 year olds! Mark did a good job too, I did not talk to him but we could see he worked hard. We want to send tips to all of them on our MC. Let me know how to do that. XO to everyone from your number 1 fans in Sacramento!! Again , Patrick you were a true doll and Bruce and I know you put hard work into the evening and have a true tallent.Many thanks.”
-Lori Anapolsky, The Center, February 26

“Our party was AWESOME!! Patrick was outstanding. He kicked the party off with energy and kept it up right until the end. He knew when to check in with us, when a change needed to be made on the spot, and really personalized the event for Tanner. Also, apparently there was a power outage at the club right before we got there, and he was figuring out how to deal with that! But fortunately it was fixed, and the whole party was so much fun. He pulled a diverse group together, with a lot of 13 year old boys that were not big into dancing, and made it a PARTY! So thanks for the fantastic job that D&D, and in particular, Patrick, did on our son’s Bar MItzvah Celebration.”
-Shelly Larkin, Crow Canyon Country Club, February 5

“OMG…THEY WERE FANTASTIC! We and our guests had an awesome time! Patrick could not have done better. He and Mark, Ashley and Kaitlyn had EVERYONE engaged, young and old. Austin was great with the photo booth and we noticed that he also helped out the others from your crew. We have not stopped talking about the party. Patrick had such control of the party, it was so much fun. My voice is actually still hoarse today! J Patrick and the others have so much energy. After being there for hours doing the party, we were amazed to see them dancing a jig after the party was over!! Very entertaining. Bottom line is that I am 150% happy with everyone from Denon and Doyle.”
-Beth Drassler, Granite Bay Golf Club, January 22

“I cannot thank your team enough for Saturday night! Everyone had a fabulous time and Patrick and his team were incredible!! I cannot wait until Noah’s Bar Mitzvah in a couple of years from now or something in between that time!”
-Deb Plafker, Blackhawk Country Club, November 13

“It was great and Patrick was fantastic! Everyone said it was the best bat mitzvah party or event that had been to. kids and adults.”
-Tina Schneider, Hotel Kabuki, November 6

“Patrick did an amazing job- the way he greeted each guest upfront, listened/adjusted to all of our needs and the way he engaged the young and the elderly was just magical. Patrick is fun, warm & energetic and is not at all pushy. Patrick is a perfect combination of being entertaining and classy. We are so happy we had him-he was a wonderful addition to the party, I really liked how he kept checking in with me and his flexibility in adjusting the timeline. I will write more next week when I have recuperated more…I just did not want another day to go by without saying a huge THANK YOU!!!!”
-Amy Albert, University Club of Palo Alto, October 9

“Everyone had a wonderful time. I would like you to know that I so many of our guests talked about how great our emcee, dj and the dance team was. Patrick, you were terrific in making Josh feel like it was his night. It was great to see multi-generations on the dance floor. We couldn’t be happier.”
-Kristine Berman, Events of a Lifetime, Olympic Club at Lakeside, October 2

“The wedding was fabulous! !!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone loved everything that Patrick and Dale did to make the day that much more special. I already knew how wonderful the company is and now my family and Heather and Nathan’s friends know first hand! I hope it brings you guys more business. I truly appreciate everything as I was trying to coordinate, be a guest, and a member of the bridal party I had my hands full. Knowing Patrick was there I knew everything would be taken care of. Thanks so much to all of you at D&D! 🙂 Hopefully next time I need you guys it’s for my wedding!”
Heather Klassen, Klassy Events, Diablo Country Club, September 26

“Thanks to you and the team, Sophie’s Bat Mitzvah celebration was a huge success. The kids danced all night, and at times we parents also danced. Everyone left smiling and telling us how much fun it was. Two people asked me for the name of your organization–Patrick gave his card to the one who asked at the party. One mom told me tonight that her daughter said it would be hard to top that party. We would use Denon and Doyle again in a heartbeat!”
-Jackie Quella, Presidio Golf Course, September 25

“Thanks for your follow up and New Year greetings. We had a fabulous event and you guys made it happen. I couldn’t have been happier with Patrick and his team. We had originally planned for D&D to set up in one location but when Patrick saw the layout he immediately recommended an alternate layout. His proactiveness (if that’s a word) was invaluable – that’s what we pay for. Also, dinner took a little longer than planned and he took the initiative to juggle the schedule a bit to maximize dancing time. And he was spot on. Great energy. My girlfriend loved the fact that you guys were hip but not “cheesy.” My husband said they didn’t play a bad song. As I left the party I turned white when I realized that I forgot to tip the team. I’ve already left a message for Patrick that it’s on the way.

Please book the evening of August 25 for my son Jackson’s Bar Mitzvah. We’d love to have Patrick again if he’s still working with you.”
-Lauren Boro, Max’s Restaurant, September 4

“The party was perfect. Aside from Amy Albert’s talent creating a “cool” ambiance (the kids words),Patrick was key to the success of the party. He kept the energy level high and everyone loved him. He listened to Steven and adjusted his style for him. He got the kids dancing and enthusiastically participating in everything he suggested….until 11:00. Many kids said it was the best party EVER!!

Regarding the other staff……. the DJ picked perfect songs and the break dancer R.J. was the best jumping over four kids!!! Steven felt Loan was OK, but Beverly was a little too pushy…this is according to my 13 year old.

I feel the key to a party with shy and self conscience 13 year olds is the MC, and we couldn’t have been more lucky to have picked Patrick. He made the dance!!!! . Thank you for providing us with his talent.”
-Carolyn Blatman, University Club, August 7

“Everything was amazing! Patrick, Cameron and Ally were wonderful…we couldn’t have asked for a better team! Hayden and his friends had the best time. My brothers were amazed that they were able to keep the kids on the dance floor the entire party. I have been meaning to post something on FB…I will do that now.”
-Cyndi Adoff, Beth Chaim, June 19

“It took me until today to feel normal again. It was amazing! Patrick rocks, Cameron was a fabulous addition to the team. The excitement hit face book immediately. For me it was so special to see an all girls school have a great time and share the day with one another. Grades 6th to 12th meshed. Everything exceeded my expectations. Call me tomorrow and I will fill you in on more just not in print. Thank you for doing such a great job. I could not have done this with out you all. I think you are signed up for every Casti event!!!”
-Quin Whitman, Castilleja School, May 21

“It was THE best time. I havenÕt had that much fun in a very long time! And yes, there was (is still) quite a buzz. You will be getting at least one call for Patrick for a future bat mitzvah call I know of. Ii addition, Lindsay (my 8 year old daughter), already told Patrick she is booking him for hers! Cameron was great too. Kate & Rachel as well! Thanks for everything. “
-Laurie Dubin, Meadow Club, March 27

“Nobody would have believed that I could be a guest at my own party and your team made that happen. We all had the best night of our lives, and your team made it possible, The energy, the professionalism, the sheer joy Patrick and the team brought to the party was amazing. Everyone was raving out the DJ team and Patrick was phenomenal at reading the crowd, engaging the kids and adults and everyone left with a smile on their face. The dance moves were fun, the games were engaging and I personally loved getting up with my friends for YMCA. I loved watching Alex make his way around the circle and get some love from everyone and the energy when we were doing the hora was great. The timing was perfect and nothing was left out.The airbrush was a huge succes and your team was so skilled at taking orders and keeping the energy moving, not to mention the amazing skill. The green screen was a blast for old and young with perfect backgrounds for the event.

I can’t thank you enough for making our party event so successful. Thank you Thank you.”
-Erica Pelavin, Sharon Heights Country Club, March 13

“Patrick was amazing (once again!) great group of motivators and patrick cannot be beat.”
-Wendy Lazerson, Peninula Temple Sholom, February 13

“Thank you so much for the amazing job you did for Sophia’s bat mitzvah. We just were so overwhelmed by your skill and could not have asked for a better DJ for our party. Everything about what you did and Denon & Doyle did was excellent. The gobo, the uplights, the system for the montage, the green screen, the motivators, Natasha and you were just outstanding. I had heard nothing but how fabulous you were from multiple sources, so I requested you for our event. I had really high expectations because of everything IÕd heard, but you totally exceeded even those expectations. You transformed the room at the Community Center. You had fantastic control over the kids, so they had fun and were entertained the whole time, but you entertained our 80 year old guests and everyone in between just as well. Everyone was out there dancing. You made the bat mitzvah fabulous. Thank you so much for your hard work and amazing talent!! All our guests kept asking, Òwhere did you find that guy? HeÕs so amazing.Ó You are a remarkable talent and my daughterÕs friends said the party was awesome, the ultimate compliment. Thank you for giving us the memories that will last a lifetime, and luckily we have it all on video too!!”
-Brenda Biren, Mill Valley Communuty Center, January 16

“Everything went splendidly. I sent Patrick an email earlier today, offering my thanks to him and his team. They were great, as I knew they would be. A good time was had by all. I wouldn’t do anything any differently and will definitely recommend you to others and hire you again for future events (although none on the horizon).”
-Jamie Kendall, Presidio Golden Gate Club, January 9

“Wow! I am speechless. You and your crew did an outstanding job. Sheri, Suzie, Danny and I had a blast. I loved how you took control and “steered the ship” and our family got to feel like a guest at our own party. Suzie is still talking about how well you treated her and made her special day even more special. I can’t count how many guests came up to me during the party and said that you were the best MC they have ever seen. One of the funnier comments that I kept hearing was “no matter how much you are paying this guy he is worth every penny.” Danny’s bar mitzvah is coming up in a little over 4 years and you and your company will definitely be at the top of list.

Sheri will be submitting a more thorough review of your performance via the facebook website, however I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you while it was fresh in my mind.”
-Sheri Katz, Granite Bay Gol Club, November 14

“Well as always, the photo booth is/was an amazing hit!! EVERYONE was in there! The party was great. You’re team was fabulous! Patrick was the buzz all over! Many thanks for your professionalism and enthusiasm.”
-Sandra Clewans, Pacific Athletic Club, November 7

“I am just now coming up for air – I’m planning on sending Patrick and the whole crew thank-you gift cards, but I wanted to let you know everything went way better than I had ever imagined.

Patrick and his crew were (as you know) totally amazing! All the kids felt like they were cool and included – and this is quite an accomplishment, because there were so many different kids there – the boys and girls from the ruling clique at school, the kids who are excluded from the clique, three non-Jewish cousins who had no clue what was going on, and my daughter’s close friends from camp and synagogue – There were tons of games and prizes, lots of mixing of the kids, and it just turned out great. The crew sat down and ate dinner with the kids, and that was just huge! Really – it was worth every penny.”
-Tracey Thomas, Congregation Beth Sholom, October 31

“I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Zachary’s party was and EVERYONE wanted to know who the M.C. was.

There was one snafu and Patrick handled it seamlessly (the golf cart guy for Zach’s grand entrance never showed up) and Zach still had a great entrance. Everyone was very professional and we were always kept in “the loop” as far as the timeline.

Also, I still don’t know who enjoyed the green screen more….the kids or the adults!!

Thank you again…. can you believe I’ll be getting a bat mitzvah date for my daughter in the near future? I’ll be calling you soon!”
-Janelle Ticktin, Grand Hyatt – Union Square, October 17

“We can’t thank you enough for sending Patrick to our 1st Mother Son dance at the San Francisco Yacht Club! He was outstanding!!! Not only could he coral the crowd when we needed him to, he also entertained the boys (and moms!) from beginning to end. He was extremely engaging, played all the right songs, and had a wonderful knowledge of all the line dances. I have given out Denon and Doyle’s name (Patrick in particular) to many already.

Thank you for making our event a HUGE success!”
-Elaine Nolan, San Francisco Yacht Club, October 10

“Through Patrick’s diligence and observation, Aaron had the time of his life and our guests are still talking about our party and especially the DJs!! You guys did exactly what was asked — keep the 13 year olds entertained — and they were. I have heard from some parents that their children have reported back that this was the best bar mitzvah party ever because of the DJs. You have once again set a benchmark for Sacramento that few other DJs can aspire to. Thank you for your interest in ensuring that this bar mitzvah event was the best!”
-Caren Zorman, Hyatt Regency-Sacramento, August 30

“WoW! What a great party we had thanks to the D&D team! We cannot thank you all enough for your enthusiasm and energy to make the evening a night to remember. The best part was looking in the dining room throughout the evening and not seeing a person sitting around the table unless they were eating. Patrick, thank you so very much – you are a superstar. As you are well aware Sarah had the time of her life. And the rest of us, you know we also loved the evening. You get a break from the Feinberg’s until April 23 then get ready to rock the house again!”
– Jenna Feinberg, Lake Merced Golf Club, August 22

“Now that all the relatives are gone and I can catch my breath, I wanted to let you know what a fabulous party you and your crew created for us at Alex’s Bar Mitzvah celebration last Saturday. Everyone had so much fun and the people we saw throughout the rest of the weekend (because, of course, there were a few more gatherings/parties) raved about you especially.

I will definitely post my feedback at Denon & Doyle’s Facebook link, but I also wanted to tell you personally how memorable our party was because of all of you. Thank you, again.”
– Linda Schneit, Temple Isaiah, August 15

“I’ll just get straight into it. Patrick was freakin’ amazing! He worked the crowd in such a way that all we’ve been hearing is how fun the wedding was. Dennis and I even had fun and were able to enjoy the reception. He timed everything perfectly and read the crowd perfectly. Both our parents have been getting calls to comment how much fun they had and we know that it was partly due to Patrick. My sisters have both said that when they get married that they want Patrick to do their weddings, and I don’t blame them. Please let him know again that we appreciated his work and thanks for making our wedding day be the best that it could be.”
– Sara Travis, Martinelli Event Center, July 24

“Patrick, Ellis, Mark, and Nicole ROCKED THE HOUSE! They were beyond fantastic that even my 2 year old son, cried when they shut down at 11pm. Everyone stayed to the very end, that we even had to pay the shuttle drivers to stay to take guests back to the hotel. Arielle has been doing the Bat/Bar Mitzvah circuit now for several months. The pick up time is usually 10:00pm and most of the kids are calling their parents for pick up at 9:15pm, waiting outside, talking on their cell phones. At Arielle’s party, the kids didn’t want to leave the dance floor. We had parents waiting for probably 30 minutes until Patrick closed down at 11pm. It was great for the really little ones, bigger kids and adults. Everyone stayed until the very last minute, because of Denon & Doyle, and mainly Patrick. We can’t thank you enough for this incredible experience. Many people asked for you as referrals. Even our photographer was rocking out! We are so appreciative. Patrick, Ellis, Mark and Nicole worked incredibly hard and everyone is still talking about it and will continue for a very long time.”
– Beth, Gregg, Arielle, and Cody, Palo Alto Hills CC, June 13

“Everything was amazing!!!!!! Patrick out did himself. He was on! Natasha and the girls were amazing as well. He was excellent with communicating with me where he was at, and giving me plenty of time to prepare for the next segment of the night. Everyone was blown away by them. They made the party! I don’t think the dance floor was ever empty! The Green Screen was really a great add on. I can’t wait to see those pictures. I am already trying to come up with a reason to have another party before Charlie’s Bar Mitzvah – to have Patrick again. 🙂 Your company has impressed me every step of the way. I will definitely recommend you and use you guys as often as possible. Especially, since all of my friends with Mitzvahs coming up were asking me to help them plan theirs. There is not one thing I would have changed. They all nailed it! Please send my regards to all of them. Have a great summer.”
– Andrea Price, Lafayette VeteranÕs Memorial Hall, June 6

“Hi Patrick, I am still coming down from the high from Saturday night, but did not want anymore time to go by without thanking you again. You and your team (I am so sorry I cannot remember their names at the moment of those wonderful young ladies) did such an AMAZING job. You far exceeded our expectations, I cannot begin to tell you.

You totally made the party a complete success. You knew exactly what to do when and how to not only read the entire crowd, but also Harrison as well. He had the time of his life and one that I am pretty confident changed him forever in the most positive way. You made him feel like a star, and in a way that he was totally comfortable and at ease with. And if that isn’t enough, the music you played, the games, the pacing, the taking stress off my plate are all just some more examples of how great a job you did.

We keep hearing from everybody that was there how they loved the DJ and how they had the best time ever. Please let me know if there is anyone else at D&D that I can let know what a perfect job you and the Ladies did, and please tell them how grateful we are for their awesome job as well. You are all truly masters at making a party a true celebration, and that is something I will always be grateful for. Needless to say I will refer you to anyone and everyone and if you and/or D&D every need a referral or testimonial please do not hesitate to call on me.”
– Sally Friedes, Lake Merritt Hotel, May 30

“The reviews are in and EVERYONE raved about you — from 7 year olds to 14 year olds to 50 year olds. The kids are saying best party in the last 3 years of their middle school lives.”
– Ann Harrison, Private Residence, May 29

“The team was absolutely fabulous, they made the party. There were at least two or three guests who inquired about Patrick and want to have D&D at their next function. Rachel had the time of her life, as did we. Patrick was very helpful in assisting me in resolving my own technical issues with my presentation. Overall, a great event and team. Couple of very minor things if you want them: I didn’t remember seeing any haze effect/machine which I believe was part of our package. There were a few songs Rachel really wanted played that didn’t happen. A great evening. Best, Jeff”
– Jeff Simon, Sequoyah Country Club, May 2

“WOW! We have been hearing non-stop raves about Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah party Saturday night, all thanks to the incredible work of Patrick, Rachel, Natasha and Kelsey. Everyone, from the 5 year old cousins to my 78 year old aunt loved the music, dancing, games and energy! Rachel’s friends will be talking about it for weeks to come. We really could not have imagined a better party. Rachel is still on Cloud 9. She woke up Sunday morning and said “It seems like it was all a dream.” Thanks for making her dreams come true!”
– Lisa Merkadeau, Martinelli Event Center, April 4

“Patrick and Quinn were fantastic. They are pros in making an unforgettable and joyous occasion. Many many thanks and huge kudos to them.”
– AmyMetxenbaum, Seafood Peddler, March 7

“Everything was wonderful. Patrick was GREAT and I loved how he brought out Nathaniel’s personality! Nathaniel wished the evening would have never ended. I’ve heard the party has been the talk about school! I had many many compliments from the adults at the party. They loved how the kids were all engaged in the games.. they were so entertaining for the adults to watch too! Everyone loved the music… lots of adults dancing with the kids, so that was so much fun! I’m thrilled that everyone, all ages, had a fabulous time that evening!

One thing I just loved was at the end of the evening how we all gathered in a circle for Nathaniel to have the opportunity to go around and hug people and say a quick “thanks” as he went around the circle. It was great closure and no one was missed in a “goodbye”.”
– Julie Stern, Congregation BÕnai Tikvah, February 28

“Unbelievable! Patrick and his team were the best! They really brought the party together ….. every music selection, every movement, they were so upbeat and really set the perfect tone. We couldn’t be happier. Patrick is a sheer joy to work with. He is a master at what he does. He handled everything beautifully. His energy is limitless. He is truly an outstanding performer. He is able to engage all age groups for the entire evening. And he really connected with my son, who now wants to be a Denon and Doyle DJ too. The evening was truly memorable thanks to your team ……. simply flawless.”
– Lois Lawrence, Temple Emanu-El, February 21

“We would like you to know how extremely pleased we all were with the music and entertainment provided by you, Patrick, and Natasha, Ashley and Paige. We absolutely loved our celebration at Round Hill and appreciate the huge impact the music and entertainment had on everyone’s experience. We received countless compliments from our guests. Everyone from thirteen to eighty plus had a great time and felt included in the celebration — one of our main goals as you know. The music selection was superb and had everyone on the dance floor. The kids loved the Game Show, dancing, and other activities. Quite a number of Sam’s friends and ours as well told us that the party was one of the best they had ever attended. Patrick, everyone loved you!! Compliments for you included — he is so handsome, he has boundless energy, he knows how to keep people of all ages engaged, he knows how to handle a large group of young teens, etc. I guess the best compliment of all is that a number of our friends want to have a party just so that they can hire you, Patrick, to MC their events.”
– Linda Berg, Round Hill Country Club, February 7

“Everything went great! AJ, Patrick and Ari did a terrific job. All of the kids were saying it was the best party they had ever been to and the adults had a fantastic time too. AJ really kept the kids entertained and kept everything moving and high energy. It was a great idea to have the kids eat first and have an adult dance set while the kids were eating. We will definitely recommend you to our friends!”
– Emily Nozick, Mira Vista Country Club, January 24

“We were very pleased with Patrick McMichael. Prior to booking, we were told to check out Patrick for ourselves, and in a matter of minutes, felt more than confident that Patrick was the perfect DJ. He and his crew showed up on time, were very friendly, and made everyone feel welcome. He organized original games for the kids and had them on the dancefloor till close. All the same, he kept up the energy and interaction, and had the adults going till the end and loving every minute of it. We considered adding additional performers and never went through with it, and wow are we glad we didn’t. Patrick was the highlight of the show – full of enthusiasm and passion for DJing and entertaining. With Patrick and his excellent crew, there is no need for anything else to make the party a memorable one. We now know who to turn to for future events to make the nights ones to remember forever – DJ Patrick McMichael.”
– Miri and Avner Hassine, Crowne Plaza Cabana, January 10

“The party was great and all our friends were amazed with Patrick; he and his team did a phenomenal job! We couldn’t have asked for a better DJ! It was the perfect balance between keeping the kids entertained and letting them do what they wanted to do, and also between running the party and checking with me on what needs to happen. I had a feeling like I did not have to do anything, but at the same time I felt informed, involved and to some extend in charge. The evening was perfect! Thank you for making our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah party so memorable.”
– Gracie Lieberman, Astaria, December 20

“As usual, D&D was AMAZING! I must say I have head nothing but positives from all of our guests — young and old. You and Patrick listened to exactly what I wanted and set the exact mood and tone for the evening that I was looking for. It was fun and energetic, but totally controlled and organized beyond belief — especially with that many kids and guests. There is nothing that could have been different or better. They nailed it!!”
– Rachel Goldblatt, Crow Canyon Country Club, November 8

“Everything was wonderfull. Patrick is a great entertainer and everyone at the party had praises for him. Thank you again from the Torbati’s”
– Daniel Torbati, San Mateo Marriott, October 25

“You did an AMAZING job at Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah! WOW!!! Everyone, and I mean everyone, had a great time at the party and we owe it, in large part, to you and the D&D team. We heard lots of comments from the kids that “this was the best party ever!” (imagine it being said in a teen dialect.) And the adults were dancing and having a great time too. The fact that both groups enjoyed the party says so much about how the party was MC’d. It was hard to believe how M&K was transformed for the evening. The lighting was perfect! The teen club was unbelievable. Get Flipped was a huge hit. And you were all so creative in how you kept the kids entertained (loved the bubble wrap on the floor!) We already want to reserve you for the weekend of May 22nd, when Alex has his Bar Mitzvah! “
– Audrey Finci, McCormick & Kuleto’s, October 11

“Patrick was awesome and so was the rest of the crew. Everyone from young and old had a great time. I also had a great time. I didn’t not have to think about a thing. I was a guest at my own party which is hard for the host to do. Patrick ran everything to a tee. If he had any questions, he found us. Asked for our thoughts and gave his input how or when it should be done. Patrick and his crew made the whole Bar Mitzvah. Without them, it would have definitely had a different feel and not for the better. Brandon and all his friends had a fantastic evening. Everyone was still talking a week after about how much fun they had.

I am thrilled I found you guys and will definitely be giving you another call when I get the date for my other son.”
– Brett Baumgarten, Orchard Creek Lodge, September 20

“Patrick and crew were FABULOUS! My friend is going to call you regarding a Mardi Gras benefit this March. I’ll write a special “thank you” to Patrick.”
– Vickie Silverman, Spinnaker Restaurant, September 6

“I just wanted to write to let you know what a fantastic event Rachael’s party was last Saturday – I received more compliments regarding Patrick, his team and the photo booth which turned out to be quite a hit. Thank you again – it was absolutely perfect!”
– Sharon Noble, Temple Isaiah, September 6

“I will write a more formal, well-formulated email when I’m not so dog-tired but I had to let you know what a great time we all had on Saturday night. You were nothing short of phenomenal on the stage and I have had more of my friends and family ask where I found you because they’ve never seen such an amazing djay. The music was just the right mix to keep everyone on the dance floor having a fabulous time all night. Everyone is telling us that it was the best bar or bat mitzvah they’ve ever attended and, judging by the way they behaved on the dance floor, I don’t think they’re just being kind! You met and exceeded all of our expectations and I can’t thank you enough for everything. Ally had the night of her life and so did David and I. I don’t think anyone will soon forget it and, in great measure, we have you to thank for that.

We’re busy trying to think of any excuse to have another party just to hire you again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”
– Liz Rosenberg, The Resort At Squaw Creek, August 16

“Patrick and crew were absolutely fantastic. Everyone I have spoken with has said that they were spectacular and really made the party a hit. Ari was adorable and the kids and adults alike loved her as well. The mix of music was perfect and the flow of the party was just fabulous. Patrick is absolutely a natural entertainer and kept the party going from the first minute to the very end. I can’t thank you enough. We will be calling you again in couple of years for our other daughter’s bat mitzvah!”
– Dominique Harroch, Marin Art & Garden Center, August 9

“Patrick could not have been any better-Amanda and Tyler were fabulous as well!!”
– Beth Nesis, Beth Chaim, July 12

“The party was a hugh hit. The kids had a ton of fun and it turned into a big party which was unexpected but Patrick did a great job with it and looking amazing. Just what my 18 year old client wanted, so thank-you for accommodating our strange dress code request.”
– Patrick David’s Catering, Private Residence, July 11

“I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed having Patrick as our MC. He is remarkably talented and delightful. His crew was also great. Thank you to all of you for helping make the evening truly special! Many guests also commented on Patrick and what an amazing job he did!”
– Peggy Stone, Berkeley City Club, June 21

“Let me start off by saying Patrick was AWESOME!!! I knew, having worked with D&D in the past that they would do a wonderful job. However, Patrick blew the expectations of August and I out of the water. He kept the guests on the dance floor the whole night. Everyone couldn’t stop telling us how much they loved the music. I believe my cousin, who is getting married next month in Michigan was writing down almost every song to have played at her wedding.

Overall, as an event planner I will recommend your company every time I can. I had a wonderful experience working with you from the impressive first meeting till the end. Thank you again to everyone for making my wedding a memorable and fun experience.”
– Sarah Rogers, Casa De La Vista, June 7

“Outstanding. Patrick and everyone else was outstanding. Girls were outstanding. Great time, thanks alot. A few of my friends will probably be coming your way.”
– Anita & Alan Roth, Shadelands Art Center, May 25

“Patrick was amazing last night and really gave it his all. Great group of kids too help, and I wanted to let you know what a good job they did. Thanks for getting Katie to come she is a ‘really nice person.””
– Wendy Laxerson, Peninsula Temple Sholom, May 17

“The party was huge hit. Kids told Mathison afterwards it was the best party they’ve ever attended. Of course, not having adults around was a big plus ;o) Your team was fantastic. Ellis comes in for special compliments for his poppin’, lockin’, and head spins. But everybody worked their butt off… and probably took a few pounds off the kids in the process.

A special mention of Patrick too. It wouldn’t have been a party without him. Thanks for a great job!”
– Suzanne & Jonathon Young, Temple Isaiah, April 26

“We worked with Patrick for our wedding, and could not have been more happy! From our first consultation, to the end of our event, he was thoroughly professional and had a great personality. He definitely knew how to get the party started, and kept the energy up throughout the night. We wouldn’t have changed a thing! “
– Katie Paul, Kohl Mansion, April 18

“There are not words to describe the job done by Patrick and his team! From the pre event preparations to the post celebration clean up, I could not have asked for more! Melanie and her friends played games, got crazy, and danced the night away. Our friends played games, got crazy and danced the night away. Whoever says kids and adults cannot party together has never had Patrick, Ari, Amanda, and Devon rock their world!! All I can say is… We are SO HAPPY!! Many thanks as well to Mark, Chris, You (of course) and my superhero Tyrone for the extra time and energy they gave us and for always smiling, not running when Mel and I walk through the door. Gracias, Merci, and THANK YOU!!!!”
– Vickie Eiges, Crow Canyon Country Club, April 12

“I don’t know if you recall, but I first saw you (and heard of D&D) at the Meisel’s Bar Mitzvah back a few years. I thought you were great, you had me up and dancing. I knew then I wanted you to be the DJ at my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.

When you assigned Mark (is that right?) Addington to Melanie’s Bat Mitzvah, I was reluctant at first, and disappointed. I checked him out at another venue and was more than relieved. He was perfect, the event was perfect, everything went without a hitch. He was a big hit. So, we came back for more. Hoping to get Mark but not able to, I threw caution to the wind and went w/ Patrick, taking your word for it, didn’t even check him out at another event.

I am without words (which is unusual) to tell you how unbelievable he and the team were. I didn’t have to do anything. The energy level was infectious. The organization impeccable. The entire evening was discernibly professional. When we asked them to turn things down because of my Dad’s hearing, there wasn’t a complaint or the rolling of an eye (at least that we could see). Everyone… and I mean everyone, was raving about Patrick. In fact, several people asked for his/your name and number and you should be hearing from them, if you haven’t already.

I’ve been to countless Bar and Bat Mitzvahs (and so have the kids), and everyone always raves about their DJs– even when they are pathetic– but I always wink to myself inside because I know you guys really are the best, the most professional, the most fun, the most accommodating. As soon as I get Jake’s Bar Mitzvah date, you are hired. And then we’ll start w/ the weddings, etc.

By the way, I am always hyper critical and I usually have something to say about everything to suggest improvement. I don’t and I wouldn’t change anything. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I did all the party planning for this event myself and could not have pulled it off without Patrick taking the lead as he did, and doing it so well. Many, many thanks.”
– Sally Zelikovsky, Spinnaker Restaurant, March 29

“The entire Denon and Doyle team did a stupendous job ! The party was a huge success. We’re still hearing rave reviews from parents and kids alike. Most importantly, Victor had a wonderful time on his special day. We want to thank Patrick, AJ, Ari, Katie and Rachel– we deeply appreciate the full-out effort they made so successfully. We also want to thank you for all the help on the lead-up to the party.”
– Howard Golub, Bridges Golf Club, March 22

“YOU GUYS ROCKED THE HOUSE LAST NIGHT! Thanks so very much for doing such an awesome job, Patrick. You and Kyle and your team were the best ever. From the way you ran the show, to the music to the dancers and the photo booth, you all worked so hard, and you really made “Club Pink” an outstanding success. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”
– Erin Bloom, Temple Isaiah, March 15

“Hi Dan – Patrick was so on last night – I’ve never seen him perform so well at a party. I absolutely loved it – the party was a huge success. I really think your team has made a big step forward in the grand entrance process. The staff Patrick had was wonderful too. Great energy and dancing all night long.”
– Jayne Greenburg, San Francisco Zoo, February 16

“It was the best party ever. Patrick and his crew made the Bar Mitzvah a very fun, energizing and exhilarating event. It would not have been the same without them. So I thank you. People have not stopped talking about it… saying it was the best Bar Mtizvah they had been to.”
– Susan Raifman, Claremont Resort, February 9

“Patrick and the team did a great job at Matthew’s Bar Mitzvah. I did not have to worry about a thing. Patrick had everybody on the dance floor for the hora and I had guests who have never dance the hora before. A lot of people asked me for the name of the dj, so you should be getting some calls. I cannot be more pleased with the outcome of the party. It was simply fantastic. Everyone commented on what a great party it was… thanks to Patrick, Cameron, Katie & Kelsey. I told Patrick what a great job he did but I want you to let him know again that I am VERY happy that the party turned out so memorable for Matthew and everyone is talking about it. You guys ARE the BEST!”
– Emily Sidell, Pacific Athletic Club, January 26

“WOW. You created a fabulous party for us – and thanks so much for going with the extra giveaways instead of the lights. Given the number of kids we had, I think that was a really good decision. They loved it, and I don’t think they would have noticed the lights in the afternoon! I had many, many people saying that Patrick was fantastic. Simply the best they’ve seen! Nonstop energy! I had some adult friends saying they’re ready to plan a party just so they could invite him back! “
– Gail Brager, Temple Isaiah, December 8

“We just wanted to thank you for such a rocking party last night. Everyone just had an awesome time. Literally within a half our of our returning home ( @ 11:30) Marissa’s friends were im’ing her about how much fun they had and what a great party it was.

There were about 8 16-18 year olds that initially were going to the Winter Formal at Paly and decided to ditch it to come to our party . Their review was it was way more fun than winter formal would have been.

Even the grandparents commented on how great you guys were and how well you kept the kids engaged and having fun. ( Ok.. they said it was a little loud too but… that’s to be expected I guess!) Your crew was also terrific. Fun and friendly. Thanks again. You totally delivered.”
– Dana Heirich, Congregation Beth Am, December 8

“Our event was amazing!! We are getting so many compliments, mostly for you guys – Patrick & his team were GREAT !!”
– Julie Westle, Harbor Point Racquet Club, November 17

“I just wanted to say how happy I was with Patrick and all the other people that performed on Saturday night. They were so terrific! Everyone had a great time. Patrick and the gang did a tremendous job.”
– Susan Snyder, Corinthian Yacht Club, November 10

“Jacob’s dad Jim here… I’m certain I speak for both Pamela and myself in saying that Patrick did a wonderful job keeping the party flowing, selecting the best music possible throughout the evening and astutely “reading” the crowd and adjusting his role as needed…. thanks also to Cameron and Amanda who also did a great job… Also, I want to especially thank Patrick for helping us prepare the candlelighting ceremony… this turned out to be probably the most special part of the celebration.. to tell you the truth, if Patrick hadn’t brought up the candlelighting at our planning meeting I probably would not have thought of it (though Pam may have)……..”
– Pamela Rennert, Westin SF, November 3

“I meant to email my utmost praise, and no criticism (rare for me) earlier, but I had family in town until today. Patrick was absolutely sensational! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Maybe even better than you!.. don’t kill me.) He kept the crowd hopping all night, and pulled out all of the stops in the last hour or so. My guests never left the dance floor! Everyone remarked that they had such a blast. That is exactly what I wanted — nonstop fun on the dance floor. In fact, I never even ate the hot dogs, salads, ice cream sundaes or popcorn, or visited the ladies’ room, because I didn’t want to miss even one song. It was the best sock hop ever.

Patrick brought his A game. He kept the sock hop well paced, and really knew the crowd. We enjoyed his selection of songs, and cadence. The bubblegum game, and volleyball, and limbo, and balloon game were pure childlike fun fun fun! I couldn’t have imagined a better DJ. My guests did inquire as to where I found the DJ, so you know how popular Patrick was at the hop! Your dancers were also top-notch. They were complimented by my guests as well. They added the extra touch, and ambience. They kept everyone entertained all night. Even when the party was just getting started, and early guests were filtering in, taking photos, and greeting the bday girl, they were up there on stage dancing, and setting the mood. Each was terrific, and I’m glad we had AJ! Sasha also had a ton of energy!!!! So, what a hit. What a night!!!! Please pass this praise onto Patrick and the dancers. They really made my 50th bday a swonderful one! Bob has promised to put the photos online, which I will also pass on, since there is a terrific one of the group with me.”
– Debra Bogards, Mill Valley Community Center, November 2

“I cannot express enough how happy we were with Patrick. He had everyone up and dancing! I had a really wide range of people there in terms of age, and there was something for everyone. Even my Mom – who is very conservative, very religious, and not inclined to be happy listening to “secular” music – was on the dance floor as much as her hostess duties allowed, and remarked at length how happy she was with the music and the flow of the evening. (Patrick also covered my rear end when a technical snafu resulted in my CD with our first dance not playing right – GREAT under pressure!) It was an absolute pleasure doing business with your company. thanks again!”
– Cheryl Forest, Fault Line Brewery, October 13

“Eva and her friends had a wonderful time. I cannot say enough good things about your entire staff. Particularly, Patrick was incredible…! We were so impressed with the professionalism as well as the enthusiasm shown by Patrick Ari, Cameron and Quinn. Our family and friends had an amazing time, and we will certainly recommend Denon and Doyle in the future. Thank you so much for helping make such an important day truly special!!!”
– Stewart Duboff, Temple Emanu-El, September 15

“Patrick and his team were the BESSSSSSSSSSSSSST! They were awesome. There were logistical concerns regarding the venue and the lack of space due to some last minute changes that the venue made with the set up, but it did not stop your group from being the best ever. Guests loved them, and everyone had a great time. My own kids want me to invite all four of your team to move up to Sacramento permanently. They want them to be at every event that they’re invited too 🙂 I can’t express to you enough how much I appreciate you and your team’s professionalism. I never have to worry about ONE THING with music, dancing, guests having a good time etc. when I have you on board with an event that I am planning.”
– Pamela David, Vizcaya, September 8

“Patrick and the gang were great. Patrick was actually off the charts and I received rave comments on his performance. His professionalism, mixed in with his wonderful charm and love for performing was what got this group up and partying. He read his audience and was able to engage what could have been a “quiet” audience. He was the ultimate professional. I am so looking forward to working with him again and again!”
– Vickie Eiges, San Ramon Community Center, August 11

“Patrick was simply marvelous in every way. He even looked the party in his 1960’s wig and attire. His sense of timing and his professionalism were the best I have ever seen. During and after the party my guests kept saying “Who is that DJ? He is fantastic”! I couldn’t be more pleased. Patrick was able to get a sense of what the crowd needed and he effectively worked the program into a marvelous crescendo. The guests were literally leaping out of their seats with excitement. You can be sure that in the future when the need arises at one of our many planned events, we will ask for Patrick. It’s great to know that we can rely on your company as one of our preferred vendors. Many many thanks for a job well done! And feel free to use any of my comments in any of your promotional literature or for other references. I’m more than happy to sing your praises!”
– Sherri Ferris, Sonoma Meritage, June 30

“Patrick was absolutely fantastic! He was very polite and open for any changes or requests that I asked for. Things got a bit off schedule and he handled them very calmly and very professional. I just hope my “crazy” family didn’t drive him made. They sort of took over at the end with their performance – they created a CD with songs related to Elliott’s Bar Mitzvah, the songs were hilarious. I hope Patrick didn’t mind them sort of taking the stage. I was so busy I didn’t get a chance to thank all of them. So thank you very much! We loved the bubble wrap and all the other things too. “
-Linda Buda, Concord Hilton, June 16

“What a great and successful evening. Thanks to all of your adorable staff my daughter was a true princess at her Bat Mitzvah!!!! I could not have pulled it off with out them.”
– Lori Margulies, Frantoio Ristorante, June 2

“The wedding was absolutely wonderful. If we had to do it all over again, there’s nothing we’d do differently. Seriously! And Patrick… what a gem! He is AWESOME. He has the perfect personality for what he does. Michael and I truly enjoyed having him do our wedding and are so glad we chose him. We for sure did that part of the planning right! He kept the party going. I don’t think there was a time the dance floor was empty. He knew exactly what to do and when. He worked hard, did his job very well and I would recommend him over and over again. In fact, we have some friends getting married in September who were very impressed with Patrick – They loved him! Denon and Doyle has a fantastic DJ in Patrick. I wouldn’t let him go! Patrick will be part of the wonderful memories we have of the biggest day of our lives! We will continue to pass on the good word about D&D and Patrick!”
– Brooke & Michael, Scott’s Gardens, May 31

“ONLY compliments for Patrick, Tyrone, Beverley, April and Louis!! It was a fantastic party— your team was amazing. Ellie and her friends never stopped dancing. The “big” kids (my high school & college-aged group) may have even had as much fun as the 13 year olds. My favorite quote, from a 21 year old guest, was ‘Ellie’s bat mitzvah was more fun than a college party’ —- don’t think I can top that!”
– Beverly Davis, Montclair Womens Club, May 26

“Patrick was great, his timing, presentation and energy was terrific. April was also wonderful working with the kids getting the games going, etc. The music accompaniment for the “puzzle” ceremony was also right on target. Just what we had in mind…”
– Steve Lowinger,Claremont Resort & Spa, May 26

“Patrick was great. The photo bar was a huge hit and the guys running it were adorable. Thanks again for a fabulous evening of dancing.”
– Lisa lmeitus, The “W” Hotel, May 19

“Please thank Patrick, Cameron, Pam and Christell for all their hard work. Patrick was always professional, kept everything running smoothly, and the kids had a great time.”
– Jim Wieder, Lafayette Park Hotel, May 12

“Patrick and Cameron did a great job keeping the kids entertained which kept the party flowing very nicely. We are so glad they were there to MC and DJ our event. Best regards!”
– Jacquie Duckworth, Private Residence, May 5

“Please pass along our appreciation for a phenomenal job by Patrick, Cameron, April and Sasha! They truly made the party. Everyone has raved about how they created a fantastic festive atmosphere and made everyone feel included, kids and adults alike. Lauren is on cloud nine! She felt like a princess and is so overwhelmed with happiness that she has not even shown any interest in opening her gifts! She is basking in the joy of her celebration and so are we. (Just this morning my 6 year old made me swear that I would hire them again for his Bar Mitzvah!) Many thanks to Patrick and company. You made a special day even more magical!”
– The Goody Family, Claremont Country Club, May 5

“Patrick was great! He was really on top of keeping us where we should be! The music picks were great! We will definitely use you guys again if we hold an event. Thank you so much for everything! “
– Jessica Loomis, Round Hill Country Club, April 28

“Patrick and Solomon are the greatest. All of your people are fabulous. You proved that yourself at the Abeles Event. I’ve now had Patrick and Solomon at difficult events and they have both come out shining like a star. Also, I was very impressed with Solomon at the meeting we had with the Levy’s. He was great. You’ve got 2 great guys here not to mention Addington and yourself. Your energy providers have risen to the top from what I’ve seen before. As I said, I used to bring in Hart to Hart all of the time. You are every bit as good if not better. I am so pleased with the way our relationship is going, and I’m so happy to be able to count on your guys 1000 percent. I also have to mention all of your new gadgets. Love what you’re doing in that respect also. Thank-you for being so professional.”
– Joannie Liss, Mill Valley Community Center, April 14

“It was spectacular. Please let everyone know there is nothing they could have done better.”
– Liz Perle, Kelly’s Mission Rock, March 24

“It was all great! Patrick and the entire team did a fabulous job. Please let them know.”
– Carmen Diyommo, Signature Yachts, March 17

“Patrick, Alex & Morgan were absolutely fantastic. So many of my friends, and Emily’s, commented on how fabulous the DJ was. Even the kids who have already had their bat/bat mitzvah’s said Emily’s party was the best. Your staff was professional, punctual, respectful and extremely easy to work with. Patrick dealt with several situations with complete ease and confidence. Our photographer wanted to stop and take a few photos just as the party was hopping. Patrick was able to recover the momentum easily. Not an easy feat. The people who work at Dublin Ranch even said they have never seen so many people on the dance floor, and for the entire evening! My 17 year old, Andrew, even asked Patrick if he could have a business card… he wants to come work for you! That has to be one of the highest and most solid votes of confidence and an enormous compliment to your company.”
– Debby Alberts, Dublin Ranch Golf Club, February 10

“Patrick was great!!! there was no bathroom drama, no kids on cell phones, no freak dancing– all the brandeis parents are happy and will be calling you for their events.”
– Harriet Prensky, Westn SF Hotel, February 3

“Thank you so much for sending Patrick to my event! He was a blast to work with and did an excellent job! Attached are some photos, do you mind passing them on to him and let him know I said Hello? You can see by the photos how miserable he was (ha)! Look forward to working with your team again “
– Stephanie Queral, Palace Hotel, February 2

“Patrick did an excellent job. Your services were great and I am very glad that we were able to throw such a successful Associate Event as a JW Marriott. Patrick’s music selection was excellent – considering that I gave him absolutely nothing to work with. Our associates requested music genres and specific songs as the night progressed. Patrick did a small raffle for us and really kept the audience’s attention. Please tell him thank you for me. He really helped create the type of energy we needed to make this event successful!”
– Alex Marin, JW Marriott Hotel, January 28

“Patrick is fantastic!!! Absolutely LOVE him. Thank-you again for being so wonderful. I feel like I’m in such good hands with you. You’ve really got good people working for you.”
– Joannie Liss, Great American Music Hall, January 20

“Thanks Dan – a great time was had by all. The best compliment came from my daughter Ricki. She had a great time and told me she definitely wants Patrick to be the DJ at her Bat Mitzvah (as Patrick knows, coming from her this is a BIG compliment). She said “Patrick got all the kids involved in games and dancing and he NEVER stopped – he was really cool and fun”. So thanks to everyone – we appreciate it.”
– Laurie Bienstock, Presidio Officer’s Club, January 14

“We were THRILLED with the entire team! Patrick, Seth, Claire and Beverly were all terrific! We will definately recommend you to any of our friends in need of a DJ and would certainly use you again if we have a need in the future. Fortunately, Jordan is our only child, so at least it won’t be for another Bar or Bat Mitzvah! Thanks for everything!”
– Le Eisman, Oakland Scottish Rite Center, January 13

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say Thank You for a great job. You were wonderful pre-event with all the last minute requests and Patrick was fantastic yesterday very professional – I thoroughly enjoyed working with both of you. I had to leave right before the “entertainment” yesterday as I had thrown my back out earlier in the week and was really feeling it after setting up and being there for 5 hours. My event planner, Karen, was there though and she commented on how terrific Patrick was with the American Idol show…. that he did such a great job with introductions and was so smooth going from one act to the other. He’ll be up there at the top of our request list from now on. Please thank him for me.”
– Miraglia Catering, Milpitas Headquarters, December 14

“Oh my god, they were awesome. They didn’t stop for one minute. The dance floor was packed the entire evening. Alex was incredibly happy, same with Bob and Merritt. Just the right amount of EVERYTHING. The kids didn’t want to dance alone and the adults were real party animals. Patrick was terrific. He knew he didn’t have to soften this crowd and he didn’t. Kudos to him and to you. Always a pleasure.”
– Barbara Kweller, Scott’s Seafood, December 9

“Thank you for everything. What I appreciate the most about using Denon and Doyle is your professionalism and attention to good service. I was in a service business for quite some time and I always appreciate good service. Your attention to detail and your follow up has been wonderful. I have always said that good service is so easy to provide yet so hard to find. So, thank you! Patrick and Michael were very professional and catered the party to our son and our needs as well. I will definitely recommend you to our friends. Everyone had a great time.”
– Kaylyn Hyman, Kenwood Depot, November 11

“The buzz is all over my space, that is what my son tells me, I do not go on it, but bet you could to read all about the best party of the year! Mark, Patrick and the entire team did an amazing job, everyone of them was professional and fun, smiles on their faces and just so glad that we hired you all to do our event. Would I hire you and your team again? YOU BET, and I will. Please send our sincerely and heartfelt thanks and we will send you a video when it is done to see, photos too if you would like. I promise to be your number one supporter so send your prospective clients my contact if they need to hear from a customer just how fantastic your crew is. I think I answered you question! Thank you again to the entire staff and the greatest dancers ever, they were all fantastic.”
– Lisa Vogel, Peacock Gap Country Club, November 4

“We had a great time, the kids had a greater than great time. Justin was king for the day and Patrick ensured that. He was the best! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never seen Justin have so much fun. Everyone of his friends were having a great time. My favorite was watching them jump on the bubble wrap and Justin running out in the Green jacket. The fact that Patrick was able to find Cleveland Rocks was unbelievable. We had a great day and largely because of Patrick.”
-Leslie Wise, Lafayette Park Hotel, October 21

“Speaking for myself, my wife Helga, and for Julien, I can say that we were thrilled with the party.– Julien said that it was “fantastic” and “the best bar-mitzvah party” he has attended.– Julien says that all of his friends feel the same way. — Patrick was really dynamic. — It was also nice that you managed to involve the young children as well as the teenagers. — So thanks for a great event! — We will definitely recommend you to our friends.”
– Jonah Levy, Sequoyah Country Club, October 14

“The party was great! Patrick and crew were wonderful. We had the best time! People are still talking and buzzing. And your going to be getting some calls for future events.”
– Randal DeNola, Sheraton Gateway Hotel, October 7

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful event! Without you, things would not have been nearly as fun.”
– Jennifer & Ryan, Sir Francis Drake, September 24

“Patrick was wonderful, fantastic and so very accommodating!”
– Marcia Barkoff, Private Residence, September 23

“The party was great and Patrick was amazing! As soon as we met, I knew things would go smoothly. The whole crew did a fantastic job but I especially appreciated Patrick’s ability to keep the party going and to be aware of the mood of the kids. He also kept me in the loop for everything that was happening. I’ve passed a card onto the dean of our middle school. She was there too and saw how much the kids enjoyed themselves. Thanks again for everything. Patrick and his team were fantastic, talented, fun, and great to be around!”
– Raina Cohen, Temple Emanu-El, September 2

“Buzz doesn’t begin to describe it. Even though our Bat Mitzvah was at the end of the cycle, and we thought people had seen it all, we’re getting many compliments about how much more fun and how smoothly running our party was. I don’t know exactly what I did differently than some of our friends, but I know that having your team made a huge difference. There were so many of them that they kept the kids engaged and always wanting to know what was next.

The photo bar was also novel and a constant source of entertainment. Patrick was very helpful from Day 1 when we met at your offices through to the end of the party Saturday night. He really made sure things ran smoothly. The dance team was fantastic! They acted just like big kids.”
– Madayn Friedman, Hyatt Regency-SF, August 26

“I enjoyed every moment of my daughter’s special day. Thanks for rolling with the punches with me and being flexible. The kids had a fabulous time as did we all.”
– Mindy Murphy, Roundhill Country Club, August 26

“I would like to send my thanks to you and your company – it was truly the perfect wedding. I have received so many comments on how the music and mood was perfect through out the evening, and I owe it all to Patrick. He is an amazing guy – and without him, the wedding may have been different. He made sure we all knew what to expect and where to be – he was more than just a djay – he ran the whole wedding! I would recommend him and your company to anyone! I would love to get his email to thank him – I really appreciate all his hard work and energy! There wasn’t one moment where the dance floor wasn’t packed – we had to start dancing on the carpet around our tables!”
– Lauren & Chris, Arden Hills Country Club, July 15

“The party was great Saturday. Everyone had a wonderful time. There was so much energy in the room and I have many people tell me that Patrick was so nice to everyone. DJ’s can really make or break a party and Patrick and the entire group did an amazing job. You are lucky to have them working for Denon and Doyle. I can’t say enough about them. We all had a blast. I think they did to.”
– Karyn Fishman, San Ramon Community Center, June 17

“Patrick and Co. were perfect for this group, kids and adults both. The kids and adults danced together! What I loved most, is that Patrick seemed to have fun himself, he danced a lot, he came into the adult area with his mike to get the adults out there – And he kept in touch with me, and ‘read’ me easily, he was direct but not rude about what he thought should happen next.”
– Amy Franzblau, Lucie Stern Community Center, May 20

“The good buzz is still going on thanks to Patrick!! I can’t say enough about how good Patrick was for this group and his professionalism with us. He followed the agenda we requested and took care of everything!!! It made our night a lot easier!! We of course will be talking up your company to all our friends. Thank again for the great job. We really appreciate it.”
– Sharon Price, Blakes at Boundary Oaks, April 22

“Just wanted to let you know that Patrick was great for Katie’s Bday! We really enjoyed having him and he was great at what he did to provide excellent atmosphere!”
– Jenna Hueckstaedt, Aziza, April 15

“I have been meaning to give you a call. I can’t say enough positive things about Patrick! He did a great job, and Ashley and her friends just loved him. I have already been able to pass your name on to a friend who was asking for future reference. Thank you so much for your professional and wonderful service – we will look forward to the next time!!”
– Pamela Stefan, Wood Hall, April 1

“Patrick was awesome!! I know Mark prepped him with music, but he went above and beyond. He was totally interactive with the kids and they had a great time.”
– Joan Danilson, Stone Valley Middle School, March 24

“Just another note to thank you for doing a great job. We have heard from many people this week who had a fantastic time listening and dancing to the wonderful music. See you at their weddings!”
– Beth Kleiner, Pacific Athletic Club, March 11

“Everything was great! The dance floor was packed all night and we had tons of fun. Patrick did a great job!”
– Kandace Kaylor, Sir Francis Drake, February 18

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