For the record, Guillermo Garcia has never claimed to be a hero. It was only after several clients reached out to us to provide feedback on their event that the word started to get tossed around. To Guillermo, the acts were simple things that he didn’t really think twice about. He saw something he could help with and got to work. While some of the deeds may have been minor in the grand scheme of life, they certainly made a big difference to the people who were celebrating moments that were greatly important to them. 

Guillermo still recalls his very first event, where a kid came up to him afterward wanting to thank him for such a fun time. The kid’s honesty and sincerity took Guillermo back for a moment. “You don’t always expect kids to express themselves like that,” he recalls, “but it meant a lot to me that he did, and it made me want to keep DJ’ing and finding more ways to see people have a great time.” That experience showed Guillermo how his actions could impact people beyond just the music. We like to think of it as the first chapter in his heroic origin story. As most journeys do, the winding roads and choppy seas tried to test this DJ’s mettle. 

On one such occasion, a video file was proving to be quite the nemesis for some executives that had put in a massive effort in planning a party. They wanted to really celebrate the work that their employees put in that year and pay them a proper tribute. While Guillermo was not directly involved with the video equipment, he makes it his business to check on all aspects of a party. When he sensed frustration (truthfully it was more like desperation) starting to rise, he gently stepped in to take a look at the issue. The version of the video–that was supposed to be the centerpiece of their presentation–was an outdated one. There was not enough time to run back to the office and have a tech team re-edit the footage. There were talks of scrapping the video, until Guillermo offered to edit the footage himself. 

Always cool under pressure, Guillermo managed some clever workarounds using whatever software he had at his disposal and had a working version exported just in time for the big display. None of the staff in attendance had any idea their heartfelt tribute video almost didn’t happen. When you’ve been around music and multimedia engineering your whole adult life, as Guillermo has, it’s just another day in the office. He is thankful for that technical background as it’s helped him focus on other aspects of every event he works.

It’s hard to determine whether the packed dance floor all night was because of Guillermo’s DJ skills or perhaps some karmic response to his good deed, but, either way, the clients were over the moon thrilled to have him. And while Guillermo would never quite call himself a hero, he’s more happy to play the role for a night.

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