Dan Ohrman

dan2Please Don’t Stop Dan Ohrman
(sung to the tune of Rihanna’s “Please Don’t Stop The Music”)

It would be foolish to even try. The man just does not stop. He can often be heard singing the above refrain through the hallways of Denon & Doyle in between meetings and as he tackles the next item on his never-ending to-do list.

It makes sense that the General Manager of an Entertainment Company would be singing down the hallways (right?), but few can adlib like D.O. While he may have learned to call audibles from a youth spent playing football in Seattle, he definitely got his work ethic from within (how else do you describe someone who got a degree in Music Business only to actually manage a business based on music?).

All these experiences translate to a GM who simply gets it done. In addition to holding training workshops and mentoring upcoming MCs and DJs, Dan knows that his clients rely on his expertise. Whether it’s a phone call to answer a question about unique entertainment ideas or a face-to-face meeting to help plan the details, Dan is your resource for all things “party.”

The reason why he doesn’t stop? His family, of course. Dan counts his blessings daily, though he sometimes wishes that there was some way to combine Tae Kwon Do, Swimming, Football, and Piano into one class, if only to cut down the number of different places he and his wife have to take their equally busy little ones. Still, he greets each moment with a smile and takes it all in stride, literally. If there is ever an unoccupied hour in his day, Dan will put on his running shoes, clip on his iPod and let his body keep pace with the beat. While he claims running is his therapy, we can’t help but wonder if he sings along in his head…“Please Don’t Stop Dan Ohrman.”


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