Cameron Chatterton

Handling the barrage of last-minute changing information at events can be like performing magic — the chaos must be kept up the sleeve, while what can be seen is calm, perfect and completely in control. Take the wedding Cameron was performing at where the guest count doubled from the time of his initial meeting with the couple to the day of the event — all without his knowledge. With a room of that size, the new challenge was getting the sound to be crisp and heard by all (originally accounted for or not). Our man surveyed, scrambled and found the high ground in the room. There, he boosted the microphone receiver so everything was crystal clear then held it up (a la John Cusack in “Say Anything”) for the next hour just to make sure it would stay so.

In his own words, “Whatever it takes, man!”

Part of what his “it” takes is a natural charm that draws even strangers directly to him. At the 2010 Bay To Breakers, Cameron and a group of friends were there to participate (on some level…). As they met up with a long chain of floats, one, in particular, stood out: a giant moving fortress with a DJ on top (picture Cameron as a fish looking at something reeeeeally shiny).

“I’ve gotta get up there,” legend says he uttered.

Before the words could be made into a thought, he was off. And before his friends even knew he was gone, he was not just on top of the float but actually mixing tracks. Mind you, DJ’s are more than a bit protective of their pricey gear and not hip to letting anyone touch anything (regardless of their claim to experience or skill). But on that day, charm won out over protectionism and young Mr. Chatterton’s Bucket List received a check mark.

How he did it? Magic, mixed with a healthy dose of “Chatterton Charm.”


“Everything went GREAT!!!  The Graduates had a total blast.  I heard from the parents that worked the party that Cam was awesome and that the party flowed perfectly!!!  Thank you so much for all your help!!!”
-Michele Fuegner, Del Mar Middle School, Servino Restaurant, June 8

“The evening could not have gone better. I had so many wonderful comments from guests about your team. But the best part was that Gabriella was so thrilled and had exactly the dance party she wanted.I can’t say enough good things about Cam and his crew. They were amazing and everyone loved them!”
-Danielle Jarvie, Studio 333, May 28

“Yes, the party was fantastic, and I think everyone had a really good time.  Cameron was great — it seemed like the kids never left the dance floor (although there were always several dozen buzzing back to the photo booth, which was a big hit).  And that pink background was such nicer than we expected – it turned out great.  The sound quality was just what I would have picked: adequately loud, but not deafening.  I wasn’t watching the dancing much because I was busy talking to friends (and the dance floor was so packed that I couldn’t see to the front!) but several people reported back to me – unsolicited – that Shannon was doing a terrific job.  The kids loved the music, and it just seemed like the party was a great success.

So thank you!  And our thanks to Cameron – he was fabulous. I had asked him to make sure he included all the disparate kids & I don’t know how he did it but they all seemed to get involved and have fun. As did many of the adults, which was great.”
-Hilary Fox, Claremont Country Club, May 21

“Just a quick note to thank you and all the folks at Denon and Doyle for making the evening so special. Cameron was a real pro leading the crew, and Michael, Pandora and Clare were all terrific at holding up the energy and showing the kids and the grownups a great time. Well done and thanks again.”
-Stephany Joffe, Northbrae Community Church, May 14

“Thank You! You guys were the best!  Everyone had a blast.  Best DJ, MC, and crew.  Big thanks to the whole Denon and Doyle team. You made our night!”
-Sky Dufaux, Renaissance Club Sport, September 11

“The event was a total success in large part because of D&D.  The kids LOVED the DJ, and the feedback was the music was great! Thanks again for helping make our event a special and memorable evening for the kids.  We appreciate all that you guys do for us!”
-Alexis Robbins – Del Mar Middle School, Servino Restaurant, June 10

“Kudos to Cam. He did a fabulous job! He has a good energy and worked that bar mitzvah crowd with perfection. I had several comments from the kids and adults that they liked his music selection which was obvious as he kept the dance floor packed. Many also said the night felt like it flew by and I attribute that to Cam and his crew for keeping the party lively and fun.

Thank you!!”
-Kim Liss, The Peasant’s Courtyard, June 6

“BEST PARTY EVER!!! And there is no doubt it was because of Cam and his crew. The crowd went wild, dancing all night. SO MUCH FUN…

Most importantly, Adam had the time of his life, and his friends are all talking about it it. And I am sending referrals to parents who are all asking who my DJ was….

Need I say more?  A perfect night. THANK YOU!!!!”
-Sherry Lipson, Domenico Winery, January 10

“The party was awesome. You guys did a great job from start to finish. And, Cam was terrific. Dealt with all kinds of requests, got a bunch of typical (cynical) 8th grade boys to dance and participate, and really made it a memorable evening for all. There was/is definitely good buzz about it. Thanks again to you guys for being so easy to work with and for sending a terrific DJ.”
-Jon Balousek, Alamo Residence, May 31

“Cameron really does know how to run that whole show. And the guys he was with all seemed to respect that, and each other. They genuinely enjoyed working together, and that radiated. From my perspective, and as the client, it was a pleasure to see him take charge so that we could enjoy our roles as host and hostess, and to also answer him on occasion when he would check in with me or consult about a next step. I really appreciated how proactive and knowledgable he was throughout the entire evening.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Will continue to share our praise and recommendation about you and your staff as often as possible!”
-Melinda Solomon, Bridges Golf Club, May 11

“Cam was phenomenal!!!! I am amazed how skilled he is for someone still young…. Everyone loved him, adults and teens. My daughter was thrilled to have such a cute DJ as she put it… He is very approchable and it was great!!!! a beautiful party !!! I am very happy.”
-Nadine Samuels, Ed Roberts Campus, March 16

“Cam, you were the perfect balance of professionalism and fun, competence and positive energy, with a great attitude and warmth that truly cannot be anything less than genuine. You handled everything with such ease and managed my worries (see: DVD player), with such grace and an ever-present smil. Thank you again so very much for making Claire’s party such a wonderful and memorable experience.”
-Janet Tarkoff, Orinda Country Club, March 2

“Everything was amazing! Cam was a complete doll who endeared himself to all three generations that were at the party. The entire gang was professional and fun and helpful. I’ll send you more detailed feedback this week when we’re not still swamped with visitors, but just wanted to quickly let you know how great it was. It was the kind of party where every single person danced for most of the night—totally fun!”
-Lisa Ziri, Silicon Valley Capital Club, February 16

“The crew was fantastic! I know all the kids (and the adults as well) had a great time- Cameron was the perfect MC for our crowd. And Tyrone, Jennifer and Jason (who I remembered as being equally wonderful at the Gennis party) were amazing as well. Please tell them thanks and that I would definitely recommend them in the future. No complaints here!”
-Lisa Tucker, Cal Alumni House, February 2

“You guys did a fabulous job, and everyone had a blast thanks to you guys. Kate had so much fun and I definitely will recommend your company to people.”
-Ali Minden, Temple Isaiah, December 1

“The celebration was a HUGE success and a very big part of that success was Cam and his crew. The party was high energy from the beginning to the end and there were tons of kids and adults on the dance floor the whole night. He included many games and the music he played was perfect for the crowd. I know that these comments are brief, but I really cannot tell you how pleased I was and more importantly, how happy my daughter was. I would wholeheartedly recommend Cam to anyone.”
-Mark Ezersky, Pacific Athletic Club, November 3

“It was really great! Everyone had a lot of fun. There was a lot of dancing amongst the teenage and the adult guests which was really what we wanted. Violet had a fantastic time and said she could not imagine it going any better. Cam and Jake were both professional, fun, and took our requests and feedback easily. I heard several people commenting that it was the best BM party ever, the best DJ’s ever. Our cousin took Cam’s information as she is planning a Bar Mitzvah for her son in the next year.

We will definitely use Denon and Doyle again and would request Cam and Jake again when we do. Thanks so much for all your organizational help as well.”
-Jennifer Epstein, Piedmont Hall Community Center, October 20

“Our party went really well. Cam did a great job, as did Jake with the music, and Sarah at the photo booth. They were very cordial, upbeat and cooperative the whole evening. Set up and broke down efficiently. Cam seemed very confident and had no trouble getting kids and adults to participate fully in the dancing and festivities. The music was fine, the kids really seemed to like all the songs. Rachel and the kids had a great, great time. The kids were talking about it at school that next week and all the kids who were invited but didn’t go, were bummed. All of our adult friends and family were really impressed also, with the party and the set -up and especially how much fun the kids were having. We had never done this sort of thing and it went quite smoothly thanks to the professionalism of the staff, from the first e-mail inquiry to the last handshake that night.”
-Rick Kravitz, Benicia Veteran’s Hall, October 6

“Thanks for your email! The tailgate was great, and as always, the D&D team was great to work with! I definitely look forward to working with Cameron, Brandon and Max again!”
-Jenna Bent, AT&T Park, August 25

“Sam’s Bar Mitzvah was a “success” He had such a good time with his friends and family. Cam and Justin did such an amazing job! They got the kids moving the music was good and the kids love games. Jamie and Jennifer also did a great job with the green screen got the kids set up to pose with props. It was also a success with the older people we got to take a lot of family pictures. It was nice to see them take silly pictures. Asher & I really appreciate the great service from your team, they were professional and very much hands on”
-Rose Levy, Temple Isaiah, July 14

“Thank you again for the awesome job you did for the girls. Everyone had a really good time and I appreciated how you checked in often to make sure we were on track etc.

It was a bit chaotic at the end but wanted to make sure you know we appreciated the service.”
-Dan Fishlow, Lafayette Veteran’s Memorial Hall, June 16

“The early buzz about the party is that it was, “Epic!” and “Awesome!”.

Denon and Doyle did a great job at making it a very successful graduation party! Cam, Jake and Ashley were great at following our Hollywood/Academy Awards theme. They started the music with film scores and worked up into getting the kids dancing with their favorite popular music. We had 20 academy awards to hand out and they were great at creating dance contests and other competitions to win the awards with. They involved the kids in the process all along, even inviting groups to come and dance on the stage with them. They loved it!

When kids weren’t dancing they were at the photo bar with Rick. Guys and girls had a lot of fun posing on the red carpet! They loved the props, seeing the image on the flat screen and leaving with a print or a key chain. Rick worked very hard to accommodate the many kids. My only suggestion is that perhaps her could have used another person to work with him. It seemed to be a lot for one person.

The Body Bling was also popular and there was always a long line for it. Again it was like by both the guys and girls. They seemed very happy with the tattoos they proudly displayed.

Thanks for a great job and we will indeed keep you in mind for other events!”
-Joan Bullen, Mill Valley Middle School, June 15

“The kids had an amazing evening and I attribute it to Cameron. We are still hearing about it as of today 🙂 Thanks for asking. He is a great DJ!
-Stephanie Canon, St. Catherine’s May 24

“Thank you so much for being the MC at Brian’s Bar Mitzvah. We all had such an amazing time! I think we will be recuperating for weeks from all the excitement and meaning of the day!

Feel free to give my phone number to some prospective clients and so I can say many good things about Cam, Justin and Ashley! They rock!”
-Alissa Yafa, University Club of Palo Alto, May 12

“I’m writing to tell you that we had a fabulous experience last night with Cam as emcee and Justin as DJ at Mariel’s bat mitzvah party. They brought such wonderful energy and professionalism, and really made the party so great! Mariel *loved** working with them and her friends thought they were awesome. Whenever a kid requested a song, Justin had it rolling as the very next song! And Cam has such a great presence and had everyone rocking and feeling special, from our 6-year-old nieces (he gave them the microphone) to my 80-year-old father! I have already heard from several friends about what an awesome DJ/emcee team they were, and so have been singing the praises of Dennon & Doyle!

It’s also been a pleasure working with you as the coordinator, and I’ve appreciated how quickly you’ve responded to questions, and your willingness to work with setting up 2 different sound systems. It’s also a really nice touch that Cam came into the city to meet my daughter before the party, as that put her at ease before her big day.

Thanks again for everything, and I will happily recommend you all to my friends in the future.”
-Paula Binbaum, Jewish Community Center of SF, April 28

“Cameron, Justin and Rick were all fabulous. The girls had a blast. Lexie thanked us profusely for the party. Thank you so much. She has pictures all over FB. I will recommend your services over and over to all my friends. You just know how to keep the kids entertained. Please thank the team again for me. I really appreciate it and would not change a thing. They were the best.”
-Michele Kirsch, Los Altos Golf & Country Club, April 21

“It was a wonderful night!! Cam was great everyone loved him. He did do a couple of things that I specifically told him I didn’t want but all was good. I’ll be getting my date for my daughters Bat Mitzvah so I’ll be in touch soon.”
-Diana Weil, Blackhawk Country Club, March 24

“Dan, we had a fun, fun party that people are still talking about!

Thx to your team and Dominique for making one killer party that we, as the party givers, were actually able to enjoy while your team entertained!”
-Dominique Harroch, Marin Jewish Community Center, February 4

“Justin & Cameron rocked the SunPower party! They were so much fun to work with. They were efficient with the set up, and flexible with timing and working around the band during the party. Cameron and Justin were so passionate about the music and had so much fun doing what they do, they were actually part of the party! Cameron was getting people out on the dance floor, because HE was dancing and getting people totally into it! Justin sang every word to every song! So fun to see a vendor who loves what they do. Music was awesome. The dance cubes were a hit. Laser lights and light table super high-tech cool. Everyone had a great time. The client and our team were very happy! We really couldn’t have asked for a better DJ. Thanks so much for everything. We will absolutely hire you again for the next event!”
-Melanie Mercier, Tech Museum, January 21

“Dan we can’t say enough about Cam and Justin! They were awesome and the kids never stopped dancing! And the girls never stopped swooning! Perfect for this party and I want to book him for my son’s bar mitzvah! Maddie is going to write a letter for him when she feels better – she has been sick since the day after – too much fun!”
-Lisa Wolfe, Piedmont Hall Community Center, December 15

“Thank you so much for helping us throw an incredible 13th birthday party!!! Your team was perfect – they kept everyone dancing and entertained and were so friendly! Cam got them going from the minute they walked in the door. You definitely made it a totally stress-free event. We will certainly recommend you to all of our friends who have parties/bar mitzvah’s coming up J”
-Lisa Westley, Kol Shofar, December 3

“Thank you ALL for doing such a great job at Emilie’s Bat MItzvah! Everyone had a great time and Cam and the crew and all of you back at HQ take take a lot of the credit! It really was perfect.”
-Madeleine Sklar, Meadow Club, November 12

“Cam was great, dances were great too! Hopefully we can get him again, he does a good job.”
-John Nunan, Valley View Middle School, October 21

“The party was terrific. Exceeded all expectations. Your whole team, Cam, Justin, Cristina and Moorea were amazing. Please thank them for me. ”
-Dawn Denberg, September 17

“Wow, the party was *fantastic*!! Cameron did a super excellent job of being an MC, keeping the party buzzing along and keeping the kids entertained. He kept to the timeline and was flexible with the schedule. He kept me posted of what was about to happen and sought my input as needed. He was a total party professional (even dressed in a suit!) and I would hire him again in an instant!! DJ Justin also did a totally awesome job! He played great songs that the kids loved and also played the songs Clara listed for her various “events” (grand entrance, candle lighting, etc). Jake also was amazing!! First, the photo booth performed perfectly and did not break down or anything! and the photo booth was totally packed the whole time with kids and adults waiting in line. I would definitely get a photo booth again in the future. Jake kept busy keeping the party humming, dancing and motivating the kids. He was totally energetic and maintained a high energy throughout the party (unlike us old parent types 🙂

In short, the three of them did a totally fantastic incredible job!! They each get a grade of “A++++” for making Clara’s Bat Mitzvah party a totally great time! Tons of her friends’ parents told me what a great time their kid had, and they want to have another party.

I will definitely hire Denon & Doyle (and request Cameron, Justin and Jake) in the future if we ever have another big party. I would be happy to be a reference for them if you are looking for any.
-Laura Wolfe, Jewish Community Center of Palo Alto, September 10

“The party was absolutely amazing!!! Your company made the whole party! Talk about buzz – I am still getting e-mails about the party and asking who the host/dj/and motivator are!!! Hope you get some business out of this!! The gigantic dance floor was perfect and Cam just rocked the house. People couldn’t believe how well he knew his crowd.”
-Melisa Toren, Saratoga Springs, August 20

“Cam and Justin rocked the house. We got many compliments on the MC and DJ. Thanks for all the support.”
-Kristen Moss, University Club of Palo Alto, August 13

“I just wanted you to know what a FABULOUS job Cameron & Justin did last night. My friends and family said it was the best Bar MItzvah they had attended and it was definitely Cam’s high energy and great spirit that made it work, thanks again.”
-Seafood Peddler, Elaine Zimmerman, July 16

“The event was a huge success and Cameron, Louis and Justin really helped make the party! They had amazing energy and really looked like they loved what they were doing. Many thanks!!”
-Ryann Sims, Event Manager for AT&T Park, June 26

“Jesse’s party was fabulous!!! The Denon and Doyle Team was fabulous!!! Everything was fabulous!!!I’m sad that it is over, but I think it was the best day of my husband’s and my life! Thank for making it so special for us,”
-Lori Grabow, Renaissance Clubsport, June 25

“I want you to know that Camron, Justin and Ari were FANTASTIC! They really did an amazing job and worked tirelessly throughout the whole evening to make it fun for the kids and the adults.

Please tell them again how appreciative we are of their good work and be sure to know that we will refer them whenever we can.”
-Robin Hurwitz, Peninsula Temple Shalom, June 4

“The evening was great. The kids had a wonderful time and everything went off without a hitch. Thanks for everything. Athenian will be calling you soon to book for next year!”
-Karen Lynch, Athenian High School, Renaissance Club Sport Hotel, June 3

“They were amazing! Everybody had a great time! We loved working with your team and plan to work with you again soon!”
-Michelle Ross, Crow Canyon Country Club, May 14

“I was just about to write you all and let you know what a fabulous job everyone did at the event on Saturday. My client was thrilled and I could not have been happier. The degree of professionalism from your staff is amazing and so appreciated. Everyone was on their A game and really worked together to make it a memorable experience for Lena and her family.

Sarah did such an amazing job with the body bling…even mom got one!

Justin and Cam were so great with the kids and kept them engaged and happy throughout the night. They also were so great at helping coral the kids on the dance floor so that we could walk through safely with the food. They also are really good at reading the crowd.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have all of the components come from the same vendor. It makes my life so much easier to know that it is all being taken care of. I NEVER have to worry about you guys showing up late or sending staff that is…let’s just say less desirable as has happened with so many other vendors.

Kudos to the entire team. I always do and will continue to recommend you highly to everyone and anyone that will listen!”
-Una Traynor, Taste Catering, San Francisco Film Centre, March 19

“Cam is a real pro and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for all. I would be glad to recommend you. Now I need to get back to work and pay for everything! Again, well done!”
-Mike Raff, Oakhurst Country Club, March 12

” We LOVED Cam and your team! Rachel was on a high the whole night, and even the kids that were initially shy and awkward seemed to join in. Rachel and I really liked his energy and his personality, and many of the adults were commenting on how well the music/activities were focused on the kids and the adults!”
-Shari Roll, Marin Country Club, February 12

“I cannot thank you, Cam, and Cam’s assistant enough. The DJ was wonderful. Cam’s energy, helpfulness, flexibility, and amazing effort made for a wonderful party for both the adults and the kids. Musically and noise level wise, it was the perfect balance between the two and everybody was dancing. I cannot thank you enough for making this party a singular wonderful event in my son’s life. The games were age appropriate, fun, and even connected at times, with the adults. I also want to put in an extra word for Cam; he was FANTASTIC!!! I don’t know if your other employees are this great, but I so thank you for putting him on our party.”
-Deborah Trilling, Congregation Etz Chayim, January 29

“Everything went very well. Seth and Cam definitely knew how to work the crowd, and Seth was especially great in introducing Noah’s saxophone quartet. The up lights, as Seth suggested, made the room look great. The kids had a great time, not just teenagers, but also a crew of younger ones (ages 3-7) who just LOVED the dancing, the lights, the stage, all of it.”
-Beth Levison, Seafood Peddler, December 18

“Cameron was awesome. Very helpful, followed instructions, played great music, and kept a positive attitude – our entire staff loved him. We would book him again in a heartbeat.”
-Damon Guidry, Innovative Entertainment, Concourse Exhibition Center, December 17

“Cameron was amazing. We had little ones dancing the night away. He was wonderful. Hope we can get him again next year! Thanks so much!”
Cyndi Silva, John Swett Elementary, October 23

“The students loved having Cameron and Justin, and they said they were the best DJ’s we’ve had. I thought they did a great job getting the students excited and teaching them dances throughout the evening. I would like to please request both of them for all our future events.”
-John Nunan, Valley View Middle School, October 1

“Everything was great. Cam and Brian were amazing, and Matt too. Katie had a great time. I am very happy the way everything worked out for her birthday. Thank you. I will recommend Denon & Doyle to everyone!”
-Michelle Kirsch, Fremont Hills Country Club, September 11

“The party was a huge success and Cameron was great. Really nice guy and really got the crowd moving. Many guests gave specific kudos for his performance.”
-Bob Didler, Napa Residence, September 5

“Everything was amazing! Patrick, Cameron and Ally were wonderful…we couldn’t have asked for a better team! Hayden and his friends had the best time. My brothers were amazed that they were able to keep the kids on the dance floor the entire party. I have been meaning to post something on FB…I will do that now.”
-Cyndi Adoff, Beth Chaim, June 19

“Thanks so much for the follow up, and “Yes” the Buzz was good…Really good! The students really enjoyed themselves. I sent an email to Sue thanking her and told her the night was Magic! The Graduates at Roy Cloud were “Wow’ed” by the entertainment. Cameron and EJ worked together, they both are fun, energetic, professional and most importantly engaging! I will most certainly refer Denon and Doyle to all my friends, and use you for the next party I have.”
-Chris Fortes, Roy Cloud School, June 17

“It took me until today to feel normal again. It was amazing! Patrick rocks, Cameron was a fabulous addition to the team. The excitement hit face book immediately. For me it was so special to see an all girls school have a great time and share the day with one another. Grades 6th to 12th meshed. Everything exceeded my expectations. Call me tomorrow and I will fill you in on more just not in print. Thank you for doing such a great job. I could not have done this with out you all. I think you are signed up for every Casti event!!!”
-Quin Whitman, Castilleja School, May 21

“Hi Dan – the party was wonderful! Solomon, Cameron and Ashley were just great and Daniel surely had the night of his life. I’ll be happy to write on your website about our experience. It couldn’t have been better. Thanks for all your help throughout.”
-Sandy Balin, Mill Valley Golf Course, May 15

“I told Cameron I would pass on how great he was. Really related well to the kids and had fun with the event. I really liked him and would like to work with him again!”
-Kelly Sargent, Woodside, May 7

“It went really well. I was meaning to send you a quick note to let you know that Cameron did a fantastic job. He was really great with the kids, his music selection was perfect and he really was able to cater to both the kids and parents with group dances and such.

He really did a great job, I would highly recommend him to others as well as Denon and Doyle of course.”
-Lisa Mascaro, Valahalla, April 16

“It was THE best time. I havenÕt had that much fun in a very long time! And yes, there was (is still) quite a buzz. You will be getting at least one call for Patrick for a future bat mitzvah call I know of. Ii addition, Lindsay (my 8 year old daughter), already told Patrick she is booking him for hers! Cameron was great too. Kate & Rachel as well! Thanks for everything. ”
-Laurie Dubin, Meadow Club, March 27

“Wow! I am speechless. You and your crew did an outstanding job. Sheri, Suzie, Danny and I had a blast. I loved how you took control and “steered the ship” and our family got to feel like a guest at our own party. Suzie is still talking about how well you treated her and made her special day even more special. I can’t count how many guests came up to me during the party and said that you were the best MC they have ever seen. One of the funnier comments that I kept hearing was “no matter how much you are paying this guy he is worth every penny.” Danny’s bar mitzvah is coming up in a little over 4 years and you and your company will definitely be at the top of list.

Sheri will be submitting a more thorough review of your performance via the facebook website, however I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you while it was fresh in my mind.”
-Sheri Katz, Granite Bay Gol Club, November 14

“AWESOME job!! I referred lots of parents to denon & doyle..!! Please let the Kyle and Cameron know we were so happy and thanks for xtra help too..!! THANKS!!”
– Kari & Sammy Hagar, Acqua Hotel, May 9

“As usual, D&D was AMAZING! I must say I have head nothing but positives from all of our guests–young and old. You and Patrick listened to exactly what I wanted and set the exact mood and tone for the evening that I was looking for. It was fun and energetic, but totally controlled and organized beyond belief –especially with that many kids and guests. There is nothing that could have been different or better. They nailed it!!”
-Rachel Goldblatt, Crow Canyon Country Club, November 8

“Hi Dan: Everything was great! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am flying in the am, but I would like to write up some glowing feedback on the AMAZING crew we had. More to come………

WOW…………….. The accolades keep coming from friends and family on the great job of your team; Seth, Cameron, Reece and Ari did on November 1 when we honored our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. The kids had so much fun with both the games and dancing to the music. The energy in the room was a constant HIGH! The adults and the children alike were all on the dance floor together having a blast! We hated to see the evening end. We are so impressed with you company from the meeting where you really listened to our daughter to meeting with Seth and his great energy, listening skills and sense of fun. We look forward to having another party and using Dennon & Doyle again.”
-Kathryn Karp, Ataria, November 1

“I will write a more formal, well-formulated email when I’m not so dog-tired but I had to let you know what a great time we all had on Saturday night. You were nothing short of phenomenal on the stage and I have had more of my friends and family ask where I found you because they’ve never seen such an amazing djay. The music was just the right mix to keep everyone on the dance floor having a fabulous time all night. Everyone is telling us that it was the best bar or bat mitzvah they’ve ever attended and, judging by the way they behaved on the dance floor, I don’t think they’re just being kind! You met and exceeded all of our expectations and I can’t thank you enough for everything. Ally had the night of her life and so did David and I. I don’t think anyone will soon forget it and, in great measure, we have you to thank for that.

We’re busy trying to think of any excuse to have another party just to hire you again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”
-Liz Rosenberg, Teh Resort At Squaw Creek, August 16

“Chris and Cameron were on top of their game from the time they arrived and made “everyone” feel at ease and involved to the extent they wanted to be. You folks obviously have a joy for what you do and an ability to pull off a lively party for some rather demanding young folks.Our son and his friends were still vibrating when they got home. It wouldn’t have been the same without you.”
-Verrona Gore, Stanford Park Hotel, June 28

“Once again, you, your D.J., and your amazing motivators gave us and all our friends and family a night to remember. Your unique ability to entertain both teens and adults is only part of what makes you exceptional. Everything was timed perfectly from start to finish. My phone did not stop ringing the week after MaddieÕs Bat Mitzvah with gushing compliments of what an amazing D.J. and group of motivators/dancers there were and how it was one of the best Bat Mitzvahs they had ever attended. That I owe to you and Denon and Doyle. However, I will say that for our family it is you, and everything you bring to the party, that has made the two BnaiÕ Mitzvahs you have done for us spectacular and memorable.

Our guests stayed until the very end of the party and did not want it to end. The energy and fun you brought to the party was infectious and had us all on the dance floor all evening. The evening was everything I could have hoped for, and more, for our family, our friends, and most importantly, Maddie.

There really are no words to express our thanks and gratitude. Please share our deepest and most heartfelt thanks to your dancers, Cameron, Steve, Sasha, and Amanda. They were terrific with both teens and adults. They kept everyone up and dancing. They were friendly and absolutely fantastic.

We can hardly wait to work with you again for EliseÕs Bat Mitzvah. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for a very special memory.”
-Lee Berg, Blackhawk Country Club, May 31

“WOW. You created a fabulous party for us – and thanks so much for going with the extra giveaways instead of the lights. Given the number of kids we had, I think that was a really good decision. They loved it, and I don’t think they would have noticed the lights in the afternoon! I had many, many people saying that Patrick and Cameron were fantastic. Simply the best they’ve seen! Nonstop energy! I had some adult friends saying they’re ready to plan a party just so they could invite him back!”
-Gail Brager, Temple Isaiah, December 8

“Jacob’s dad Jim here… I’m certain I speak for both Pamela and myself in saying that Patrick did a wonderful job keeping the party flowing, selecting the best music possible throughout the evening and astutely “reading” the crowd and adjusting his role as needed….thanks also to Cameron and Amanda who also did a great job…

Also, I want to especially thank Patrick for helping us prepare the candlelighting ceremony… this turned out to be probably the most special part of the tell you the truth, if Patrick hadn’t brought up the candlelighting at our planning meeting I probably would not have thought of it (though Pam may have)……..”
-Pamela Rennert, Westin SF, November 3

“Eva and her friends had a wonderful time. I cannot say enough good things about your entire staff. Particularly, Patrick was incredible…! We were so impressed with the professionalism as well as the enthusiasm shown by Patrick Ari, Cameron and Quinn. Our family and friends had an amazing time, and we will certainly recommend Denon and Doyle in the future. Thank you so much for helping make such an important day truly special!!!”
-Stewart Duboff, Temple Emanu-El, September 15

“What a great and successful evening. Thanks to all of your adorable staff my daughter was a true princess at her Bat Mitzvah!!!! I could not have pulled it off with out them.”
-Lori Margulies, Frantoio Ristorante, June 2

“Please thank Patrick, Cameron, Pam and Christell for all their hard work. Patrick was always professional, kept everything running smoothly, and the kids had a great time.”
-Jim Wieder, Lafayette Park Hotel, May 12

“Patrick and Cameron did a great job keeping the kids entertained which kept the party flowing very nicely. We are so glad they were there to MC and DJ our event. Best regards!”
-Jacquie Duckworth, Private Residence, May 5

“Please pass along our appreciation for a phenomenal job by Patrick, Cameron, April and Sasha! They truly made the party. Everyone has raved about how they created a fantastic festive atmosphere and made everyone feel included, kids and adults alike. Lauren is on cloud nine! She felt like a princess and is so overwhelmed with happiness that she has not even shown any interest in opening her gifts! She is basking in the joy of her celebration and so are we. (Just this morning my 6 year old made me swear that I would hire them again for his Bar Mitzvah!) Many thanks to Patrick and company. You made a special day even more magical!”
-The Goody Family, Claremont Country Club, May 5

“Cameron, Patrick and team were spectacular. Please let everyone know there is nothing they could have done better.”
-Liz Perle, Kelly’s Mission Rock, March 24

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