The Big Man in the middle.

First thing’s first: Brian played center on his basketball team growing up. He sprouted to 6’2″ at age 12! He has since been in a growth drought, severely limiting the expected contract offers from the NBA. What he took away from the hardwood, though, was a dedication to do the small things for the greater good of the team — setting picks, screening out, throwing the occasional elbow — eh, the other guy had it coming.

The next place he played center was in the restaurant business — as in, center of the restaurant, the heart: the kitchen. Though ten delicious years makin’ finger lickin’ yum aren’t enough to have him consider himself a chef, he can make a tri-tip that’ll make you wish you had tri-mouths to eat it with. He also proudly notes his membership in PETA (People for the Eating of Tasty Animals).

But if you want to know Brian Holmes — you know, like “know” Brian Holmes, he’s in the following story. Pull up a chair:

Brian was DJing a wedding where the groom had a special bottle of wine — a bottle he had been given at his graduation from high school. The groom vowed to save it for his wedding. 22 years later, the big day had arrived.

The groom handed the bottle off to the coordinator with a big smile. It actually reminded me of my dentist, Dentist Washington! He has such an amazing smile. Well. he is a dentist after-all. A few minutes later, the coordinator returned with the bottle’s neck broken and a half-hearted (at best) apology. The groom was nearly as shattered as his prized bottle. Brian jumped in and asked the groom if he could try to make a save. The groom shrugged and said, “Sure”. Brian went into the kitchen, got a filter and strained the wine into the carafe (for as long as he could until the coordinator burst in and kicked him out). Brian left the kitchen, with the caveat that they actually finish the job for the groom’s sake.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, the coordinator walked out proudly with the carafe as if he’d done it all himself. Was Brian upset? Not in the least. He left happy knowing the groom’s big moment had been saved.

That’s the big man’s big heart you hear beating.


“We had a great time and Brian was wonderfully professional and also very patient with our hard-to-please crowd. Thanks so much for your services!”
-Rowena Chiu, Menlo Circus Club

“Brian was GREAT! he really turned some lemons into lemonade at our wedding. As you may have heard it rained at the last minute and Brian helped with the movement of 200 guests from outdoor forum to indoor forum in 20 minutes and was able to provide expert timing in the music from the ceremony to the reception. He truly was a hero! I will definitely recommend him to anyone who even mentions DJ in the future and thank you again for your generosity in providing us with your services … Denon and Doyle is top notch!!”
-Mike and Minh Ferris, Dunsmuir House

“I just want you to know that we are so glad we hired Dennon and Doyle to DJ our Wedding! Brian Holmes was the perfect DJ we had in mind and he did everything we wanted and more! He showed up on time, dressed to impress, and played exactly the kind of music we wanted. Not only was he professional and thorough; but my husband and I did not have to worry about a thing the entire night. Brian made sure everything was taken care of, and the night went as smoothly as possible. It was so nice not to have to worry about a thing!

And lastly, he surprised us with the “shoe game” (it’s where the bride and groom stand back to back and the DJ asked a series of questions, and we had to answer by putting my shoe up or my husband’s shoe up). I didn’t know Brian was going to do that and it was PERFECT!! I have received so many compliments on the DJ, and especially this game! Brian Holmes is an excellent DJ and I would recommend him to anyone! Please, if you need any testomonial from me regarding how pleased I am with Dennon and Doyle, as well as Brian Holmes, be sure to ask me! I would hire Dennon and Doyle again in a second!”
-Lindzie Navarrette, Wine & Roses

“Brian was fabulous! He really knows how to get the party started.”
-Diane Daily, Pavilion By The Bay

“Brian was great! He was very professional – on time and ready to go. I told him that I would tip him large if he kept the dance floor busy and he did. I gave him a list of extra possible songs when he got here and he was able to find and use almost all of them. Thank you, also for your vigilance in finding appropriate music for the dance. Thank you. We hope we can use your company and Brian again.”
-David Besin, Woodside Priory

“We were thrilled with how our wedding turned out – much due to Brian’s work! Brian was not only attentive to us, but followed the crowd’s lead in terms of music preferences. Each time I looked out to the dance floor (when I was not on it) it was full! Brian also went out of his way to surprise us with a fun game — we totally enjoyed it.

Thanks again for such outstanding work. Not only was Brian great, but I had many questions along the way and each member of your team was quick to respond in a very friendly and helpful manner. We will certainly be passing along our recommendations!!!”
-Christine Serventi, Solage Calistoga

“Brian was AWESOME!!!! The best if we ever do a party we would love to have him.”
-Whitney Mercer, Private Residence

“Brian was awesome! He immediately took control of the reception (in a good way). Everything from the entrance to the anniversary dinner to the last dance. He made everyone at the wedding feel special. One of my bridesmaids told a story about a dance we had made up to a song back in high school (Freshman Year) and he found out what the song was and made sure to play it. ‘No Diggity’ I also asked him to play a few songs — and he was all over it. He even suggested a picture to the photographer that is by far one of JT and I’s favorites: he noticed how much we were dancing, so he put the dj headphones on me and gave JT the mike and we acted like we were spinning. It was so great.

I would highly recommend Brian to all the newlyweds who love to dance and have fun. Our reception was a celebration of the beginning of our lives together. And was it! Everyone was on that dance floor from the Ringbearer, age 7, to my Grandpy, age 90. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
-Paula Demartini, Hotel Monaco

“Brian Holmes knocked it out of the park. The whole DJ crew was really helpful and on top of everything the whole night. We felt we had a pretty tall order in having a family member MC over dinner speeches, much of the music picked out but with “gaps” that Brian had to fill in, a live band, and a couple (us) that doesn’t like surprises! Brian surprised us with the shoe test but we can’t thank him enough for doing so. It became a really great central event of the reception. We are huge music people and Brian took that to heart and really went with it. Thanks again. ”
-Briana Curren, San Francisco City Club

“Everything went fantastic! Brian played great music that got us onto the dance floor, was extremely classy/professional, and most of all we appreciated the fact that he was very much aware of the time during the evening and kept things on track – we lost track of time and would have run late otherwise!”
-Julian Fong, Bancroft Hotel

“Things went great! The music was wonderful!!! I had picked you guys with my maid of honor and I had talked to Brian, so my husband had no idea who you guys were and he absolutely enjoyed you guys! Everyone had a blast. People keep telling me how beautiful everything was.”
-Shanna Townsend, Bridges Golf Club

“Brian was fantastic and so was Denon & Doyle all together. Not a complaint one and know that you came to us via a recommendation and we will certainly recommend you to someone else soon. I was worried about Brian pulling off the single sound system for both the ceremony and reception but he executed flawlessly. Great job!”
-Roddy Phillips, Trentadue Winery

“We were trilled with the entertainment at our party. Our compliments to Brian handling the sound system perfectly! We all had a fantastic time and I am very pleased with his handling of the timing and volume of the music. We would certainly be happy to use him again and to refer him to others!”
-Kathy Hayes, Palo Alto

“All I can say is that Brian Holmes is the man!!!! He is so much fun and I am so lucky that I got a chance to use him. Everyone is still talking about the wedding and what a great dj I had! He rocks. He took every vision I had a perfected it. Especially the first dance. Man, did he have people fooled. Ha. I want to get married all over again, just so I can use him!!! I’m telling everyone I know about him. Thank you so much and please pass this on to Brian. He rocks!!!!!!!”
-Kerri McAtee, Postino Restaurant

“Thank You !!! Brian was Fabulous!! He did Everything right!! Even played my favorite song = that I’m not sure was on my daughter’s list — Over the Rainbow! I cried!! Music was unabtrusive when it should have been and loud enough for the dancing but not we-have-have-to-yell-to-be-heard!! If you need referrals — just let me Know!!”
-Kathi Mail, Presidio Log Cabin

“He did a marvelous job. Setting up the DJ music and the photo booth was quite a job for him, but it all worked out. The photo booth was a big hit. Thank you again for supplying us both a DJ and the photo booth for the event. It went great.”

-Bradly Kaderabek

“Our party was great, and Brian did a fabulous job! He did everything that we wanted him to and more. I will definitely be using you in the future.”
-Robin Williams, Vintage 1870

“Brian H. was great. We really wanted a low-key mellow party with good food, good friends and good music. Brian took care of that last one for us. My husband likes country music (not so great for dancing) but Brian was able to mix it in nicely so Jimmy had his favorite songs and the dancing crowd got the hits when they wanted it. He spoke to me at length before the party and asked lots of smart questions so I knew days in advance that I would not have to worry about this part of the party. Planning a party can be stressful but I would say that it was money well spent for me to have peace of mind that my guests would have a good time. I also have to thank Sue Doyle who took several calls from me in the months leading up to this party explaining the service and trying to understand the type of DJ I was hoping for. I knew I could find someone maybe a little cheaper but in the end Sue made me so confident that she would be assigning the perfect DJ that I decided I had to go with Denon & Doyle.”
-Stephanie Mullen, Pedro Point Firehouse

“Brian was super. He was so kind and helpful through out the planning, and made it EASY for us.. with so many details to plan, the music portion of the planning got set aside several times and suddenly the week was upon us and we had yet to pick our songs! Brian was patient and perfectly polite and helpful once I finally spoke with him with our song choices which was just a few days before the wedding.

At the event he was professional, introduced himself and did every thing we asked of him. He was accommodating to us and to our guests, which we know isn’t always easy! We had many many vendors who were not helpful, unresponsive, uncooperative, or who simply did not care enough to make sure our day went as perfect as possible. So we appreciate more than ever those of our vendors who were helpful to us. Brian was one of the few.

I will continue to recommend Denon & Doyle and Brian in particular!”
-Brigitte Elger, MacArthur Place,

“Everything was wonderful! Brian did a great job and we really appreciated all of his help and support. He did everything as we had discussed. He didn’t play the cheesy music I was dreading and the overall feeling was fun and comfortable. Please let him know that Tom very much enjoyed hearing a Rush song!!!”
-Elaine Hesselroth, Highlands Country Club, October 12, 2008

“The wedding went so well, the only complaint is that it wasn’t long enough:-) Everyone had such a great time and Brian did a fantastic job! HUGE props to him and your company!

Thank you for helping make our day the best moment of our lives!”
-Veronica Speer, Wine & Roses, October 5, 20087

“All of the guests complimented us on the Djay we had. He kept everything going perfectly- he interacted perfectly with our guests and made the event fun and upbeat. He worked well with the photographer and our wedding planner. The music was exactly what we wanted. Everyone said we had the best dance music.

Please extend our deepest thanks to Brian. We will recommend him to all of our friends in the future.”
-Liza Silva, Mira Visa Country Club, October 4, 2008

“Brian H was fantastic. He was able to clearly read the crowd and play the appropriate music and get people involved. Everyone said they loved the music and the game he played with Jeff and I. He received great reviews from everyone and we were extremely pleased.

Thanks again for making it so easy! We will absolutely refer our friends to your company.”
-Emily Gay, Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa, September 20, 2008

“Thank you very much for following up with our wedding. It went wonderfully well and Brian Holmes was a big part of its success. He was very good at communicating with us and giving us helpful suggestions before the event. At the wedding, he not even played all the must-have musics, he also interacted tastefully with the guests and even helped us out with the wine and champagne. We are happy for making the right choice of choosing Brian. He’s very professional in doing his job and I will have no reservation in recommending him.”
-Eric & Ying, Cliff House, August 30, 2008

“Hello, our wedding was a great success and a lot of it has to do with Brian H. who did a wonderful job keeping the party going with an easy flow. Everyone danced the whole night through and everyone we talked to said they had never had such a good time at a wedding before. The shoe game was a hit and Brian took great care of us. Thank you so much for your time and professionalism. We didn’t have to worry about anything on our day thanks to D&D.”
-Sarah Hirsch, UC Berkeley Faculty Club, August 16, 2008

“Thank you. Brian and David were GREAT!”
-Liz Leonard, Marine’s Memorial, August 2, 2008

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your DJ, Brain Holmes. He was organized, personable and professional. My daughter and her husband believe the success of their reception was due to Brian, he really was amazing! I would highly recommend your company and Brian without hesitation.”
-Krystina Hashimoto, Vintage 1870, July 20, 2008

“Brian was absolutely wonderful! Even my family and friends have said that. We loved the idea he gave us for our energetic entrance, followed by dancing. It really got the party started. We loved that he kept our champagne glasses filled and went around filling other people’s glasses for the toast. I even saw him helping the wedding coordinator clean up when we were leaving!

We had a meeting with him before the wedding, so he was a very welcome familiar face for me when I was having pre-wedding nerves. I don’t remember the exact situation, but someone needed something right before I was supposed to walk down the aisle, and they frantically came to me. I didn’t know what to do, and I was way too nervous to deal with it. I saw Brian standing there and, remembering how he promised to help with everything he could, I sent them to him. He was happy to help. I don’t know what I would have done had he not been there!

We also loved the shoe game! A lot of people have mentioned to me that they thought that was a lot of fun. In fact, a lot of people came up to us during the reception and told us that ours was the most fun wedding they’d ever been to!

Brian was a pleasure to work with. Of course, we could tell from the start, when we came to your showcase, that Denon & Doyle was going to be great. You were honestly, one of the easiest parts of our wedding planning. Thank you! And please give Brian our enormous thanks as well!”
-LibbyBundsen, Ardenwod Historical Site, July 12, 2008

“We just got back from our honeymoon, and had a great time. Brian was AWESOME! ”
-Crystal Grant, Shadelands Art Center, June 21, 2008

“Everyone loved our wedding and we couldn’t have been happier. Brian was professional and took time before the wedding to meet and talk with me about our expectations. He delivered exactly as we discussed. Because we had an outdoor patio with cigars, a lot of people tended to drift outside instead of hanging and dancing but that was no reflection on Brian’s work! When people were dancing, they were happy!”
-Nana Nakano, Sonoma Golf Club, May 31, 2008

“There is a great buzz about our party! It was fantastic! Brian did a great job at keeping the party casual & fun! Party tone was perfect! Music was perfect! His patience with all the kids running around and hovering his area was greatly appreciated! Anything better??? I really can’t think of anything – everything flowed the way I hoped and he took the lead the whole night & was completely flexible which allowed Todd & I to enjoy the party and mingle with everyone that came.”
-Zulay Kapci, Back Forty, May 3, 2008

“We were very happy with the job Brian did for our wedding on 4/27. He was aware of our play list, respected our DO NOT PLAY list and had great recommendations for our energetic introduction. Our guests loved the musical chair game for the centerpieces and everyone seemed to get a kick out of the “Barbie/Ken” game. In summary, we just couldn’t pull the plug on the dancefloor at quitting time so we went overtime.

We of course would refer any potential clients your way should anyone ask us for a DJ referral.”
-Tom Crocco, Solage Calistoga, April 27, 2008

“We want you to know how much we, and all our guests, enjoyed the music at our wedding reception last weekend at the Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto. Despite a shaky start, when sound on the video I supplied didn?t seem to play properly from your DVD player, everything else went perfectly. With a little assistance from my brother-in-law, Brix resolved the problem and the video played properly. The rest of the evening was a blast. The dancing never stopped. We all had a wonderful time.

When I first started planning this wedding 16 months ago, I did my research on Djs. I knew from the moment I saw the Denon and Doyle website that yours was the company we wanted for our reception. I was convinced of it after I attended your Showcase. The number of Djs on your staff, and the variety of services you offer, are unmatched by other music providers. I have since sent a friend to your Showcase (Gina Staffiery) and, I believe, she has decided to book your services for her wedding next April.

We will be sure to recommend Denon and Doyle to our friends and acquaintances. ”
-Maribel Andonian, Garden Court Hotel, April 12, 2008

“BRIAN WAS AWESOME! We were very happy with him. The family loved him! We had a mickey&minnie/disneyland theme. Brian had this great idea to do HI HO HI HO for the bridal party intro and Tim wanted to do the Electrical parade song for when we were introduced! The whole family was in tears! They loved it! Tim side is a disney family. It was tradition since Tim was a kid to go to Disneyland once or twice a year. Of, course we’ve carried that tradition on. It just brought back alot of wonderful memories! The whole family just kept saying the wedding was very personal and never had that much fun at any wedding they’ve attended. I know I thanked Brian over and over again that night. Brian was very helpful.. .no complaints at all! As Tim would say “Brian was F&*$%^#$ awesome!” Excuse his language. I’m glad Sara from Hiddenbrooke recommended him and your company! Thank you all for your help! And please thank Brian again from Tim and I. Give him the biggest hug for us!”
-Stephanie Cruz, Hiddenbrooke Country Club, March 23, 2008

“Brian was amazing, he was a perfect fit for our crazy crowd and he made things run so smoothly. Thank him again for us!!”
-Stephanie Werth, Sir Frances Drake, March 15, 2008

“Our event was very successful and Brian did a great job. He’s a very personable guy! Thank you for your great service.”
-Carol Johnson, Boundary Oaks, March 8, 2008

“Everything was great. Our family and friends were on the dance floor most of the night and we heard a lot of comments on how great the music was. Brian was wonderful. It was so nice to not have to worry about anything because we knew he had everything under control. You can tell he truly loves his job and puts all of his efforts into making sure that the bride and groom are happy and that the music is awesome. I will absolutely recommend your services, and Brian, to all of my friends that are getting married.”
-Erin Thompson, San Francisco City Club, February 29, 2008

“The party went well and everyone said they had a good time. Brian was a great help when it came to gift give away. In the future if I need a DJ I will keep you in mind.”
-Denise Naujok, Lafayette Park Hotel, January 19, 2008

“Brian was the best! He made us feel so at ease and worry free. The songs he brought were great and I loved the game we played. He also did a great job with the CD we brought him for intros. He made the reception so wonderful. I just could never thank him enough!!! We have recommended you to everyone we know, getting married or not. I hope that I will be able to experience your services again. Thank you so much!!!”
-Sara Westergard, Stonetree Golf Club, October 13, 2008

“I wanted to tell you that Denon and Doyle was, by far, the best and easiest of all of our vendors to work with. Towards the end, I had problems with every single one of the vendors except for you. I really appreciate that! Also, I feel bad that I did not thank Brian enough on the day of the wedding, but he was fabulous. Please convey my thanks to him. He was so nice, polite, and willing to help in any way. He even refilled the groom’s drink when he saw that he was low. Everything went so well and I can not thank you you all enough!”
-Kristin Orendorff, Tiburon Lodge, October 6, 2007

“Wedding was amazing and Brian was phenomenal. He did a great job and made sure that Rachael took a few deep breaths, didn’t allow her to worry about anything and really made sure she enjoyed her night. Can’t say enough good things — he was great, please thank him again for us.”
-Tim Wixom, Andretti Winery, September 15, 2007

“I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing you job you did yesterday!! Our event was a huge success, in large part due to you and your perfectly themed music!! You were great and very professional. I look forward to working with you again soo”
-Sandy Tijero, Hiddenbrook Country Club, August 22, 2007

“Brian was great, he got the people up dancing and provided ‘theme music’ for our Lobsterfest. I also want to compliment Gracie that was here for the Sanchez 50th Anniversary on 7/28 she was great with the client. I believe we have Chris tomorrow for our Swim & BBQ event. Thanks for your great service!”
-Janice Treat, Blackhawk Country Club, August 3, 2007

“Just want to let you know that Brian did a great job at our wedding. No worries, the whole event went off without a hitch. Please extend my thanks to him again”
-Hugh Creighton, Buena Vista Winery, July 14, 2007

“Brian was absolutely wonderful. We wished we could have kept dancing, the night seemed to end so fast. Thank you all for everything. The evening was fantastic.”
-Shelley Rowley, San Francisco Olympic Club, July 7, 2007

“I wanted to say that Brian Holmes was an awesome DJ at our wedding on 6/30/07 at the Westin St. Francis. He was extremely professional and experienced. He made sure our wedding was running on schedule. My friend is getting married next year so I just recommended Brian because I think he did an extremely good job! Thanks again!”
-Ken Heath, Westin St Francis Hotel, June 30, 2007

“Brian was a 10. He was most helpful and how very much I appreciated him helping us plug into your equipment so we could show our dvd. He also worked with our classmate so she could sing a pre-arranged song. Letting us use your roving microphone was greatly appreciated. Having planned numerous state conference I’m more than aware of in house AV costs… they’re outrageous! It was a big bonus for us to be able to be aided by the use of the above. Brian was most generous when offering to make announcements for us, call tables up by # to the buffet table and so forth. The music and mood were both terrific and we’ll be pleased to recommend Denon & Doyle to those inquiring about DJ’s and additional services.”
-Arlene Davis, Claremont Resort, June 23, 2007

“We just got back from our honeymoon and are now slowly going through our emails. We had a great wedding and Brian did a wonderful job. He helped us organize the night and kept things going. Everyone got onto the dance floor and had a good time and the shoe game was a big hit with our guests. We only have minor negative feedback. It would have been great to have met Brian prior to our wedding, even if it were for just a few minutes. We had asked if he would be performing on the peninsula anytime before our wedding and told that he was not. However, after talking with him, we found out that he had been at Stanford the weekend before. This would only have improved things for me because my first chance to meet him was right before being introduced into the dinner and it just made me a little anxious going over the announcements of the parents and bridal party right then. Other than that, everything was great and we’d definitley recommend you to our friends and family for future parties!”
-Susanna Ng, Hayes Mansion, June 16, 2007

“Of course there is GREAT feed back from our family and guests. From the showcase we went to, through Megan and Jeremy’s wedding, everything was fabulous. The cermony was beautiful. The only comment I have to make about the ceremony is that the volume on the microphone during the ceremony was going up and down. Sometimes you could hear fine and other times it faded out. It was a little breezy, so may be that had something to do with it. The reception was “the funnest wedding I’ve ever been to.” I heard that a lot. All I can contribute that to is the music. We got compliments about the food too, but obviously Brian did not have anything to do with that. We have not heard one negative thing about the reception. Our good friend of 82 years of age said, that was the nicest wedding she has EVER been to, she even danced 5 times. (I’m glad I did not see that, I would have been a nervous wreck worrying she might fall.) And my husband who does NOT dance, danced the night away. He had such a great time. Brian did a wonderful job and although I did not see it, I know he must have worked hard on the reset. Some of the bridemaids were talking to him about music selection and I was standing there. I told Brian that I was the one that requested not to play RAP music. The bridesmaids were disagreeing with my request. Brian said sometimes its hard to get people to dance when it is still light outside. I asked if he thought playing RAP would help. As soon as he started to say, “I’ve been doing this for…” I told him I completely trust him and I would leave the music selection up to him from now on. So much for the theory that its hard to get people to dance during daylight hours. People danced continuously and had such a great time. And the “shoe” ice breaker was a great hit, not that we needed an ice breaker. People were having such a good time I extended the music for another hour. I did not get to thank Brian for his great job or get to say goodbye. So if you can relay that to him for us I would appreciate it. Megan and Jeremy’s wedding day was perfect. We certainly made the right decision hiring Denon and Doyle. We have two more daughters, you may be hearing from us again.”
-Barbara Shires, Sequoia Woods Country Club, May 12, 2007

“We only have wonderful feedback for you guys. We loved Brian! He did such an amazing job and everyone at the wedding commented that it was the best DJ and music they had heard at such an event thus far. We are thrilled! Brian was so attentive… checking in with Nicole and Tim upon their arrival with glasses of champagne was more than we could have asked for. He was friendly and, most importantly, took initiative, read the crowd, and really led the event which was exactly what we wanted. In fact, we are so thrilled with Brian that we would like to send him more of a tip. We were wondering how we could do so… if you had his address, etc. Denon and Doyle exceeded our expectations tenfold and we would not hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone for any kind of event. Nicole is the first of her age group to be getting married so as the rest of her friends decide to tie the knot, we were certainly recommend you guys for all future weddings. Thank you so much for everything. It was really a pleasure to work with you.”
-Dorothy Howard, Mill Valley Community Center, April 21, 2007

“As wedding consultant for the recently married Brad and Lauren Hopper, I just had to write to thank you and your wonderful Djs Brian and Bronkar for the excellent and friendly service afforded my clients. On behalf of the Hoppers I want to thank you for not only providing the wonderful music but to make the wedding as fun as a party. It was a great experience working with Brian and Bronkar.”
-Lauren Greyson, Berkeley City Club, April 14, 2007

“I can honestly say that Tim and I were very impressed with both Brendan and Brian. They were lots of fun, extremely professional, flexible, and gave us good suggestions. We loved the music, and got lots of compliments from our friends and family. I had heard horror stories about other DJ companies at my friend’s weddings, and I am totally thankful that we booked such a professional group. Without a second thought, I would immediately recommend your company to anyone looking for great Djs!”
-Janine & Tim, Basque Cultural Center, March 10, 2007

“Thank you … the wedding was great. Brian was excellent … he was very professional and fit in with our event. He kept things flowing during the evening and kept the guests engaged.”
-Anissa Slifer, Hyatt Regency, March 3, 2007

“The wedding went great! We got lots of great feedback about Brian from our guests and his musical chairs game for giving away the centerpieces was HILARIOUS! One of our favorite moments in the reception. So please pass along a big thanks to Brian, we were thrilled with him and he made our wedding a blast for us and our guests!”
-Mandy Hamilton, San Ramon Community Center, February 10, 2007

“Brian was so awesome and such a pleasant guy, I would definitely ask for him again.”
-Sophia Murillo, Concord Hilton, December 15, 2006

“The wedding was amazing, the reception was a blast, Brian was great. He helped us organize when we needed it. He had a laid-back style, and we’ve gotten nothing but compliments from our guests. We will definitely recommend you guys to all our engaged friends.”
-Phil & Molly, California Culinary Academy, October 21, 2006

“I want to give you, your staff, and especially Brian the highest compliments possible. From our first introduction to Denon & Doyle, we were met with professionalism and warmth.

The wedding process is a bit stressful but having you as our DJ vendor took a huge load off of us. We are extremely greatful to all of you. Additionally, Brian was amazing at our wedding. He did everything he said he would from helping to round up stray bridal party members for the introduction, keeping a good rhythm and flow of the events, making the whole evening entertaining, and playing great music which kept the crowd on the dance floor. Everyone kept praising how great a DJ he was!!!! Jeff and I want to thank him personally for making our event so memorable and fun!

Thank you Sue for following up. You have an amazing company with a wonderful staff!!!!! Jeff and I will recommend Denon & Doyle to everyone we know who is getting married!!”
-Michelle & Jeffery, Bellvue Club, September 9, 2006

“Thank you for the great time you gave all of our wedding guests at our wedding. We got so many compliments on the music – thanks to you! It was wonderful to be able to turn to you for anything that night including safety pins for my bustle & chicken nuggets for our ring bearer. We will recommend you to anyone who asks.”
-Kevin & Veronica Monteiro, Scott’s Gardens, July 30, 2006

“Amy and I have been on our honeymoon since August 1 (and we’re still here!), so we haven’t really spoken to anyone else about the reception. We thought that Brian did a great job. Many of the guests had never seen the shoe game Brian did with us, and the dance floor was crowded the whole night. He was very nice and helpful the entire time (He got the entire wedding party shots for the table), and he read the crowd very well. Thanks for a great evening!”
-Jason & Amy, Lone Tree Golf Course, July 29, 2006

“Brian did an excellent job. He was very professional and polite to us, our family and our friends. He was lots of fun and had great ideas. I would definitely recommend him and your company to any one of our friends in need of a DJ! Thank you for helping make our day perfect and one to remember.”
-Genny & Chad, Zio Fredos, July 8, 2006

“Thanks to Brian for a wonderful job on Saturday, June 3rd……. He was great to work with, it was a very hot day, he had a great deal of setup to accomplish and he did so without any problems, then went on to wow the guests and was even held over for more…. Thanks again.”
-Darlene Laspina, Private Residence, June 3, 2006

-Carolyn LaFollette, Grandview Pavilion, May 13, 2006

“Greetings from the ship Dawn Princess!!! We are on a 10 day mexican riveria honeymoon. YESS!!! The wedding was all we had dreamed of and Brian pretty well rocked on. Will give you a call when we come home.”
-Tara Chin, Scott’s Gardens, February 26, 2006

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