Kevin Hartman

Eclectic Precision

Every morning (or afternoon, more likely), Kevin wakes up, rolls his long, lanky frame out of bed, and begins the precision work that is his life. He starts with the man in the mirror. That razor-sharp goatee is easily 15 minutes of baby-love when he decides to do it. Or he might let it grow, making 1980’s Don Johnson fan club green with envy at the 5 O’Clock Shadow of Funk.

Then maybe he’ll flip on his state-of-the-art home theater system. Chances are you’ll have no idea what he’s playing. That’s okay, neither does he. Rumor has it George Lucas stopped by and said Kevin’s system was “sick” — high praise from the Marin Yoda Master. “Excess is best,” Kevin has been known to utter.

When Kevin’s ready to roll out, he hops in his red 1987 Volkswagen GTI. Wait a minute — what’s up with the old, not exactly classic car for Mr. Precision? You’ve got to take a closer look. You might think he’s driven his car easy to keep it breezing this long. Not so much. A large number of the 200,000+ miles this little baby has on it have been spent cornering tight turns at Lightning McQueen-like speeds — and Kevin’s made it look easy. You want to see him sweat? Keep looking, pal.



“Your team was impeccable last night. The green screen was a HUGE hit!! So much fun- particularly the custom backgrounds that you did. The DJ was perfect – We loved all the music he played and he was able to keep the party going after the band stopped – huge kudos for doing that! Thank you so much for making everything so easy!”
-Rachel Perkocha, Sharon Heights Country Club, March 5

“I just wanted to let you know my wedding was AMAZING. Kevin ROCKED the house, the music was OFF THE CHARTS and my guests danced all night, until the very last song.I am so grateful I chose you guys. I am so happy with your work, and I had a blast.Please let me know where you take your reviews and how I may send Kevin a thank you gift.”
-Dafra Sanou, Jefferson Street Mansion, October 16

“Wanted to convey a quick word of thanks and compliments to your team! The DJ (Kevin Hartman) was simply fantastic … ! He approached me very discreetly & calmly to inquire if he could still assist me with the delivery of my Best Man speech about an hour before. Within 1 minute we agreed what he could do without even having a copy of the script and confirmed that he had all the selected songs. He then proceeded to play the songs – right on cue and at the appropriate segment of each song.

Needless to say – I believe the delivery of said speech was a success and we solicited the envisioned laughter from the crowd … Thanks to the added effects of playing the songs! Beyond the speech – the selected music throughout the evening was excellent and Kevin really knew how to keep the guests on the dance floor … A great party and really entertaining overall! Please convey my thanks to Kevin!”
-Wouter (Best Man), Vintners Inn, September 5

“The party was a success, and Kevin was lovely to work with. I saw him often going around to check volume levels and adjust if too loud or soft – a real pro. And we loved his playlist to kick off party with right lounge vibe mix. Thank you so much – we look forward to working together in the future. Please send along our appreciation for his great work.”
-Kristie Martinelli, Cavallo Point, May 31

“Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! Denon & Doyle were amazing and I wish all vendors are as easy to work with as you and your team. Kevin was phenomenal and pronounced all hard names correctly. He was professional, sweet, and played awesome music. I don’t think I ever saw the dance floor empty.

I will definitely be posting a positive yelp review, but let me know if there are other sites you’re getting feedback from b/c the world needs to know how awesome you are! Thank you again!! Our marriage started off fantastically!”
-Eva Hom, SF City Hall, October 4

“You guys were phenomenal – and Kevin… I could not have asked for a better DJ. People were talking for days after about how much they loved the music. And Blake and I were THRILLED. All the other weddings I have been to, the DJs were sub-par. I will forever recommend you guys!!!! Thank you for everything. You have been amazing to work with.”
-Jenny Johnson, Depot Hotel & Restaurant, September 27

“We did have the best time ever!! Kevin was awesome and did an amazing job. We’ve had a ton of people comment on what an awesome party it was. Thanks again for all your help. I will be sure to recommend Denon & Doyle.”
-Melissa Nelli, House Family Vineyard, August 31

“Patrick assigned Kevin to me- I’m so happy he did!! I used Kevin H as a dj at my wedding on August 30, 2014 and he was AWESOME!! He had the dance floor packed the entire time and everyone raved about him!! He played the best music- stuff I had not even thought about like switching it up to “sugar sugar” or whatever that song is during the cake cutting. He was seriously fabulous and I would definitely use him again! I have full confidence all their djs are like this! I would recommend this company to anyone!!”
-Regina Cullen, Boundary Oak, August 30

“We had an amazing time! Kevin was an absolute pro and could not have done anything any better! Everyone was saying he was the best DJ they had ever seen! The dancing was nonstop all night because he brought such a great energy to the party! He also had us play a fun game with our shoes that was a total hit! Everyone was talking about it and how they had never seen that before! We couldn’t be happier! We are enjoying our honeymoon right now but were planning to send a thank you card your way when we return! Would definitely recommend you guys for any party!!!!”
-Holly Utermoehlen, The Meritage Resort at Napa, August 24

“Kevin was awesome! Great mix of music, we got all of our “must-hear” and “would like to hear” songs played, everyone was on the dance floor the entire night, and everyone was commenting on how great our music was. Actually, one of my bridesmaids requested his playlist since she liked a lot of the songs and has her wedding coming up in September (in Connecticut). We thought Kevin was very professional and engaged with our guests perfectly. We are very happy!”
-Blair Burgreen, Nicholson Ranch, June 7

“Kevin was awesome! He helped everything run smoothly and all of our songs were played at the right moments. We loved the game he surprised us with too. Everyone had so much fun! I am so thankful that we had Kevin with us for our special day. Please give him our thanks and tell him we are very grateful. Sue was very helpful along the way too! She always answered any questions I had quickly and made the process very easy. I’ll be happy to give a 5 star yelp review when we have some time after the honeymoon. 🙂 Thanks again for everything!”
-Jenny Wells, Mira Vita Country Club, May 31

“We had a wonderful time at the wedding and reception, and Tran and I both thought that Kevin did a wonderful job. All of our guests commented on how great the music was, and Tran enjoyed dancing to it so much that she only left the dancefloor once! We also thought that Kevin did a great job as the emcee and he was very well dressed. The photobooth was also a hit – as we found out when we looked through our guest book the following day. Thanks again so much for prepping Kevin with our music.”
-Kristen Jensen, Sugar Rush Events, Cornerstone Gardens, May 25

“I can’t tell you how much of a pleasure it was to work with you this weekend. Your calm aura and quick-to-fix solutions during the chaotic dress rehearsal, your attention to detail, your ‘feel’ for when to step in for the auctioneers, your timing with all the sound effects during the skit, heist and LIVE auction. You took a weight off our minds. Thank you! It was a very successful auction, so thank you all for your support. I would certainly use you again and recommend you to anyone.”
-Clare Corcoran, Woodisde Elementary School, May 16

“The party was great.. The DJ did a great job! He was spot on! His costume was great.. He wore this Afro that out Afroed everyone else’s and it was a hit!”
-Larissa Oberholtzer-Gallagher, Walnut Creek Residence, May 3

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Denon & Doyle! The little things made our experience with D&D a runaway success. The level of professionalism and commitment is unparalleled. I truly appreciate Sue constantly following up with me, and her dedication is nothing short of admirable. Brian’s humor and reassurance can calm even the most crazy brides out there, I promise. And last, but certainly not least–Kevin! Nothing but the highest praises for Kevin! His infectious energy made our wedding enjoyable for us and our guests–all the guests ranging in ages 1-90! He must have sneaked a peek at my music history because he read my mind exactly and played only the absolute best. From the introductions, money dance and open floor dancing, the music selection always maintained a high level of energy. Also, thank you so much for playing Prince for my grandma! Nothing like Prince’s classically “beautiful” song, Kiss! No other company can compare to the spunk, personality and service of Denon & Doyle. Every individual we came into contact with had customer service on the front of their mind. I’m glad I let the experts do their job so my husband and I could have our dream wedding! A million thank yous would not be enough, but thank you for your incredible service!”
-Carmen Ruelas, Great American Music Hall, January 19

“The party went great considering our party was smaller than our RSVP number. In any case all of our employees had a great time! Kevin was great, he started the party and kept it going. He was fun, a professional, and we are definitely looking forward to booking with you again!”
-Charla Kelii, Associated Learning & Language Specialists, etc., Domenico Winery, January 10

“We love having Kevin at our parties. Kevin was amazing and did an excellent job choosing great ambient music in the beginning and keeping the dance pace flowing with his perfect mix of music genres that our employees enjoyed dancing to. He also came up with fun quick games beforehand that got our employees excited. He also did a great job coordinating having the speaker / mic system work on both floors and be one system. Thanks so much for helping me coordinate having Kevin come out to our party to DJ. He was awesome as usual and kept the party going with his perfect mix of music and fun games! We all love having Kevin DJ our employee appreciation parties!!!”
-Sharon Zimmerman, Olympic Club, San Francisco City Club, January 3

“The party went great. Kevin is a dream to work with. He inspires confidence with his professional good humor – a great guy. Hope he’s available to us next year.”
-Amy Bates, UCSF Dept. of Medicine, Palace Hotel, December 15

“Kevin was great and truly professional. We are going to book the same location next year and will certainly recommend hiring him again.”
-Phyllis Medler, Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean LLP, Sequoyah Country Club, December 14

“Kevin did an absolute fabulous job!!! He was so professional, set up on time, and was ready to go for the evening. He played an integral part in getting the guests involved and kept them informed of activities happening all through the night. The music was awesome and he kept the flow at a perfect pace! The guests had a blast! Everyone loved the Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest and Kevin did a great job as the “Fashion Show’s Emcee”. We’ll definitely use your services for future events and hope Kevin can join us again.”
-Cecilia Enad, UCSF, Helen Diller Research Building, December 13

“I just wanted to say what a fantastic job Kevin did on Saturday night. The lighting was awesome, the music was fabulous. Again, always a pleasure working with Denon & Doyle.”
-Amy Boyd, Los Gatos History Club, November 16

“Just a quick post-wedding note to thank you all for making our event Saturday night such a success. At the post-wedding brunch yesterday the bride and groom’s friends were all raving about the DJ, noting his ability to keep the dance floor jamming, his diplomacy with requests, and his desire to honor the bride and groom’s wishes. The photo booth was a smash hit too. My youngest son must be in half the photos taken! (It was like a “free” babysitter!) The woman who designed the logo was surprised and thrilled to see her artwork on the photo strip. All of these raves reviews are doubly impressive since I suspect we were a bit more last minute than most weddings, forcing you all to roll with our schedule and quirkiness….I am very grateful.”
-Marnie Curry, Terra Event Center, November 9

“Our High School’s 50th Class Reunion last Saturday was a great success! When our Reunion Committee put together the program for the reunion, we requested Kevin, not only to play music, but to participate in announcements and in our raffle drawing. He did an incredible job. He suggested a fun way to give out raffle prizes. Everyone enjoyed the “Let’s Make a Deal” event! Kevin was there to make announcements when we wanted them made. He played a great selection of music from the era we requested. He selected great intro music to get everyone’s attention before we introduced speakers. He played a great mix of music and was always available to play special requests! I would not hesitate to recommend Kevin or request him again for our parties!”
-Betty Hydrick, South San Francisco Conference Center, September 28

“Kevin and Anthony did a great job, and everyone had a great time dancing the night away and taking photos in the photo booth. A big thank you to everyone at Denon & Doyle. Our guests have been saying it’s the “best wedding ever”. :)”
-Victoria Gomez, Redwood Hill Gardens, September 7

“I just wanted to let you know that every thing went GREAT! I can’t believe how spot-on you guys are! Granted I was pretty buzzed at some point but as the music played and as the DJ worked the crowed, I was reminded of all the choices I had made while I was filling out the wedding time line from your website. I just want to thank you for everything!!”
-Alex Lee, San Francisco City Hall, August 31

“Kevin was absolutely great! We had an interesting group of people who were reluctant to get on the dance floor but by the end of it he had everyone moving! It was really a job well done and I hope you send my regards to Kevin.

We will definitely keep you in mind should we ever be in need of a dj in your area again!”
-Gina Bagley, Golden Gate Yacht Club, August 26

“Kevin did such an awesome job at our wedding. I’m not sure how he did it, but everyone was on the dance floor having a good time (even my husband and I who aren’t big dancers!). We had a great time and will definitely be recommending D & D to our friends.”
-Hayley Strandberg, UC Berkeley Faculty Club, July 14

“Jacob and I had a BLAST at our wedding! Kevin was awesome and all our guests agree. He had fun games involving everyone and we all ready enjoyed them. The types of music he played was perfect, many people danced and had a great time. We have nothing but rave reviews for him!”
-Katelyn Duncan, Elliston Vineyards, June 22

“Kevin was amazing. My family (and my wife’s) are very picky; they all were so impressed by his music selection, care to ensure all names were accurate, adjustments throughout the night and just pleasant demeanor all around. One of the better DJs and individuals we have come across. Just wish we would have extended th night by an hour!!!”
-Arvind Stokes, Viansa Winery, June 8

“I had to write and let you know what a great time we had with Kevin…could not have found a more perfect dj for our group or reception. He had the perfect personality, chose great music, entertained but wasn’t obtrusive and made everything fun. All of my guests commented on how wonderful Kevin was and how much he added to the event. You guys have been so professional and easy to work with. Please let Kevin know that I wrote to give my thanks even though I told him in person…..fabulous.”
-Tracey Dellacona, Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay, May 18

“Thank you for the follow up. WE had an outstanding time. Actually, a better than outstanding time and Kevin was a large part of it. He kept the crowd involved at all times, was totally accommodating, and kept the event rolling. I really appreciate it and my family did as well. ”
-Eric Ghisletta, Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa, May 11

“Kevin was awesome!! The place rocked all night long. We will definitely be calling you back again for next year and might even have a few other things to use you for throughout the year. Thanks for everything!”
-Glenn Smickley (California Golf & Country Club), California Golf & Country Club, April 20

“Kudos, kudos and more kudos. Kevin was amazing. Perfect music selection that increased the fun part of the event and great timing in following the script. He is also a very nice and respectful individual. We thoroughly enjoyed having in the DJ role.”
-Mike Levin (Digital Analytics Assoc.), San Francisco Marriott, April 16

“We had a fantastically successful evening and Kevin was GREAT!!!! He kept the party going and we were AMAZED how many people got on the dance floor and STAYED on the dance floor!!! He had a great sense of what the crowd wanted and when people started thinning out he would fade the song out and rev up with something that kept the party going!!! It was unprecedented how much fun was had by our community!!! 🙂 I am closing out this years auction party binder and will keep all of your information front and center for our next event!!! ”
-Allison Pickart (Ross School PTA), Branson School, March 16

“Last night was great. Super job on Kevin’s part. It was a wonderful time with lots of dancing Thanks for everything”
-Leanne Parsons (National Charity League), Claremont Resort & Spa, March 10

“Kevin was great. He got people dancing which was our main goal– even had a song that friends of ours requested he play: Take This Job and Shove It! Thanks to Kevin for his help in creating a great party!”
-Mary Selkirk & Lee Ballance, Hillside Club, March 2

“Just got back from our honeymoon and would love to say more when I am less tired! But for now, lets just say Kevin rocked the house!! The wedding was the best it could have possibly been, and Kevin and you guys are a major part of it! I can’t thank you enough…..we are more than pleased. More to come later….lol!”
-Holly Eddington, Omni San Francisco Hotel, January 26

“Kevin did a good job and very accommodating. Yes, the buzz was very positive. People who could not make the party wished they had been there! Several of our employees were happy that I chose Denon and Doyle because they had used your company for their weddings. In fact Kevin was the DJ for one of them.”
-Charlotte Ferree, Computer History Museum, January 19

“Please extend our huge appreciation to Kevin, who is such a talented DJ and is just a pleasure to work with. This is about the fifth time we have had him DJ at our employee party and each time he does such a great job playing the perfect songs to get everyone up to dance and making everyone have such a good time!! This year he definitely once again made our party very fun with the perfect music mix he played and he just did a great job keeping things so lively. Thank you so much Kevin!!!!”
-Sharon Zimmerman, AT&T Park, January 4

“Just wanted to check in to say that Kevin was absolutely great last night. Please let him know how much we appreciated his hard work. He has a wonderful presence, and he followed our instructions to the “T” – great sense of timing in ramping it up.”
-Amy Bates, Palace Hotel, December 16

“The party was great and everyone had a great time. Thank you to Kevin for being our lead man! He is awesome! I will post a review on Yelp and recommend to anyone looking for your services. Thank you again! We will contact you again next year!”
-Chrissy Hansen, Concord Crown Plaza, December 8

“Kevin did an absolutely fabulous job and I heard several comments about how great the music/atmosphere was.”
-Samantha Rogers, The Flood Mansion, November 28

“The wedding was great! I thought kevin really did a nice job. He wasn’t overbearing but provided a great mix of music that got folks (even me!) Up and dancing. Thanks for the great service.”
-Mark Burnett, Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa, November 18

“We were very happy with the DJ and lighting for our wedding. Kevin was awesome! We loved the impromptu shoe game.”
-Evan Silverberg, The Gardens at Heather Farm, October 14

“Thanks for checking in. Everything went well at the wedding, and Kevin did a great job — thanks so much!”
-Kathleen Holthaus, B.R. Cohen Winery, October 13

“Our wedding was awesome and our family and friends loved, loved, LOVED the music and Kevin!! We got loads of compliments about our DJ (even during the course of our wedding day) and everyone had a great time. We really like the fun game Kevin had us play (using our bride and groom shoes to answer questions) and our families had a great time dancing the night away.

We’ve definitely been telling all our friends and family about D&D.. A few even asked for the company name during our reception.

If we were to do it all over again, we’d choose D&D every time! Thanks for making our wedding a wonderful event and please thank Kevin and Felipe for being such wonderful DJs/MCs!!”
-Rachel Franz, Piedmont Hall Community Center, September 23

“As for Kevin…….he did an outstanding job for our special evening. We received many compliments on how Kevin ran the evening from the music, playing musical chairs which was a hoot & which guest at each table would get the centerpiece….I would have Kevin again & I would also recommend him & your Denon & Doyle.”
-Carole Jenkins, Concord Hilton, September 14

“Everything went wonderful. Kevin even made a very special song accomodation for the men that just made their night. And the game with the shoes was a hugh hit! Thank you and Kevin a millon times for making our special night so great!”
-Melanie Shinn, Mountain Terrace, September 9

“Thanks for following up. Everything was excellent and our crowd had a great time. Kevin did a wonderful job! We can’t thank him enough! We hope he had a great time DJing the event. Thanks so much!
-Alycia Cunha, Alpine Hills Country Club, August 24

“Family has finally all headed back home for the weekend, and we were really happy with Kevin and the wedding overall. Lots of fun had, plenty of dancing and he handled our needs quite nicely- including a few request from family. ”
-Jessica Glass, Murrieta’s Well, August 4

“The DJ and photo booth were huge hits! Kevin did a fabulous job working with our guests to make sure they had a great time on the dance floor. He was also just great on the mic MC-ing the whole reception. Michelle and I cannot stop reminiscing about how great Kevin was in making our reception so memorable for us and our guests. If there is anywhere you’d like us to formally write great reviews for Denon & Doyle and Kevin Hartman, please let me know. We will very gladly do so!”
-Kevin Wu, Mark Hopkins Hotel, July 28

“Thank you so much for everything! Our wedding was amazing and the music was great. The dance floor was packed all night. Kevin was great at moving everything along smoothly and kept the great songs coming one after another. Thank you so so much for all of your help.”
-Cassie O’Connor, Kunde Estate Winery, July 21

“Definitely tell Kevin that he was great and we were very pleased. We got a lot of people who told us they thought he did a great job and we agreed. His assistant was also great!”
-Eric Diamond, Castlewood Country Club, July 14

“Everything was perfect! Thank you so much for all your help, our day couldn’t have been more perfect.”
-Jennifer Gray, Madrona Manor, July 7

“I have nothing but positive feedback to share. Kevin did a fantastic job incorporating our selections and keeping the energy up and the reception moving right along. Several guests (and even the wedding photographer) told me the music was the best they’ve heard at a wedding. Thanks again for helping to make the event a success. We’d surely recommend you to our friends and family for future events.”
-Valerie Streit, Wente Vineyards, May 20

“Everything was lovely thank you so much! Kevin was a great help – he gave us some good suggestions for re-ordering events during the reception and of course the music was fantastic. Several of my guests commented on how good the selection was :).”
-Christina Mallory, Sir Francis Drake, April 15

“Thank you very much for your email and checking in. Our wedding was really nice and fun all thanks to Kevin. Words can’t describe how much we appreciate everything Kevin did for us on our special day. We were really impressed by his DJ/MC skill (went so smoothly!) and most of all his amazing skill in paying attention to every little detail. We could be on time (schedule wise) all thanks to Kevin.

Our guests are still talking about how much fun they had at our wedding and how awesome the DJ was. We got so much compliments all thanks to Kevin! Thank you so much for making our special day even more special and unforgettably fun. We are so happy that we chose Denon & Doyle. That was the best decision we made in our wedding planning (without exaggeration).”
-Ji-Yeon Shin, Crowne Plaza – Foster City, March 31

“Kevin did a great job. The music was great, good mix, everyone enjoyed it. Thank you so much for a wonderful job.”
-Robert Garfield, Admiral’s Mansion, March 24

“The party went so well that we ended up extending it for another hour and a half on Saturday night! Jason was a crack-up…and people have already told me that I need to be sure to have a photo booth at next year’s party. Our DJ, Kevin, was also really good. I was amazed at how many people actually went for the karaoke…it was one of my only unknowns that night since we had never done that before. All in all, it was a great evening and your guys really contributed to making me look good!”
-Kelly Moriarty, ERIN Engineering, Campo di Bocce, February 11

“Thank you very much! The day was absolutely magical and we were extremely happy with Kevin as our DJ. THank you for everything!”
-Angie Kalousek, San Francisco City Club, February 5

“I wanted to thank you for a great DJ and Photo Booth. The party was a huge success and everybody here at ANACOR is raving about it… The DJ was off the hook. Dance floor was packed!!”
-Theresa Lonegran, Anacor, Kohl Mansion, January 20

“The party went really well. Kevin did an amazing job setting up the speakers in two different rooms, playing great music mixes and creating a fun atmosphere for our employees! He was great with playing music sound bites during the speeches and raffles too. Our employees had a lot of fun with his “let’s make a deal” games!! Thank you so much Kevin!!! We love having you at our employee parties each year.”
-Sharon Zimmerman, Director of Events for the San Francisco Olympic Club, Westin St. Francis, January 13

“Kevin was great – he was on time (early in fact) he wasn’t’ demanding or obnoxious . He just played great music and kept things going. It was one of those parties for a DJ (that I would think was boring and not at all fun for him) but he worked out great for the night and we’d definitely ask him back especially when we wanted to let loose a bit.”
-Ann Baker, Comet Tech, Company Campus, December 16

“Our party went really well! People LOVED the photo booth and surprisingly everyone got really into the Karaoke. Alex and Kevin were both very easy-going and patient with us and kept the party flowing. We wished we had another hour just to dance since the music Kevin was playing was so good. We had a great time with the different props for the photo booth and are eager to see the online photo album. I’ve copied the other party planner to see if she has anything to contribute but overall, great time! Also, we appreciate that everything was set-up and ready to go before the party started.”
-Natalie Bovee, JP Morgan, Tres, December 15

“The reception at the club was fantastic – especially given Kevin’s professionalism, ability to read the crowd, calm demeanor and attention to the order of events — even suggesting some last minute tweaks to make sure the moments were captured on video. Kevin definitely had the crowd dancing to the end! Again, many thanks to Kevin & the entire team for a terrific event.”
-Jennifer Hunt, St. Francis Yacht Club, November 5

“Thank you for your email! We had a fabulous wedding, thanks to Kevin! Everyone had so much fun, and the dance floor was packed.”
-Heather Richey, Presidio Golden Gate Club, October 22

“Our friends and family had nothing but wonderful comments about the DJ, photobooth and lighting. Everyone commented how nice the booth was compared to others they have seen and how great the quality of the pictures was.

The overall experience working with Denon & Doyle was far beyond my expectations and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone that needs a DJ/photobooth/lighting. I also look forward to working with you again in the future. Please pass along our thanks to Kevin and Richard -they were both fantastic!!”
-Ana Laborde, Mountain Terrace, September 16

“The wedding was great and Kevin was absolutely wonderful! I would highly recommend him to friends. …but Kevin was an exception. He was friendly, outgoing, funny, played great music and kept the wedding schedule on time. We were so happy he was our DJ and wouldn’t change a thing. Our guests really enjoyed him too. And Denon & Doyle in general was great! You guys have been wonderful from the beginning.”
-Amanda Chartier, Hotel Valencia, September 10

“We could not have been more pleased with kevin. he was terrific–did exactly what we requested, lively, fun, and professional. and a complete joy to work with.”
-Adam and Sumana, Villagio Inn & Spa, September 4

“Thanks so much for your e-mail! Kevin was great and the guests had a great time. I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding. Thanks!”
-Nicole Meyer, Corinthian Yacht Club, September 3

“Thanks so much for the note and for following up. Sorry for the delayed response as we’ve been on our honeymoon. We had an absolute blast at the wedding and so did ALL of our guests. The party could have easily gone on longer! Kevin did an amazing job… especially with the grand finale last song consisting of a Pearl Jam sing-along and also allowing Laurent to sing Live Evil’s song on a mic. It was just so much fun!

Anyhow, I wrote reviews on Yelp and Wedding Wire as follows:

Kevin was fantastic!

Denon & Doyle provided our Wedding Ceremony music, our Cocktail hour music, Dinner hour music, and of course our Reception music – DANCE PARTY!!!

We got so many positive comments from guests of all ages, who loved the music at all of the various points of the wedding. Everything was digital and super prepared. They made sure to have all of the exact versions of the specific songs that we wanted to use. Kevin had some great suggestions for getting our guests up and out of their seats and also for various songs to use at different points. We could have danced all night!!! It was a blast and a lot of that was because of the great music.

Thanks so much Kevin & Denon & Doyle. If we ever need a DJ again, we know who to call!”
-Meghan O’Neill, The Thomas Estate, August 27

“Thanks to both Kevin and Austin, they did a great job. It was a really fun party. We would definitely request both of them again next year. Thanks also to Austin for editing some of the photos out of the link. It is funny to watch the progression from the beginning to the end…

I tipped them both with the overtime authorization form.”
-Gina Castro, Osterweis Capitol Management, Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay, December 3

“Nice job by Kevin and Justina. There was a positive buzz and guests had a great time. As always, I enjoy working with D&D! Kevin is very professional and it shows in his performance. It was great to be able to trust him and feel confident with his choice of music. Also he knows when not to play. His introductions & announcements were also appreciated. He is a pro! I would definitely recommend Kevin and hire him again”
-Deborah Mann, Rock Wall Wine Company, November 12

“Thank you for your follow up. Our reception turned out to be a raving success. Our group can be a bit unpredictable at this event and with very minimal direction, Kevin really came through. He followed the lead of the group and kept them on the dance floor well into the evening. He was wonderful and it was great to work with him! We hope to have him back when we return to San Francisco in 2015!”
-Akena Better, SF City Hall, November 6

“Kevin did AMAZING! He was wonderful. Please tell him thank you very much from Luke and myself. We had a truely fantastic wedding and a good part of that was thanks to Kevin. The music was fabulous, everyone had a great time dancing. People of all ages were out there on the dance floor. Kevin also helped kept the wedding on time and running smoothly. We are very pleased and couldn’t recommend a better DJ !”
-Holly Sanford, Round Hill Country Club, August 6

“All was excellent. As you know, Kevin is fantastic. I am so glad that we were able to get him. He was kind enough to meet with us two times before the big day. We met once about a month out and once the week before. This calmed me down a lot and made me comfortable that everything was under control. He offered a lot of great ideas and was also very accomodating when we had our own opinions of how things should go.

Day of he was equally as great. It was so nice that he was there so early. That allowed us time to communicate with all the people who would be using the audio systems (readers, singers, etc) when we had a minute (rather than making a thing of it and inturrupting other activities). He was super responsive to the crowd and to our request lists. It was an excellent party and everyone had a great time.

Also, love your guy’s showcase. Super helpful. I am really glad I chose you guys and even more glad that we went with Kevin.”
-Susan Findlater, Gardens at Heather Farm, July 30

“Everything went SO well. I def want to put time into another AMAZING review for Kevin/D&D. Still need a little time to get settled back in, after the wedding whirlwind. But if you haven’t heard back from me in about a week, feel free to shoot me another e-mail.

Thanks for your good wishes! Much appreciated. And we’re SOO OO OO OO happy we chose D&D/Kevin. HUGE part of making our wedding so fun.”
-Sumalee Montano, Brazilian Room, June 18

“Kevin was great! He deserves a cookie. It went very well. We really appreciate all of your dedication and comfort you, your company and employees have provided for us these past weeks. you’ve made it a wonderful experience during such a chaotic time. 🙂 thank you. we wish you much luck! and good business to keep your way.”
-Amber Alexander, Kohl Mansion, June 17

“While I didn’t stay for the entire dance party I was told it was “off the hook” so that’s fabulous feedback. Please thank Kevin for us and we will definitely use you again in the future and I will definitely recommend you to other assistants at McKesson.”
-Stacy Elias, McLesson, Cavallo Point, May 12

“Thanks for everything, Kevin Hartman did an outstanding job. He really got our guest up to dance, and they were a group that doesn’t dance, so great work!”
-Misty Horkey, Presidio Golf Club, May 1

“Oh man, Kevin was awesome! I got so many compliments on the music and my cousin asked him for his card to do her wedding in October – not sure if he wants to travel to Grass Valley but I guess they’ll figure that out! Kevin was so very gracious to my daughter and her friends (they are 12) – he played their top 40 music and took all their requests. What a great day – Thanks again!”
-Rachel Taketa, Oak Hill Park Community Center, April 23

“Denon & Doyle didn’t disappoint – I especially appreciate your calm help the days leading up to the wedding. When I realized I had forgotten to send in our info (the planner itself says “send 2 weeks before” and it was 3 DAYS before the wedding when I realized that it wasn’t sent) I really appreciated you on the phone telling me, “It’s not a big deal, take more time if you need it, we’ll figure it out before Saturday.” And you were right – it was all figured out in time.

As for the reception itself – Kevin was awesome and we were so happy to have him there. He read the crowd, got people up and dancing (although I don’t know if our crowd needed much help there) and kept songs going all night that kept the dance floor packed. My husband and I said to each other at the end of the night – D&D was totally the right choice and we’ve already recommended you guys to our newly engaged friends!”
-Alyson Wheeler, Piedmont Community Center, March 26

“Please let Kevin know that he did an amazing job at playing the perfect selection of music at the right time throughout the evening. The end of the party was so upbeat, guests danced at what was traditionally a cocktail party. People stayed longer than usual and the event was a huge success.

I believe music sets the tone and is immensely important. The right DJ is critical to an event and Kevin was always kind, courteous, professional and played the perfect mix. In short, Kevin was Great and everyone loved him!”
-Nicole Richardson, Castilleja School, Santa Clara Convention Center, March 12

“Everything went well, as expected. I loved Kevin’s music selection. My client had hightlighted a song list to give him, but she liked his choices so well, she didnt bother.”
-Helen Gettinger, Any Event, Tech Museum, February 26

“Everything was fantastic! It was an amazing day and Kevin’s DJ skills were the icing on the cake. Family and friends are all saying it was the BEST wedding they have ever been to, what a compliment. I could not have asked for a more perfect reception. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”
-Virginia Grillo, Embassy Suites – San Rafael, February 19

“Thanks, as always for doing a great job, with the regular and the irregular. This is why it’s always nice to work with you and Denon and Doyle!
– Arriving early to see that everything is set in advance and goes smooth.
– Sharing ideas for improvement
– Ensuring you have the proper power, so we don’t have a surprise
– Working with our performers and making the Elvis thing work.
– Implementing requests from special groups, but making sure that the play list works for everyone.
– Helping us make the Raffle Drawing work as smoothly as possible. Thanks for your good eyes, and decoding skills.
– Excellent MC all night!

Thanks again! We’ll look forward to seeing you on Feb-26.”
-Helen Gettinger, Any Event Productions, Santa Clara Hyatt, February 5

“Everybody had an AMAZING time! Kevin could not have been more perfect, not only is he excellent at keeping the timeline going, but his ability to read the group is absolutely amazing. We danced so much our legs hurt the next day. He even pulled out some Celtic music for the many Irish born in the crowd. It’s the only wedding I’ve been to where more then half the guests were still there at the end. Thank you so much again!”
-Rebecca Doerr, Walnut Creek Embassy Suites, January 22

“The party went very well. Everyone had a really good time. Thank you for all of your help. As for Kevin he did an excellent job once again. He was a big help with all the gift give away games we played. He was even a good sport and went along with us changing up the musical chairs game by blindfolding the last three players. 🙂 Good times!”
-Denise Naujok, Epic Care, Walnut Creek Marriott, January 15

“The party was FABULOUS!!! I wanted to take a minute to tell you what a fantastic job both Mark (Addington) & Kevin did. I heard about Denon & Doyle when my daughter Christina used your DJ services for her wedding in August. She was the one that made all the arrangements at the time. At her wedding, Kevin was amazing and that is what made me call D&D when my 50th birthday party came to be. From the minute I called Mark he was so helpful, professional and fun to work with. I never expected Kevin to also be my D.J. ( I am thinking Mark had something to do with that :)) and when he walked in I was thrilled!! He is the best. When he started to play “Oh Susie Q” when I was giving my speech to thank everyone for coming, say a few words and start the dancing it was awesome. He reads the crowd music wise, and when I would ask him to get someone on the dance floor he was right on it. I would never go anywhere else for a D.J. and I don’t think anyone else at my party will either. You guys are the BEST! ”
-Sue Fitzpatrick, El Rancho Inn Terrace Cafe, January 8

“I wanted to be sure to let you know that Kevin did an AMAZING job for our Olympic Club Employee Appreciation Party on January 7th. I am very thankful that Kevin was able to DJ at our party again. He had everyone dancing all night long! Everyone enjoyed the perfect music mix Kevin put together which included music from the 50’s to salsa to modern hits. He also did a great job adding music effects during the raffle and speeches which made our event all the more exciting and memorable.”
-Sharon Zimmerman, Merchant Exchange Building, January 7

“Kevin did a fantastic job Saturday night. He was really terrific! Everyone loved the games and he kept a good mix of music going. It got everyone up and dancing. We received a lot of compliments!”
-Vita Rodriguez, Hyatt Regency – SF Airport, January 1

“Kevin was AMAZING!!!!! Everyone commented on how totally professional and fabulous he was. He played the PERFECT tunes for the crowd, executed Family Feud as if it was the norm, bonded with Andrew’s son Max and just did an exceptional job— really. I cannot tell you how many people have shared how impressed they were with him– only second to the food… oh and maybe the stunning bride 😉 Many, many thanks and please pass along my sincere thanks to Kevin for doing such a great job. Not sure if he has spoken with you, but I did not leave the dance floor the entire night!! That’s how good he was!”
-Valerie Berdan, Ondine, December 31

“Kevin was great! He played the requests the employees made but also read the crowd so that Everyone wanted to keep dancing! The party was a huge success.”
-Jessica Blake, The Walt Disney Family Museum, Cliff House, December 14

“The party was successful and Kevin was great, as usual. I have been organizing these events for 10 years and Kevin is the best DJ I have used by far. He needs little instruction or encouragement to provide music and entertaining sideshows…”
-Bob Stratton, U.S.S. Hornett Museum, December 11

“Everything went GREAT! Kevin did a great job at entertaining us with games and music. Games are always a hit and fun to watch employees who normally very quiet, get up and let loose! “Good time had by all”.”
-Chris Baggett, Sun-Maid, Faz Restaurant – Pleasanton, December 10

“Everyone had a great time and Kevin got people to dance and was very good. People LOVED the party and Kevin knew just the right music to play!”
-Alex Christ, Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies, McCormick & Kuleto’s, December 8

“The party was a blast!! Everyone enjoyed themselves and people we would have never expected danced. Kevin was awesome and entertaining. I will be sure to use Denon & Doyle again. Happy Holiday’s!!”
-Alysia Nero, CAPH, Claremont Resort & Spa, December 2

“Thanks! Kevin and Dale both did a wonderful job on Sunday. All of my guests could not stop raving about Kevin’s performance. They also could not get enough of the photobooth!”
-Daniel Chew, Casa Real, November 7

“The evening was lovely, and Kevin did an amazing job with the flow of the evening and especially with providing great music for the dancing. He is very good at what he does. Please tell him thank you!”
-Elizabeth Bainbridge, 2 the Nine’s Events, Wente Vineyards, October 10

“Chris and I have nothing but compliments for Kevin!! He did such a great job, he listened to our wants and needs for the type of reception and ceremony we wanted to have. Everyone commented on the great selection of music and wanted to know who the DJ company was. We have nothing but high regard for Denon & Doyle. From the first phone call to the week even day before the wedding you guys held our hands and were the easiest vendor to work with hands-down. If we could get married again we would use you guys and for that fact any other event we would ever need you for. Thank you for making our special day absolutely spectacular and unforgettable!!”
-Lizzy Wanken, Casa De La Vista, October 9

“I can not explain how wonderful our wedding day flowed. It was perfect from being to end. We have a BIG thanks for Kevin! Not only did he surprise us with fun games that everyone enjoyed but kept the dance floor full (with the dancers of the group at least) He did such a great job that our best man tried to get him to stay and play longer just for them : ) Kevin was wonderful- couldn’t even imagine having someone else or another company! You guys have treated us so wonderful from day one. I am so happy, and now know why you were recommended to us.”
-Larae Stine, Dublin Ranch Golf Club, October 1

“Thanks so much for your email. We had a wonderful wedding and a fantastic reception. Kevin did a wonderful job–the music was perfect for the reception, the dance floor was packed throughout the night, and everyone went away having had a great time. We couldn’t have been happier.”
-Mark Huberty, Garden Court Hotel, September 25

“I had never hired a DJ prior to our wedding reception on 9/24/10, and to make things even more interesting, ours was very non-traditional occasion in that we had already had a small family destination wedding and a honeymoon a month prior to this event. My first exposure to D&D was with Sue Doyle, a consummate professional who understood immediately what we were trying to achieve and recommended Kevin for his vast experience and repertoire. My husband and I had a very specific picture in our minds of the music we wanted played, and our definition of success had more to do with the overall mood/atmosphere of the event than how many people Kevin got out on the dance floor. We were very discriminating, and to be frank, there were more genres of music that we didn’t want played than those that we did. I in particular was curious to see how Kevin was going to bring all of the pieces together into one harmonious experience. He instilled confidence from the outset by arriving early, dressing impeccably, knowing when to be in the foreground and when to be in the background, and always choosing classy/sometimes nostalgic music from start to finish that ALL of our guests enjoyed. Don’t hesitate to hire Denon & Doyle for your next event- peace of mind and your own satisfaction are definitely worth it.”
-Mignon Mozley, Hacienda de las Flores, September 24

“Everything was awesome!! I loved every minute of it and Kevin was great, there was a lot of dancing, amazing!!!”
-Kimberly Quesada, Maggiano’w Little Italy, September 18

“We had a blast at the wedding! Kevin was phenomenal. I’m still getting compliments from my guests about the dj. He played some really fun games/ice breakers that got the crowd into it. I loved the newleywed game and the musical chairs! It seriously got my non dancers on the dance floor! It was such a kick! Kevin kept everything flowing and played such a great variety of music. He was so nice and so good at his job and I am very glad we chose him. Thank you for everything! :). Ps it was everything I hoped it would be – fun and unforgettable!”
-Shauna Cox, Scott’s Gardens, September 11

“The wedding was awesome, and Kevin did an amazing job. I cant remember the name of the guy who was assisting/photobooth, but he did a great job as well. Linz and I couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out. We’ve gotten tons of feedback from our guests, and it was all extremely positive. Kevin read the crowd so well, and was great about filling music requests. The photobooth was a huge hit, and we are so glad we opted to have it for the wedding. Please extend a heartfelt thank you to Kevin and the whole Denon & Doyle team for making it a enjoyable and very memorable event.”
-Jeremy Gillespie, Martinelli Event Center, September 5

“We are back now, and still living on the high from that night! Your team was AMAZING and everyone can’t stop talking about what a great time they had, especially with the photo booth and the dance floor! Didn’t get a break all night!

Thanks again, we are fans!!”
-Michelle Knowland, Peninsula Golf & Country Club, September 3

“Our wedding was perfect and Kevin was great! He was very accommodating and played the music we requested! Everyone had a great time!! – PS- The Bride and Groom doll game was a HUGE hit!!! People still talk about it!”
-Julie Richardson, Blackhawk Country Club, August 28

“The DJ was a hit for the party, so much so that we had one of our partners literally “dancing on the table”. I’ll try and send you a picture, that’s a testimonial you can use! To my knowledge he was sober at the time of the dance!

Kevin was excellent, after dinner he got the entire party dancing. Good mix of slow music, some “oldies” and the new stuff. The evening started out a little hectic for him with his vehicle, but the Solage folks helped him out, he maintained his cool, and came back and rocked the house. In fact had he not told me about the car problem, I wouldn’t have known, so he was right up front with us, and there really wasn’t an issue.

I do think we were having a little too much fun, Solage at first said we would need to “turn it down” at 10:00 pm, but after the table dancing, they asked me to “shut it down” at 10:00pm.

Overall we were very pleased with the service and would recommend your company and Kevin to our friends!”
-Jeff Schmeck, Solage Calistoga, August 26

“We just got back from Hawaii or I would have written sooner, but we wanted to let you know that Kevin did an amazing job at our wedding! Please pass along our gratitude. Kevin’s role was so important in keeping the wedding fun, and he didn’t make a single wrong move. The pace, atmosphere, and energy he created were perfect; we got a lot of compliments on how much fun our wedding was (in no small part thanks to Kevin). We had a live band for the beginning of the evening and they ran a bit longer than expected, but Kevin was able to roll with it and transitioned seamlessly into his part of the evening. Also, since we had so much going on before the wedding, we really only provided a few song choices, but from those songs Kevin could tell what our tastes were and chose the perfect music throughout the entire event. Oh, and the shoe game was really cute!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kevin to anyone. Also, you guys have been great throughout this process. This was such a vital part of the wedding, and you managed to make it completely stress-free. I think that’s what separates a good wedding vendor from a great one. 🙂 Thank you SO MUCH!”
-Katie Ferrell, Brazilion Room, August 15

“Thank you so much for all your assistance and support throughout this process! Kevin was amazing! I never had a doubt because I have attended two other weddings he has worked and he was phenomenal. My fiends and family never left the dance floor. We had such a blast! He is so professional, patient, and has impeccable timing. He really made the reception all that we hoped it to be. I would recommend him to anyone and I hope something comes up in the future in which I could retain his services again. Kevin, yourself, and your company as a whole has been a pleasure to work with. You guys are top notch! Thank you for everything!”
-Erin Janes, Lafayette Park Hotel, August 7

“Please let Kevin know he did a wonderful, excellent and most magnificent job! Please have been telling me this was the best fun they had at a wedding. Kevin kept the party going and going. Please just simply loved it.

It went so, so fast and as a bride it seemed like blur but a good blur. Thank you guys, you did a FANTASTIC JOB!”
-Serena Tavassoli, Spinnaker Restaurant, July 4

“I actually would really like to speak to Kevin in person, but I trust you will pass this e-mail along to him. That being said, I have to say that his performance was absolutely wonderful!!! He did such a perfect job!! Everything went so smoothly and he played the best music we could have asked for. I know we had a couple random songs we requested, but he seemed to know what would work and what wouldn’t with the dancing crowd. I just hope he enjoyed the night because EVERYONE else did!

Brian, I have to say that my uncle who was there (maybe one of the very few “sober” ones dancing) was a longtime professional DJ in Sacramento and he is very critical about DJs. THAT being said, he grabbed me by the shoulders and told me: “This is a GREAT DJ! Where did you find him?” I told him and he stashed D&D in his back pocket.

Now to Kevin… Colleen and I heard the cocktail music during the post-ceremony and it was fabulous! (Lot’s of DMB, which we requested). We were announced to a little Queen and he timed out the wedding party and us perfectly! Dinner music was the best,,,just perfect! His quick and relevant announcements were also the best! I hope our wedding coordinator was cool with him. First Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Garder/Bouquet Toss…everything was perfect!

Thank you so much Kevin and the D&D staff! All was phenomenal!!!

By the way, we had a couple guests who wanted to know who that DJ was and they will be getting in touch with you guys when they need to!!!

Thanks again Kevin and D&D!”
-Adam Spitz, Adobe Lodge – SCU, June 26, 2010

“We would love to give you are feedback on Kevin: he is an amazing DJ! From the day that we came to the D&D office for the showcase, we knew that we would find a good DJ through you for our wedding reception, but Kevin went above and beyond all of our expectations! When we met with him individually, he was very receptive to our preferences, ideas, and concerns, and he gave us lots of excellent suggestions about how to structure our reception, the bridal party introductions, and our music selections. At the reception, Kevin had the dance floor packed before dinner was even served! We had arrived at the reception a bit later than expected (the groomsmen went to the wrong venue after the ceremony!), and we were very impressed with how flexible Kevin was in adapting the schedule we had designed and how attentive he was to us (even while managing the music, the crowd, and the dancing and monitoring the food service!). Please send a huge thanks to Kevin for us — we (and our guests) will never forget how fun and special he made the evening!

Please feel free to publish any of our comments on your website — I know how much we enjoyed reading the testimonials of other couples online when we chose Kevin!

Thanks for all of your help! We will certainly be recommending Denon and Doyle to other couples who are planning on getting married in the Bay Area!”
-Cary Robbins, Stanford Barn, July 24, 2010

“It was AWESOME! Kevin was remarkable! He kept to the “schedule” and maintained a steady pace…So many people complimented us on his work! We’d recommend him in a heartbeat! (And I know Naomi & Steve feel similarly!”
Debbie Roudman, Crow Canyon Country Club, May 30, 2010

“Kevin was absolutely amazing! Kevin had the timeline down to the minute, had everything under control, and did everything we asked him to do. He got our all our guests dancing to the very last song and today, everyone kept telling us how smoothly the night went and how much fun they had, especially with the photobooth. (The photobooth tech, Austin I believe was his name, was awesome as well. He was very helpful, polite, and a lot of fun.) I am so glad we went with Kevin and the photobooth 🙂

The only part of our day that didn’t go smoothly was during our ceremony… the technician/sound guy kept messing up!! He started playing the music at the wrong moments, then would cut off the songs abruptly, AND he played the wrong songs during certain parts of our ceremony… made me wish we had Kevin do our ceremony music also!

I’ve heard it said that the DJ is the one who pretty much makes or breaks the dinner reception… well, Kevin certainly made our night and we couldn’t be happier. He is a great asset to D&D.

Thanks again for being so thorough throughout the process. I honestly can’t think of another thing D&D could have done to make our day any better… I’ll be telling all my engaged friends about Kevin and D&D!

A very happy bride,”
-Jennifer Liao, Caffe Verbena, May 22, 2010

“I meant to drop you a note yesterday to say what a great job Kevin did! He is so good at reading the crowd, he had them dancing in no time at all. I’m glad we decided to bring multiple speakers; we did get a complaint that the music was too loud and Kevin lowered the volume on the sides of the room but kept it pumped up on the dance floor. By the way, my client rolled her eyes at the complaint, she clearly thought the music volume was just right.

Thanks again. Oonce again Denon & Doyle made the party great!”
-Jean Greendyke-Cappa & Granam, San Francisco Marriott, May 16, 2010

“We just got back from our honeymoon yesterday and are slowly readjusting to the “real world”… it isn’t easy! We were thrilled with the music at our wedding. Kevin really listened to what Gary and I discussed with him regarding what music to play (and not play), including specific “must plays” and also more general types of music we wanted. For example, we were clear that we wanted NO cheesy songs like YMCA, the chicken dance, or the Macarena. We were so impressed when Kevin declined a request to play the Cha Cha Slide (even though we didn’t specifically name it) because it fell in the “cheesy dance song” category. (We are also happy with his flexibility when we told him to go ahead and play the song anyway. :)) Kevin also delivered when it came to his “style” and level of involvement at the wedding. We had asked Kevin to help announce the first dance, cake cutting, etc.. but we were clear that we weren’t looking for a cheesy MC, and were really wanting the music to “do the talking” and get people on the dance floor. We got exactly what we wanted and everyone had an amazing time! Even the music during the cocktail hour and dinner was perfect (and we gave little to no direction on that, except naming a few songs as examples of the type of music we wanted). Please send along our thanks and compliments to Kevin! Lastly, Denon & Doyle (and you in particular, Brian) was a pleasure to work with leading up to the wedding. Thank you again for being such a huge part of our Big Day!!”
-Melissa Schmidt, Kohl Mansion, May 15, 2010

“We had a wonderful day. Kevin did a great job. I did not worry about the music all night — that is a clear indication that the music was great. All our guests had a lot of fun at the reception. They loved the Indian music! I put in a review under the Project Wedding website.”
-Sophia Sharma, Round Hill Country Club, May 1, 2010

“Both Rachel and I wanted to extend our sincerest gratitude to Kevin. He was no less than superb for our reception. There were 350 people present and I cannot begin to tell you how many compliments we got for our reception. So many people came up to us and said they’ve been to a billion weddings and this, by far, was the most fun they had. A lot of that is attributable to Kevin. He kept things moving, he was engaging with our crowd and he was also respectful in not over stepping his bounds or being too front and center with his Emceeing. In a word, Kevin was very professional.

I will also mention that we had a very wide ranging crowd. We had a span from the very conservative to those who really liked to party, and Kevin was able to keep everybody engaged throughout the reception.

I usually don’t write lengthy compliments but I think Kevin really deserves one. We had a most memorable wedding reception and I would not hesitate to recommend Denon and Doyle (and Kevin) to anyone who inquires.

Thank you again. You services were greatly appreciated.”
-Joel & Rachel, Decathlon Club, April 17, 2010

“The wedding was awesome and Kevin did great! I have had multiple people compliment us on the DJay and ask for contact info. He rickrolled the wedding as planned and only ONE person got it but it was so worth it! lol.”
-Melanie McMullan, Opera House, April 3, 2010

“The party was a huge success and we are still getting compliments about it. I could not have asked for a better guy! Kevin was awesome. I knew this would be a tough crowd to get on the dance floor but the music he played during dinner was perfect and so was the music to ‘try’ and get people on the dance floor. My supervisors were very pleased and we will definitely be using you guys again. You were very easy to work with and we really appreciate all that you did for us.”
-Lunn Cronin, Siverado Country Club, February 25, 2010

“Tell Kevin everyone loved his song list. I have never seen so many people stay and dance. He did an excellent job! ”
-Suzanne Knoll, Blackhawk Auto Museum, February 20, 2010

“Kevin was a huge success! You know everyone’s enjoying themselves when the dance floor is completely packed. He had an excellent mix of music that catered to our diverse crowd. He really knows how to use the sound bites well during speeches and raffles and everyone loved his “let’s make a deal” game. We really appreciated him returning to DJ for The Olympic Club’s Employee Appreciation party!”
-Sharon Zimmerman, Merchant Exchange Bldg, February 13, 2010

“Everything went great! Kevin was awesome! He was the perfect blend of entertainment and calm for me. Thanks for all of your hard work! We had many compliments from the night but the best part of the nite for me was when someone told me to turn around and look at the dance floor behind me and to my surprise it was packed! Everyone danced the night away! It was exactly what I wanted!”
-Stephanie Barry, Sir Francis Drake, February 6, 2010

“Tell Kevin everyone loved his song list. I have never seen so many people stay and dance. He did an excellent job! ”
-Suzanne Knoll, Blackhawk Auto Museum, February 20, 2010

“Kevin was a huge success! You know everyone’s enjoying themselves when the dance floor is completely packed. He had an excellent mix of music that catered to our diverse crowd. He really knows how to use the sound bites well during speeches and raffles and everyone loved his “let’s make a deal” game. We really appreciated him returning to DJ for The Olympic Club’s Employee Appreciation party!”
-Sharon Zimmerman, Merchant Exchange Bldg, February 13, 2010

“Everything went great! Kevin was awesome! He was the perfect blend of entertainment and calm for me. Thanks for all of your hard work! We had many compliments from the night but the best part of the nite for me was when someone told me to turn around and look at the dance floor behind me and to my surprise it was packed! Everyone danced the night away! It was exactly what I wanted!”
-Stephanie Barry, Sir Francis Drake, February 6, 2010

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“Kevin did an outstanding job and our guests had a great time. We were very happy with your company’s service from beginning to end, very professional. Special thanks to Kevin for entertaining our guests and making the party a blast. Thank you!”
-Jane Wei, Marine’s Memorial, December 27, 2009

“I was going to call you this morning and THANK YOU for giving us Kevin! He made the night flow, he kept to the schedule, he got the guests up and moving, and was truly FABULOUS!!!! I cannot thank Kevin enough for being perfectly outstanding. My husband and I just loved him! We are the first of our friends to get married, with many weddings coming, and Kevin made such a great impression on everyone!”
-Shana Kenney, MacArthur Palace, December 19, 2009

“Kevin was great. He was very respectful of our wishes that we gave beforehand and was very accommodating when I had new requests. He looked very professional and acted like it too. Seemed like a nice guy and we’d use him again for sure if we need another DJ at some point. Thanks so much!”
-Celine Mactggart, Walt Disney Family Museum, December 12, 2009

“Could not have gone better. I would ask for Kevin for any future events. I have used many DJs over the years, and he has been the best.”
-Bob Stratton, Blackhawk Auto Museam, December 4, 2009

“Kevin was absolutely perfect and everyone thought he was amazing!”
-Jennifer Bucsis, Servino Restaurant, October 24, 2009

“We have nothing but compliments for Kevin and D&D. We’ve loved hearing the buzz and getting only great feedback. Everyone agrees with us that Kevin was the perfect DJ and really got things going and kept the party moving. He really listened and played the music we requested as well as great music of his choosing. We had a good feeling about him before we even met him at our pre-wedding meeting. He’s a great guy and whenever we have the opportunity to recommend him and D&D, we’ll be happy to do so. I’m copying Kevin on this email because I want him to know how completely delighted we are with him. He really contributed to making our entire wedding a total blast. Many people have already told us it was the best, most fun and happiest wedding they’ve ever been to! Thanks to all of you for making us feel so special. You’re all class professionals with a great attitude, a warm sense of humor and fun! I’m also copying Addington as he was my first contact with D&D and immediately made me feel like I had made the right choice. You guys are the best!”
-Jo Cohen, Private Residence, October 18, 2009

“Everything went great! Kevin was awesome, he lived up to his reputation! I gave him very little direction and he was able to keep the party going easily! Also, the photobooth was a hit. Everyone loved it! ”
-Jennifer Daly, Bridges Golf Club, October 17, 2009

“Kevin did an AMAZING job! People loved the games, the music selection, and were grooving all night long on the dance floor. I couldn’t have asked for a better Djay to make the evening a success. Loved Kevin! Thank you, thank you for making it a great party!”
-Raquel Scheafer, Cornerstone Gardens, October 11, 2009

“I heard many great comments about Kevin.
Scott’s mom- liked him so much she thanked him herself at the end of the night
Scott’s dad – thought the music was the best (and that’s coming from someone who is more reserved in opinions)
Scott’s brother-in-law – enjoyed the music very much and even related to some songs from his high school days (that’s coming from a Utah Mormon)
My mom – she was dancing so she must of had a good time
Me – Oh, my feet and lower back hurt by the end of the night from all the fun
The kids – they were dancing more than the adults!
YMCA – Kevin was a hit when he introduced not 1, but 2, sets of hats for the song! I saw one of my friend’s boyfriends going crazy with the Indian feathers on his head, and I would never had guessed he would be the hat type. I think the hats stayed on the dance floor for more songs, too
The couples kissing demo game – great suggestion! we wanted to do a couple games and Kevin was perfect to suggest that one. Once the first couple went, ALL the couples at the tables were talking about their plans in case it was their turn
The newlywed game – thanks for bringing the Barbie/Ken dolls. people really enjoyed that one!

Thanks to Kevin for making the requested announcements as well! The bridal party introductions weren’t done too quickly so people could hear well why those people were special to us. The other announcements were nice too because it gave a little window into who Scott and I are as a couple.

We had such a good time with Kevin leading the reception with music, games, lighting and handling the timeline. Scott and I had a great time, and our guests’ feedback was that they had a lot of fun at our wedding. Many thanks to Kevin too for doing a wonderful job at the ceremony! I got a couple comments that having the speakers was good and people appreciated being able to hear everything since it was outdoors. It made the ceremony more effective.

I would have no reservations about recommending D & D to any friends in the future!”
-Karen Ficke, Sheraton Pleasanton, September 26, 2009

“I’m so glad you asked how the wedding went, Kevin was amazing and on top of everything. I couldn’t have asked for a better night. Kevin really helped and was always letting me know or my mother know what he was going to be doing next. I knew with out a doubt I could go to him for anything. The music was great and our families couldn’t stop dancing. I really have nothing bad to say, the evening was flawless. He’s an amazing DJ and I will definitely tell my friends to use Denon and Doyle and to ask for Kevin. I had a freak out moment right before I walked down the isle cause my girls didn’t know when to go or where to stand. Kevin was right there telling them when to go and what to do. I was in complete shock and just laughed cause he took complete control of the situation. Our wedding was everything I ever imagined it to be and the DJ helped make that possible. Please let him know I had the time of my life and Thank you again for such a wonderful evening”
-Joelle Rose, Stonetree golf Club, September 19, 2009

“The wedding was perfect. Kevin was awesome everyone wondered where we had found him. We couldn’t have been ha[ppier. Thanks to Kevin for a outstanding job he made the reception a perfect memory and we are truly grateful”
-Megan Scardina, Corinthian Yacht Club, August 22, 2009

“Kevin did a FANTASTIC job at our wedding. Everything about the day was just perfect. Thank you so much for helping us make the day so memorable.”
-Jennifer Sutton, Hiddenbrooke Country Club, August 8, 2009

“The wedding was fantastic! We were very happy with your services and Kevin was delightful and played a lot of our music selections and was very professional. He even let us pretend to spin the records for a photograph! We were very happy with him. Do pass that along to him.”
-Pippa Stwell-Kaplan, The Argonaut Hotel, August 3, 2009

“I just wanted to let you know that Kevin did a great job! Everyone said they loved the music that he played and the dance floor was never empty. I thought it was very impressive since he didn’t play a single cheesy wedding song. Thank you so much. A DJ can really make or break a wedding and everything was perfect. Thank you again! And thank Kevin for us too!”
-Beth Kunze, Mark Hopkins Hotel, July 18, 2009

“It was a fabulous party and Kevin did an awesome job. Kudos to Kevin and your company for always delivering.”
-Iren Jenny, California Golf & Country Club, July 11, 2009

“Our wedding went smoothly…All I have to say is ‘Kevin was AWESOME!. He spoke clearly, got our guests to dance/laugh, and played the right music . Our guests were happily entertained and impressed with Kevin. I had several inquiries from our guests about how and where I found our DJ, Kevin.”
-Norman Teeng, Bridges Golf Club, July 4, 2009

“Kevin was completely professional, fun, exciting, and even took requests from our guests! He was very polite and full of energy. All of us, our attendants, guests, and our mothers were thoroughly happy. Kevin came early and he watched and helped out. Throughout the day he checked in with us the couple before a fun activity (dance introduction/entrance, hula performance interacting with other vendors and Stonetree staff, cake cutting); lots of checking in that we felt secured the day would go smooth and it did.

Definitely, tell Kevin that he was great and we are happy we went to the showcase and checked out Denon & Doyle company. Thank you.”
-P. Mary Gatchalian, Stonetree Golf Club, June 21, 2009

“Kevin did a WONDERFUL job. Many of our guests complimented us on our DJ… people were dancing all night long and everything went really smoothly. Thanks so much! It was great!!”
-Stephanie Theisen, Fairmont Hotel, June 20, 2009

“Kevin was awesome! Everyone said what a great job he did, and not only that, we loved having him as a guest. Thank you all so much for making our wedding so much fun!!”
-Alyssa Antone, Solage Calistoga, June 13, 2009

“Our wedding went well. Kevin did a fantastic job! He played the songs we wanted. He was very professional. Everyone had a good time. We got positive comments from friends about him. Other than that, we didn’t see any issues whatsoever. In short, we’re very satisfied customer.

We will definitely recommend Denon and Doyle to our friends and we’re glad we opted to choose you guys.

Thanks again! Please extend our thanks to Kevin as well.”
-Dahl & Dexter, Garden Court Hotel, May 30, 2009

“When you begin planning for a wedding you pick the best vendors that you possibly can. After that the wedding is pretty much out of your hands

I was pretty confident that I had picked a good core of vendors but worried how it would all come together in the end. Well, it did come together and the wedding was all I could ask for and even more.

I continued to worry about how everything would come together until Bree and I met with Kevin. I now see how important a good time line is and Kevin had everything worked out. Kevin had a backup plan in case we had dead space at any time. He totally set my mind at ease.

When we went to your orientation you stressed that a good Djay would keep things rolling but that in no shape way or form would he let people know he was doing so. I don’t know how he did it but he did. He kept things rolling and I never had to worry about anything. It was almost as if he became the wedding coordinator once we got to the reception. He made smooth transitions from introducing the wedding party, to getting everyone going for dinner and had everyone on the dance floor till the very end.

I had several calls in days following the wedding to let me know what a great party we had. Relatives called and said it would be hard to have a wedding to match ours as everything was so wonderful.

We had several vendors and they were all terrific. I know that if it weren’t for the core group the wedding could not have gone as well. But, I believe that without Kevin’s great time line none of the other things would have mattered.

Thank you Kevin for your professionalism and everything you did to make our families special day run as smoothly as it did.”
-Leslie Gadwood, Mira Vista Country Club, May 23, 2009

“Everything went beautifully at our wedding. Kevin was very professional, he had everything together, entertained the guests, and played GREAT music. The centerpiece game was great and the newlywed game created a ton of buzz as well. I was very happy with Kevin, wish I could get married every year! Ha! I will recommend Denon and Doyle DJ services to anyone who will listen. You guys ROCK!”
-Denise Vervais, Crow Canyon Country Club, May 24, 2009

“As always Kevin did a great job. Our party could not have been more of a success.”
-Helen Gettinger, Santa Clara Convention Center, April 22, 2009

“We were thrilled with the music at our wedding!! Kevin was fabulous!! Everyone had a blast and, as I’m sure Kevin could tell you, was dancing until the very end. Kevin was great at moving things along, making smooth transitions and being flexible to requests as well. Everyone loved the shoe newlywed game too! ”
-Megan Grenter, Crow Canyon Country Club, April 18, 2009

“The wedding was fantastic! We had a great time. Kevin did an amazing job with the ceremony with the musical chairs and the bride / groom quiz. From what we gather, everyone had a great time at the reception. It really went by way too fast. The photo booth was a hit too. It was very easy to work with your company and Kevin. I really appreciate that.”
-Andrew Guidi, Lafayette Park Hotel, April 17, 2009

“Our wedding was wonderful! I would like to comment on Kevin. We thought he did a great job. He was invisible when needed and read the crowd very well. His music selections, outside our list were spot on. He really helped to make our event fun, different and memorable. Many of my guests have commented that our wedding was the best wedding they have ever been to. I give Kevin credit for helping to create an atmosphere which created these feelings in others as well as in Eric and me.

Thank you for a job well done. Please feel free to use us as a reference. We would recommend you and Kevin highly.”
-Gina Staffiery, Mariani’s Inn, April 4, 2009

“Everything was great. The enitre process from planning to execution – starting with our first interactions with Sue and Addington, to the final prep with you, to the execution of the event by Kevin. Everything was seamless and easy. Btw – thanks for your ceremony music and first dance suggestions – it worked out great!

Kevin did a great job managing the dancing (and the subsequent karaoke) as well as keeping the flow moving. It seemed like the dance floor was packed the entire night. We got a ton of great feedback from friends and family saying how fun it was…in fact, we just got back from another wedding and we are pretty sure that kevin did a way better job getting the party started and going. So, honestly, i can’t think of anything you guys could have done better. We would heartily recommend you guys to our friends and family! ”
-Julia Go, Casa De La Vista, March 28, 2009

“I just wanted to thank you for everything. The wedding was a HIT. MANY compliments go out to Kevin. He was flawless. Our family and friends were raving about his professionalism, good choice of music, and the FUN games he provided. He was an absolute hit and I know that because of his talent, he MADE the wedding. We had a lot of friends at the wedding that asked for referrals and we said “DENON AND DOYLE!” “KEVIN!!!!””
-Kimberly Ternate, The Argonaut Hotel, February 15, 2009

“I am pleased to say that we had a wonderful time celebrating my Dad’s birthday, and we owe it all to Kevin. He did a fantastic job of kicking off the party to a fun start. Not only was Kevin an amazing entertainer … he also showed how patient he could be by moving his equipment in order to accommodate the band my older sister hired. If you knew my sister like we do, you would understand how being patient with her can be quite a task! 🙂

Kevin did a phenomenal job of getting everyone onto the dance floor, and we had a wide range of ages celebrating my father’s big day (ages: 2-75 years old). I will definitely recommend your company and especially Kevin to anyone who is in need of a DJ. In fact, we would love to have Kevin help my husband and me celebrate our 10 year anniversary in four years if he is still available.”
-Jamie Cruice, Zio Frados Restaurant, January 24, 2009

“It was a really great party, best on yet they say! Kevin was fantastic! Thanks and Happy Holidays!”
-Erika Smith, Ferry Building, December 19, 2008

“Fantastic! Kevin was very entertaining! Just what we asked for. Great selection of music and interactive with our employee’s. Loved the games, great laughs! He was very professional and friendly. Have had several comments on the games and how much fun they were. The music choices had everyone dancing at one time or another, which makes it nice for everyone.”
-Chris Baggett, Pleasanton Hotel, December 12, 2008

“It was a fantastic party! Best one they’ve had yet. Kevin was great as always.”
-Stephanie Franco, Tessera Oakland, December 11, 2008

“As always, Kevin was great. He managed to pick music that had even the kids dancing, and is always so relaxed and easy to work with. Please extend our thanks!”
-Helen Gettinger, Hyatt Santa Clara, December 5, 2008

“EVERYRONE has been talking about the DJ! We had guests mention that he was the best DJ they had ever experienced at a wedding and have never seen so many people dancing!!! I can’t thank you guys enough because as Kevin witnessed this group loves to dance and the goal to get everyone out on the dance floor was most definitely accomplished. As I mentioned before that was really important to me and even for the last dance the floor was packed!!!!!! Kevin was the perfect combo of professional and fun and no cheese!!!! Kevin- Thank you soo much and I attribute a huge part of the success of the wedding to you!!! I will be sure to write a killer review!”
-Stephanie Telfer, Diablo Country Club, November 22, 2008

“Kevin was absolutely fabulous! He was great, the music was great, the timing of everything was great, we had an amazing night and didn’t want it to end. Everyone had fun and danced until 1am. Many people commented to me on how wonderful the music was. And, Dave and I were extremely pleased with Kevin’s service.

We have been fully satisfied with you, Kevin, and Denon & Doyle in general, every step of the way. We will recommend you guys to anyone and everyone.

How can we ever thank you!!!?”
-Torrey & Dave, Yank Sing Restaurant, November 15, 2008

“Everything went amazingly!!! Kevin did an outstanding job. He played the perfect music all night and the dance floor was never empty. He was fun, energetic and a complete joy to have at our event. I honestly could not have asked for anything more! Thank you all so much for making my dream day a reality :)”
-Alaina Dutra, Palace Hotel, November 8, 2008

“Kevin did an AWESOME job!! Everyone had a blast. We wouldn’t have changed a thing. Thank you so much!!”
-Monica Perez, Villa Ragusa, November 1, 2008

“Kevin was great! We’re on our honeymoon right now but would be happy to provide more feedback after next week if you want. But we were really pleased!”
-Carrie Cangelosi, Bancroft Hotel, October 18, 2008

“Kevin was FANTASTIC!! We had so many compliments on the DJ – the music selection was just what we wanted…. So impressed with your company, professionalism, and will definitely be recommending you! Huge thanks to Kevin! Thank you for making our day so special!!!”
-Molly Shultz, 1 Fort Mason, October 17, 2007

“We just wanted to let you know that we had a super time at our reception. Kevin did a really amazing job, we had so much fun and he played the best music — I of course came to the realization we couldn’t have ALL 80s music 😉 We also got many compliments on the variety of music and how smoothly Kevin kept things moving. The best thing about the night was that our guests were having so much fun and there was a really good energy. We are still talking to guests about the great party and the fact that everyone had such a great time dancing. Also, Kevin did the shoe quiz and it turned out to be a highlight of the evening.

Anyway, we will highly recommend Kevin to our friends.”
-Elspeth Forder, Elliston Vineyards, October 11, 2008

“We had a fabulous time at the wedding and on our honeymoon! We thought you guys did a terrific job from start to finish with the whole wedding process. We have already referred our friends who just got engaged to you!

Kevin did a fantastic job at the wedding. We have received several compliments about the music – which really makes us happy:)”
-Jamie Davis, Palm Event Center, October 5, 2008

“The wedding was wonderful and Kevin did an amazing job! Everything went very smoothly and it was such a pleasure to have such a wonderful, down to earth relaxed DJ. It was an absolutely magical night! Thank you so much.”
-Robbin Ward, Wente Vineyards, September 28, 2008

“Kevin did an amazing job! Even better than we had expected! Please let him know that! He had everyone, and I mean everyone, on the dance floor all night long! Even Jeff’s 80 year old grandmother couldn’t stop dancing! It was awesome! We are so glad we chose D&D and Kevin! We will be referring you to everyone we know!”
-Kristen Ullom, Viansa Winery, September 20, 2008

“KEVIN!!!! He is the best D.J. I have ever seen or had!!! He not only knew half our wedding guests, but took the time to make our day so perfect! Him and I meshed so well on the old school rock and 80’s! I sat with Kevin for about 2 hours planning every detail of our ceremony and reception. Chris and I are all about the music. We had a different song or cut of a song for every single thing from my entrance to the last dance!! I never thought I would ever find a DJ that would take the time and be just as excited as I was for all the song changes. You always think it’s a pain for them… not Kevin!! He was seriously as or more excited as I was in the planning! We are talking so many song changes, it was so personalized and awesome! We are still getting at least a compliment a day about this guy! He is not only an amazing person, but a very hard worker! He played all my must haves and stayed away from the traditional wedding music that I made him swear by! I could go on and on, but all that matters is that he really wanted a special day for us just as much as we did! Thanks you Kevin…. can we do it again??? HA!”
-Wendi Sanna, Casa Real at Ruby Hill. September 13, 2008

“We had a wild bunch of folks and Kevin adapted to them very quickly and kept the party rocking. Additionally, he was very on top of the little things (making sure the bridal procession, introductions songs, etc were all as we had requested). Simply said, everything was fantastic. We could have not asked him to do anything better. He far exceeded what we wanted and we feel that what Denon and Doyle charged was very reasonable, especially for a DJ of his callibar. I will recommend both Denon and Doyle and Kevin to all of our friends. ”
-Landon Baines, Half Moon Bay Golf Links, September 6, 2008

“Kevin was great and kept things rolling smoothly……. the evening was magical, as all weddings should be!!….. we will certainly recommend denon and doyle to anyone of our california family and freinds in the future……… thank you!!…………”
-Mona Murphy, Sebastiani Vineyards & Winery, August 24, 2008

“It was spectacular!! Thank you!”
-Randee Renfro, Viansa Winery, August 15, 2008

“Danny and I want to say THANK YOU Denon & Doyle!!! Kevin was amazing!! The wedding went as smooth as can be! Kevin felt the vibe of the crowd and went for it!! Loved it!! You made our wedding a wedding to remember! Thanks Again Sue and Kevin for the outstanding service!!!”
-Susan Bradley, Spinnaker Restaurant, August 1, 2008

“Thank you so much for all of your help in making Caroline & Rahel’s wedding a very flawless and memorable day for them. You had the crowd dancing and having a blast. I have to say that it was an absolute pleasure working with you and Brian. I look forward to working with you again.”
-Rahel Smith, Bancroft Hotel, July 27, 2008

“Kevin was a great choice for our “challenging” situation. He was low key and got us through the evening quite well. The best part was toward the end when he put on the Eastern music. The Pakistani women all started dancing and all of the Western guests joined in, too. We will recommend your services for any future events. It was great!”
-Cathy Noh, Spinnaker Restaurant, July 25, 2008

“Kevin is a freaking rockstar and so was Sean…Kevin made everything seemless and PERFECT!!!!!”
-Gwen Silverbach, Merchant Exchange Bldg, July 20, 2008

“It was fantastic! Kevin was great and I think it worked really well! Another successful event with your company… thank you again for being so helpful when I had all those questions. We will definitely use you guys again when we have another party!”
-Mariena Romero, Hong Kong Flower Lounge, July 18, 2008

“The wedding was just perfect. Kevin did a fantastic job just I had expected! Our guests were very impressed with him! Our friends Brian and Julia, who are getting married in October asked me for his contact info because they liked Kevin so much.

My coordinator changed Kevin’s timeline of events and I hope that he didn’t mind that. Also, I think he could have coordinated the “singles games” a little better cuz it was bit disorganized … but nothing I am upset about. I think he did a wonderful job nonetheless.”
-Lisa Alano, Westin San Francisco, July 12, 2008

“Talmage and I were very pleased with the service Kevin provided. He was prompt, organized and made our wedding really a fun time for all. He played exactly the songs we requested that gave the reception a great pace and vibe! We wanted to keep dancing and didn’t want that night to end!”
-Karen & Talmage, Silverado Country Club, July 4, 2008

“Our 50th anniversary party was the best party ever! Kevin did a fabulous job and even had our granddaughter dancing with one of our contemporaries. They were really rockin! The music mix went well and overall we were very pleased. We’d definitely have Kevin again.”
-Nancy Bartels, Blackhawk Country Club, June 29, 2008

“The wedding was wonderful! Denon and Doyle is a step above the rest! You guys are very professional and everyone had a blast dancing!! Go on u tube and Tina & Billy weddings for a clip of the first dance. It was a riot!”
-Tina Ojeda, Pinole Senior Center, June 28, 2008

“Kevin was perfect – very professional, played all the stuff i requested, checked in with us periodically and kept us all in track – he is awesome. Thank him again for us.”
-Tiffany Scott, Calistoga Ranch, June 27, 2008

“I cannot sing Kevin’s praises any higher. He was fantastic. Not only did Lang and I adore him, but to this day I still have friends and family commenting on how great he was. He really helped set the tone we wanted for our wedding day. We gave him an idea of what we wanted and gave him the freedom to have fun and he ran with it and gave us exactly what we wanted. He gave us some great suggestions that we used and they remain some of our fondest memories. We loved the way he interacted with the crowd and all the little games he did throughout the day. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Your company was amazing from the very first contact. Planning a wedding from across the country was tough, but the music planning just flowed with ease. I will be recommending your company to all my family and friends (though most of them were there and they love you guys already!). Again, Kevin was amazing. Lang and I would like to send him a note personally. We will be in touch.

Thanks again for helping us for our wedding day. We had a fantastic day.”
-Stephanie Spain, Stone Tree Golf Course, June 22, 2008

“We had a great time. Kevin was wonderful. No complaints. He did a fantastic job. We are so happy with your company. We will be sure to recommend your company in the future. Thank you so much! ”
-Mefan & Harry, Quall Inn, June, 21, 2008

“Everything was perfect. The room was magical and kevin and his assistant were great. I have already recommended. Everyone who we have talked to loved every minute of the day and my wife did an amazing job organizing the wedding and reception. When the pictures are ready I will make sure to send you over some to see how well your lighting came out in the room.”
-Ken Despotakis, Fairmont Hotel, June 14, 2008

“Greetings from Parrot Cay. Danny and I are having a wonderful time here and will be back in the states tomorrow evening. I will provide you with more detailed feedback when we return. Overall, Kevin was fabulous. He did an awesome job and we we’re very happy to have him part of the wedding.”
-Lizzy Lim, Westin St Francis Hotel, May 31, 2008

“Kevin was fantastic! The grand opening went well without a hitch. As always, we are pleased with your service. Thank you.”
-Karina Mazzamuto, Muir Lab, May 30, 2008

“My assistant, Suzy let Dan know how AWSOME Kevin was. It was a difficult gig due to the fact that they had so many speeches, games, video, and on and on. Kevin was fantastic and really had to work hard to keep it all going. He was really great.”
-Joannie Liss Events, Fairmont Hotel, May 25, 2008

“Kevin was so professional & classy and stuck to my list while keeping everyone on the dance floor in a non-cheesy way”
-Candice Yee, Kohl Mansion, May 24, 2008

“The wedding and ceremony went great Kevin was a great DJ. I would highly recommend him to others.”
-Nicole Romankiw, Scott’s Gardens, May 16, 2008

“Our wedding went great, it couldn’t have been better! Kevin did a fabulous job, please thank him again for us!”
-Christopher DeGray, Harvest Inn, May 11, 2008

“Kevin was awesome!!!! We had a blast!!!! Thanks so much!!!!”
-M’Leta Watson, Ritz Carlton San Francisco, May 6, 2008

“We had a terrific time, everything was great, and Kevin did a fabulous job for us. We just wish we could have continue the party for days because the hula hoops were so much fun! (Kevin can explain….)”
-Shelly Herrick, Ritz Carlton San Francisco, May 2, 2008

“The event went wonderfully and Kevin did a great job. It’s actually the first auction in many, many years where guests were out and dancing after the live auction wrapped up which was so wonderful and never happens! So our compliments to the DJ for sure!”
-Emily Swee, San Francisco Design Ceter, March 8, 2008

“Jeff and I were absolutely thrilled with the service from your company and Kevin! Kevin chose all the right songs at the right times, and ran the ceremony and reception without a hitch

– we can’t think of anything that he missed. The fun and games were exciting, to say the least, but the chair dance was the best! It was so much fun, special thanks to Kevin!”
-Deborah Spater, Concord Hilton, February 23, 2008

“Our wedding was AWESOME!!! We had such a great time – and that is in huge part due to Kevin! He ran such a good show – a flawless performance! We were so impressed with how smoothly things went – he was always right there with a heads up on what was coming up next – and really helped take the pressure off of us! We just enjoyed ourselves – totally trusting that he had it under control! He did a geat job reading the crowd – and threw in that shoe game at a perfect moment! That game was a HUGE hit with our guests, and it brought more people to the dance floor, which made things so much fun! Please pass on our endless thanks to him for coordinating an amazing evening for our guests! Everyone LOVED our wedding, and that makes us feel so good!! THANKS KEVIN!!!

I’d also like to thank Chris for being so patient with me during about 6 phone calls within two days! I was a little overwhelmed with all the family and friends, and he was really nice and patient and helpful. Please pass on my thanks to him!

I’d also just like to give you kudos on all of the staff I talked to or woked with during the planning of our wedding – everyone was friendly and helpful and it was enjoyable to work with you! I will ABSOLUTELY recommend you to anyone I know looking for a DJ in the area!

Thanks again for a wonderful job – with all the vendors I worked with, I realize it could be easy to not be flexible, nice or reliable and still make money in this industry. You guys are the opposite of that, and I am so happy I found you! Thank you!!!!!”
-Michelle Cusack, Palm Event Center, February 16, 2008

“The party went very well. Kevin was excellent as usual. In fact I got compliments for him from our Murder Mystery person. He said he has worked with lots of DJ’s and that Kevin was one of the best he has ever seen.”
-Rita Nyulassy, Crowne Plaza Hotel, January 25, 2008

“The party was a big success made even more so by the fantastic music provided by Kevin and Denon & Doyle. He was a wonderful MC in that he got party participants to do a little game prior to dancing and it really made people laugh, relax, and get out on the dance floor. Then he just kept playing great music and we all had lots of fun. Until next year…”
-Leslie Weaver, Scott’s Gardens, January 11, 2008

“Thank you very much for having Kevin DJ our party! We loved Kevin , he was an excellent DJ, and everyone enjoyed his fun interactive “musical chairs” game. I would like to write him a thank you letter as well. I received a lot of comments from our employees that they liked the mix of music he played during the dancing portion.”
-Sharon Zimmerman, San Francisco Olympic Club, January 4, 2008

“The party was wonderful. The buzz is, “it was the best party ever” and much of the credit should be given to Kevin. He does an excellent job keeping things running smoothly, keeping the energy up and people on the dance floor. As we look at the candid shots that many people took, the dance floor was full pretty much all night long. People were laughing and smiling and having a fantastic time. We definitely were delighted to have Kevin from Denon & Doyle enhance our event. The musical chairs was perfect. Everyone had so much fun playing and even those who might not usually participate if asked for volunteers, where beaming with grins from ear to ear. It was a blast!!!! I already have people calling me eager to be a part of next year’s event.

Thank you for living up to your reputation. It makes my job so much easier.”
-Pamela Shirley, Concord Hilton, December 15, 2007

“Kevin was awesome as usual. He did a great job! I will always call you guys back for any of our future needs. Thanks for the great service!”
-Future Ford Of Concord Holiday Party, Concord Crowne Plaza, December 10, 2007

“Kevin was great! Thank you sending out a “great” D.J. and very professional!”
-Events To Impress, Shadelands Art Center, December 1, 2007

“Our event went great. Kevin was awesome! I really liked the fact that he really suck to our music list and he helped get everyone seated with an announcement that dinner was going to be served. The photo bar was a hit. All in all we had a blast and Beyer Weaver LLP thanks you! We will defiantly consider you for future events and recommend you to everyone!”
-Jennifer Ablaza, McCormick & Kuletos, November 30, 2007

“We had a wonderful wedding! Kevin, Patrick, Mark and Dan were all very helpful in helping plan our wedding. Kevin did an amazing job mixing the Persian music and American music together! It turned out wonderful.”
-Kim Kirkwood, Claremont Resort & Spa, November 24, 2007

“The party was great. Compliments for your crew. Everybody absolutely loved Kevin and crew”
-Jon Logan, Golden Gate Fields, November 10, 2007

“I just wanted to thank you for everything. Kevin did a super job at our wedding — a great night was had by all. Please pass along our compliments to Kevin.”
-Sari Leivent, Brazilian Room, October 28, 2007

“It was great! I would definitely recommend Kevin again. Everything went smoothly and the kids and adults had a really good time. I was initially concerned because we did not have a lot of kids (in comparison to other Temple Isaiah Bar/Bat Mitzvot) but Kevin and the others from Denon & Doyle got everyone involved.”
-Miriam Swernoff, Temple Isaiah, October 13, 2007

“Kevin did a great job, along with the others. It was really fun. It was all a blur. I didn’t get a chance to get the names of the other staff, please thank them for me. My family was very pleased. It was really fun watching all the 8th graders jumping around with Kevin on the dance floor.”
-Jan Leventhal, Benicia Yacht Club, October 6, 2007

“The wedding was wonderful, and Kevin did a great job! Everyone had a wonderful time and the Austrian contingent were particularly impressed that Kevin could speak a little German!!”
-Christina Boddy, Presidio Log Cabin, October 5, 2007

“Everything was fabulous. I have heard nothing but compliments about kevin and Hamid. People have called me to find out who we used, so that they can book them. Everyone loved Kevins “Shoe Game”. Again Kevin is the best.”
-Pam Dahl, Viansa Winery, September 29, 2007

“Justin and I are leaving for our honeymoon soon but I wanted to make sure and send a quick THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the wonderful job you all did! KEVIN was so awesome. We couldn’t have asked for a better DJ to help make our day everything we wanted and then some. He was great about checking in with us and making sure we were ok with a few of his suggestions and once we gave him the go ahead on his ideas…he surprised us even more! He helped set the tone of a wonderful celebration and our day would not have been the same without his excellent work! Thank you again to all of you. Denon and Doyle definitely DELIVERS as promised.”
-Kaesy Kellner, Contra Cost Golf Club, September 2, 2007

“I wanted to thank you and Kevin so much for a wonderful time on Saturday. All our guests loved his work, and of course I spread your name and how they could hire you guys for future business/parties!”
-Golnaz Hosseini, Servino Retaurant, September 1, 2007

“I just wanted to send an email to say thank you! Kevin was fabulous at our wedding. So many of our guests commented on what a great job he did. He made everything so much fun and kept the crowd dancing all night!”
-Lia & Mike, Ralston Hall, August 19, 2007

“Kevin was wonderful. He did a great job keeping everyone dancing and having fun at our wedding. We will definitely recommend him and D&D to our friends. You guys are great.”
-Susan Martin, 1 Fort Mason, August 3, 2007

“We LOVED having Kevin as our DJ! He was amazing and made the night flow perfectly. We loved all the music he chose and he had the dance floor packed ALL night long!! We continue to get many compliments for how great our DJ was!!! I will definitely recommend him to anyone we know. Thank you, and your team, so much for being so thorough throughout the planning process. We really appreciated it.”
-Colleen Harrigan, Presidio Officers Club, July 21, 2007

“We had a wonderful day and Kevin was great! Thank you so much!”
-Andrea Melendez, Brazilian Room, July 22, 2007

“Accolades to Kevin…We are delighted with his presence at / during / participation in our wedding. We have just returned from a short honeymoon and trying to desperately catch up with work and also getting our feet back on the ground A formal letter will be sent but please pass on our aprreciation and delight with Kevin as our D-J on 07-07-07-he was perfect for our group! He added that special interaction that made our reception just what we wanted FUN!”
-Barbara Waltimire, Dublin Ranch Golf Club, July 7, 2007

– Denise Quinn, Back 40, June 23, 2007

“The wedding was wonderful and I can’t begin to tell you how much fun everyone had. Kevin did an exceptional job and kept the entire wedding on the dance floor all night! I went with Denon and Doyle since Kevin DJ’ed our friends wedding. He did a great job there and another wonderful job at our wedding. Please let him know how much we appreciated his work.”
-Tracye Wong, Hotel Sofitel, June 16, 2007

“We wanted to let you know that Kevin was AMAZING at our wedding reception this weekend. I can honestly say that the wedding reception would not have been nearly as exciting without Kevin. We gave Kevin full range to interact with the crowd as he saw fit. His low key approach had people participating in the festivites in ways that we would have never imagined. We were left with fantastic memories (and video) of moments like when my 86 year old grandmother and the rest of her table serenaded us with a song before hitting the buffet line. We had so many people come up to us and call the next day to let us know how much fun they had and asked where we found Kevin! He is awesome and a real asset to your company. Please let him know how much we appreciated his services and the real impact it had on our wedding experience.”
-Patrese & David, Piedmont Community Hall, June 2, 2007

“Our wedding went very well and Kevin was great. There’s really not much you or Kevin could have done better. All of our interactions with you guys were easy and painless…and I can’t say the same about all of our wedding vendors! You guys were straightforward, professional, and pleasant to work with at every step. And at the wedding, Kevin was great – he arrived early, got setup, and was ready to go as soon as our reception started. He played the music we wanted and his mic time was limited (as we wanted), but always appropriate and professional. We’ll definitely recommend you to any friends that get married in the Bay Area. Thanks again for everything! Please pass along our thanks to Mark Haggerty who helped with organizing and especially to Kevin.”
-Michael Laub, Brazilion Room, May 27, 2007

“Everyone LOVED Kevin! He did an amazing job keeping things going, fun and entertaining! People have asked us where we booked him and said he was the most professional DJ they have ever seen at a wedding! We were extremely pleased with him and we knew from the start that your company would do an amazing job after we saw you at a wedding fair! Thank you so much for making our wedding extra special and for Kevin doing such a wonderful job! We will definitely recommend you to our many friends getting married next year!!!! Thanks again!”
-Jason & Stacy, Sunol Valley Country Club, May 26, 2007

“We can not say enough about how fantastic a job Kevin did at our wedding. We knew that we were getting a professional outfit to handle this task, but didn’t know how it would all work out or if it would come off “cheesy”. He did such a great job! He got everyone from the young to the old dancing, and was warm without being overbearing or goofy. I went in trusting you guys, and come out convinced. We got nothing but compliments, and thank you from our hearts.”
-Sylvia & Matt, Stern Grove, May 5, 2007

“Thanks for your good wishes. Bob and I thoroughly enjoyed our wedding day celebration. Kevin was right on top of things and provided the flow and musical selections we had requested. I just saw the video of the reception and enjoyed seeing my guests dancing and enjoying themselves along with Bob and me. Thanks so much for your part to make our day the memorable one it was!”
-Vivian Adler, Scotts Gardens, April 29, 2007

“Kevin did a GREAT job! We loved his ice-breaker game! Hope to see Kevin again on May 19th!”
-Kim Hegg, San Ramon Marriott, April 14, 2007

“Everything went perfect! Kevin was great and he did a wonderful job of appeasing the guests even if they requested the same song multiple times 🙂 We all had a wonderful time. Thank you again for making this process so easy and enjoyable!”
-Mattie Lindsey, Vintage 1870, March 31, 2007

“I heard only good things. Patrick and Kevin were both great. Thank you very much!”
-Bea Donato, Westin St Francis, March 29, 2007

“Kevin’s performance was excellent! He was dressed for the occasion, conducted himself professionally, very courteous to our guests, the song list was in line with our style, his MC skills were timely and not overpowering, and he even surprised us with a couple fun games thrown in to involve the guests. We would definitely refer Kevin and Denon & Doyle to friends and coworkers.”
-Jeff Stieglitz, Brazilian Room, March 17, 2007

“Well Kevin was a hit again- it was really fun to have only 60’s music and he did it superbly! I think he was tipped twice and the CEO (who hired me) raved about him! Here is a photo of him at the event! Thanks again- I love having a vendor that I have no worries about! Not to mention that I look forward to working with!”
-Stephanie France (Spot On Events), Standford Court Hotel, March 15, 2007

“We were really thrilled with Kevin as our DJ. He maintained an excellent balance between, on the one hand, helping us in directing the flow of the evening, keeping things going and moving things along (introductions, cake cutting, etc.), yet on the other hand, not being overbearing, overdone, or taking over in anyway. He was particularly impressive in keeping the dance floor packed, and getting a lot of our guests– both young and old– out onto the dance floor; he had a nice sense of musical transitions and picked up on cues about what sort of music our crowd was responding too. I was momentarily alarmed– and even perhaps a bit annoyed– when suddenly he called Michael and I out onto the dance floor to play a game (the shoe game), something that we had definitely never discussed– but it ended up working well and most people were rather amused, so no harm, no foul there. Anyway, lots of people complimented us on the DJ, so please pass these comments along to Kevin.”
-Molly Moloney, Lake Merritt Hotel, March 10, 2007

“It was great. Everyone commented that this was the best D-Jay that they had ever seen at a bar mitzvah. They loved the music, dancing, and the combo of kid/adult activities, dancing. Feel free to use me as a reference. I of course had seen Kevin in action before at the Chodosh and Adar bar mitzvahs so I knew you would all be great!”
-Barbara Mitchell, Qual Lodge Resort, February 17, 2007

“Jett’s party went really well. Kevin did a great job, especially with no song list to work from! The kids danced the ENTIRE night.”
-Janie Rioseco, Servino Restaurant, February 16, 2007

“Kevin was terrific! There were no complaints; everyone really enjoyed themselves. The night turned out to be a great success! I again want to say thank you for allowing us to experience the professionalism of Denon & Doyle.”
-Laurie Williams, Claremont Resort & Spa, February 2, 2007

“Thank you for the follow up. Kevin he did a great job. There was not a dull moment. You can let him know that I would recommend him and think about him for future events.”
-Erin Blackstock, Concord Crown Plaza, January 20, 2007

“Thanks for following up with the DJ for our Employee Party! Kevin was great and the employees had a terrific time. Some of the sound bites that Kevin used during our gift raffles were priceless! Kevin played a wide range of music to suit everyone’s tastes. Crow Canyon CC truly appreciates your DJs for coming out and playing for us! Thank you so much!”
-Christina Doell, Crow Canyon Country Club, January 14, 2007

“The winter party was terrific!!- Many comments were made that it was the best party in company history. Kevin was wonderful and got everyone into the games and dancing.”
-Shari Lowery, Embassy Suites, January 13, 2007

“Kevin was wonderful as always. Not one complaint. Everyone said the DJ was fabulous which is what I expect from Kevin. He is just THE BEST! Thank you again.”
-Rita Nyulassy, Concord Crowne Plaza, January 12, 2007

“We had a great time last week in large part because of Kevin. Consensus from the group was that Kevin was GREAT and “understood the group!” He kept the great music rolling, transitioned well and ensured that the crowd continued dancing and having a great time! He was a fantastic match for our needs”
-Anna Pignataro, Waterfront Restaurant, December 14, 2006

“The party was a great success. Kevin was magnificent. He was very flexible. He was given last minute instructions and went with the flow. He made me look good to my group. Now, I’m shining like a star!!! I have already told a lot of my colleagues about your company.”
-Elena Brightwell, Forbes Mill, December 8, 2006

“Kevin was great! He had a great vibe and he worked really well with our group. The music he played was perfect, even though I never told him what we wanted. I’m guessing he felt the mood in the room and responded with appropriate music, because he was a hit. You guys were great and I really appreciate the special rate you gave us as it enabled us to have music and really give our staff an opportunity to “let loose”! You are #1 on my list as well as our referral list and I am very much looking forward to working with you again!”
-Lori Salfi, Vintage House, December 3, 2006

“I just wanted to let you know our DJ Kevin was FANTASTIC on Friday night! He did a great job getting the crowd dancing and involved. Thank you for a wonderful night!”
-Mona Keeler, Winslow Center, December 1, 2006

“Everything went fine on Saturday. Jacob really liked Kevin and said he was glad he was the DJ. Different kind of party, since it was just for kids, but I think your whole gang did a good job of seeing what the kids were responding to and keeping everyone engaged!”
-Claire Lauing, Beth Am, November 11, 2006

“Kevin did a FANTASTIC job at our wedding!!! He had everyone dancing – young and old – at all times. He totally knew which songs to play to keep people dancing. I believe the dance floor was filled for every song! So many of our guests have told us how great the music was at the wedding. I can’t say enough good things about Kevin and his assistant. They were able to “read” the crowd and were great at keeping to the time schedule and keeping things moving. People really liked the “shoe” newlywed game too. Please thank them again for me! We will definitely recommend D&D to any of our friends who are getting married in the future.”
-Stephanie & Tom, Argonaut Hotel, Nevember 4, 2006

“I just wanted to let you know that the wedding turned out beautifully. We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather in a more beautiful setting. We had Kevin as our DJ and I cannot tell you how perfect this match was. He was sooo much fun. He kept everyone dancing the whole night long and played some really cool games that we had never seen before. (I LOVED the Honeymoon shoe game/quiz – I just wish someone would give me the results!) He had already come highly recommended from a friend who attended a wedding where he was playing and he did not disappoint. Like I said, he was awesome. I would easily recommend him to any of my friends if they need a DJ at their party (or if he’s unmarried for a fun date!!!)”
-Jeanny Morejon, The Mountain Winery, October 21, 2006

“The wedding was chaotic up to the last minute before the ceremony, but it turned out great. Kevin was great as well. He was on top of things, accommodating to my guests and their requests, and played a variety of music. The event was a big blur, but from what my husband and I could remember, the music was very good.”
-Rebecca & Joseph, Palm Event Center, October 20, 2006

“Thanks for checking up on us…we had a great wedding, and seriously we owe much of that to Kevin. He was GREAT. As we had a wedding coordinator who didn’t do her job AT ALL, Kevin really took charge and made the wedding such a blast. He played the “shoe” game, not sure if you are familiar with that one…but it was a HUGE hit and we loved it as well. I’m not sure if you guys could have done anything better. The music was great, he did a good job feeling the crowd and played music we had suggested…Overall A+. Please tell Kevin thanks for us and we hope everything is going good for you guys. By the way we will for sure recommend you guys to our friends. Thanks for everything”
-Joseph & Lorie, Vinters Inn, September 30, 2006

“I wanted to rave and just say what a wonderful job Kevin did. Everyone was really impressed and we were so pleased and happy with his expertise. Thank you again for everything! We definitely will use you guys again if we have another party.”
-Marlena & Daniel, Seafood Peddler, September 23, 2006

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