ronnieWelcome to the quest for cool. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will take a two-pronged approach.

Objective #1: Break into the bustling landscape that is San Francisco’s night life and gain a cult following as a DJ.

Objective #2:  Start a breakdance crew with some buddies from high school and open on stage for some of the biggest and most-respected hip hop artists around.

The catch? Complete these objectives and still remain down to earth and humble about it.

For Ronnie Webb, this mission has already been completed. Plus, to say he comes from humble beginnings is true in many ways. Arcata is a small town in California, located in the county most people confuse as being named “humble.” The correct spelling is Humboldt, actually, and there is an exciting easiness in the Arcata air. There seems to be a combination of laid-back attitude (thanks, Arcata Bay) and a progressive mindset (thanks, Humbold State University) that fosters innovation and creativity among the residents, especially Ronnie.

He picked up his love of music at an early age (even playing with his first turntable at 7) and let his imagination run wild. He started diving deep into music production and it led him to an eventual move to San Francisco where his talents as a DJ had a chance to really blossom.

What makes all of these incredibly cool accomplishments even more impressive is that Ronnie didn’t come to Denon & Doyle because of his résumé. In fact, we had no idea he was even a DJ when we asked him to come work for us. Ronnie also works at Trader Joe’s, you see, and happened to provide the kind of customer service that stood out in a job that is known for it’s excellent customer service. One of our staff noticed the vibrant smile, the friendly interaction, the way he made the custoronnie2mer feel important, and could see how those skills could translate to being a successful MC/DJ. Little did we know.

Ronnie’s transition to D&D was much like his transitions between songs—smooth. His customer service truly shines, whether it’s paying attention to little details that help him read the crowd on a dance floor, or calming the nerves of an anxious couple on their wedding day. “Being able to get someone out of the stress and into the fun of the party is a great feeling,” he explains.

Clients love that he doesn’t try to be the star of the show, but knows when it’s time to get the energy up. It reminds us how he randomly breakdances in the aisles of Trader Joe’s when he notices a dip in energy or enthusiasm. If it makes a co-worker or customer smile, then it was worth the effort. “My goal in anything I do,” says Ronnie, “is to try to make people happy.”

Mission accomplished.




“I know we spoke at the end of the event on Saturday, but I just wanted to send a follow-up note to thank you and your whole team for a FABULOUS event. I am a firm believer that a DJ or band can make or break an event, and I can’t say enough about how you and your team absolutely made the event a huge success! I think those kids were dancing from the minute they arrived until you shut it down at the end of the night. And, we even got a lot of the adults out on the dance floor as well (we don’t have to talk about the moms who took over the stage during AC/DC and  Def Leppard.) You read the room/vibe/mood perfectly throughout the night, and were so responsive to all of our requests.

I think it’s fair to say that everyone had a blast! I received many comments about the event and how much fun everyone had, and that is due, in large part, to you and your team. You absolutely rocked it! Well done!

Thank you so much.”
-Ali Sandman, Sacramento Convention Center, May 21

“The party was really great and the DJ was awesome! Thank you.”
-Maaz Alvi, Mark Hopkins Hotel, May 15

“A good time had by all. Kudos to (Justin and Ronnie) for getting the kids involved in games when the dancing didn’t take off the way Lucas had hoped. As always, your team are very upbeat and committed to a successful party and we appreciate that.

Overall, we were very happy. Lucas had a great time. Please stay in touch with Brian to close out on any final business matters. Thanks for all”
-Abby Platter, Harbor Point Racquet Club, May 14

“It was again a pleasure to work with Denon & Doyle and Ronnie was excellent. A number of guests commented on the great selection of music from start to finish and those who danced especially enjoyed his choices. We hope to work with Denon & Doyle at future events and will definitely recommend you to others if the opportunity arises. Feel free to use us as a reference if needed as well.”
-Joy Buchanan, Memorial Stadium-Cal Berkeley, February 20

“Everything went very well and everybody had fun. Ronnie did great with announcements and keeping the music going most particularly during the dancing. We have had no complaints. Thank you again for outstanding service and we hope to use you again in the future.”
-Melanie Andreacchi, Back 40, January 23

“Everything was great!! Loved Ronnie and Trevor. Music was awesome, he took requests and played everything requested and the photo booth was a huge success. People really loved that the guys would dance around and truly have an engaging, fun time with the audience. 10/10. We will definitely use you guys again if it’s in my power!”
Tiffany Stewart, Blackhawk Country Club, January 16

“We are so happy with choosing Denon and Doyle for our DJ fun! Ronnie was wonderful and we couldn’t be more pleased with the job he did. He communicated well with us and constantly honored all of our pre-wedding choices!

Please pass on our regards to Ronnie! He represented Denon and Doyle very well!

We will certainly be a positive “word of mouth” advertisement for you, and you are at the top of our list if we need a DJ in the future!”
-Jack & Christine Galeotti, Back 40, November 21

“Ronnie was awesome! The music selection was perfect!!!!!”
-Marnie Harvey, Renaissance Clubsport, October 30

“Ronnie was awesome! Very professional and super fun which is exactly what we were looking for. Thank you to him and you guys for making everything so fun for our wedding. Everyone had the best time!
-“Lena Protiva, Elliston Vineyards, October 24

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