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The songs you’ll here in this set don’t exactly pull on my heartstrings but I would say as a whole they are who I am as a DJ. I have been working on this sets arrangement for a few months now, not in preparation for the “mix of the month,” but as a personal achievement. My taste in music has changed and been highly influenced by none other than Ben Gershen, you may even find this to be an “Ode to Gersh” (only fitting as he is making his exit from D&D).
I am a huge fan of this Nu Disco sound, you wont find anything in here even close to dubstep here. Warning! I did record this as a first draft live set SO GIVE ME A BREAK!

Mura Masa                                     Lovesick

I really love this track, that piano lick at the head of it really puts a good taste in your mouth, the syncopation makes it tough to mix (David put me up to the challenge)

I think I found that theres nothing a filter out cant fix


Pretty Lights                                    Hot Like Sauce

My first year with Denon and Doyle (primarily doing photo booths) I was graced with the gig of a lifetime… Photo Booth for Outsidelands, ARE YOU KIDDING ME

Client gave me a walkie talkie, said “go see some shows we’ll phone ya if we need help”

Had the chance to see Pretty Lights close out opening night, I was hooked!

Miguel                                     Waves (RAC Mix)

What a great song, the entire remix album released for this track is outstanding.

I really love what RAC does with remixes, they really beef them up without messing with the integrity of the original track.

Cashmere Cat                         Kiss Kiss

One of my favorite producers, just wanted to play a little bit of his stuff


Claude VonStroke                         Make A Cake

This song is nostalgic to me. Stephanie and I took a little weekend trip to

Ben & Jades place in Tahoe there was plenty of Dirty Bird played that weekend.

Specifically I remember finding this song with Spotify on the drive up and playing it back a couple times. Later laying on the beach and it coming up in Ben’s playlist

(we had a moment… at least I did)

Kaskade                                     Day Trippin’ ft. Estelle

Love me some Kaskade, if you ever get a chance to hear an interview with this guy don’t think about listening to it… DO IT!


Kolombo                                     My Own Business

Big fan of the repeat vocal rap on this track, that Bass lead is pretty catchy.

Just makes me bob my head in the car.


CHIC feat. NILE RODGERS             I’ll Be There (12 Single Vocal Extended)

“The Banger.” I recall when I first attempted an arrangement for this set, playing it for some DJay’s as we enjoyed a well deserved beer after our gigs, this track came up and Ben looked to me and said “I love this song, its one of those songs I put on because I love it, then quickly remember not everyone else loves it as much as I do”


EDX                                      Make Me Feel Good

This song was probably replayed in my car over 100times about a year ago.


Mat Zo feat. The Knocks             Get Down 2 Get Up

A Fave, love to put that gate fx on it right on the drop.


Sigala                                     Easy Love        

Great song to end with. Remix/covers are so fun and having it as the cherry on top to this set.



I hope you enjoyed my mix, and stories of brotherly love.

If you take anything from it, I hope it’s that you find you’re DJ mentor here at

Denon and Doyle, someone to guide your musical taste, teach you, and challenge you.

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