0001Growing up in a busy household of four kids, Brandon often wondered why his dad was so strict about him and each of his siblings picking (and sticking with) one sport and one instrument to play through childhood. Time was a premium and it seemed like it would have been easier on his parents to be a little more lenient. After all, each practice, game, and performance was time that could have been spent watching mindless television. Looking back now, it taught Brandon lessons about commitment, hard work, and responsibility. Specifically, the responsibility of teaching the next generation what was important in life. It didn’t take long before Brandon began paying that lesson forward.

His proficiency in playing the bass naturally made him a mentor to his peers throughout high school. His knowledge of the game of soccer gave him the right 0003experience to coach kids ranging from 2-10 years old. More than skills or strategy, Brandon prided himself on providing those kids a focus on teamwork and friendship. That little lesson his father taught him (and one that seemed like such a chore sometimes) shaped his view of the world. So much so, that Brandon has actually been teaching (be it as a teacher’s assistant or leading his own 6th grade classroom) since he was 13. He leads a pretty active life outside of the classroom, as well, including frequenting an indoor rock climbing gym, playing the bass (dad would be proud) and catching a movie or two.

His weekends with us are typically spent behind a microphone or some turntables, though the teacher in him usually finds its way out. Brandon has been known to share a few dance moves to those without any, or even show an eager kid (or equally eager adult) how to actually use thoseturntables. Brandon knows thos0002e little moments add up to something bigger once the last song has been played. “People spend so long planning these special events,” he explains, “and I love making that one night as amazing as it can be.” The ultimate lesson learned here is that we should all be jealous that our teachers were never as cool as the rock climbing, bass slapping, vinyl scratching, mic dropping, Mr. V.





“Your team did a fabulous job at the party – and made an amazing connection with the party and ensured that all the kids were having fun!  They were engaged and kept us organized too! High quality performance.  Thank you for all that you did to organize everything!”
-Lisa dePaschalis, Orinda Intermediate School, June 9

“The evening could not have gone better. I had so many wonderful comments from guests about your team. But the best part was that Gabriella was so thrilled and had exactly the dance party she wanted. I can’t say enough good things about [the team]. They were amazing and everyone loved them!”
-Danielle Jarvie, Studio 333, May 28

“[They] were fantastic!  Lucy and her friends had a blast, and I really can’t make any suggestions for improvements.  The guys struck the right chord all night as far as I can tell. I’m not much of a social media participant, but I will highly recommend Denon and Doyle to my friends.”
-Wendy Stovell, Firehouse 8,  May 21

“Just a final note as I am finally putting to bed the Beth Chaim 2016 Fundraiser. Thank you so much for your help that evening. You and Brandon did a fantastic job! The music was great, and you did a wonderful job reading the crowd and keeping the party going.

Thanks again so much to the D&D team.  We value your help each year and truly think of D&D as part of the Beth Chaim family.  You are all ROCK STARS!!!  Thank you so much for your generosity, and great attitudes and wonderful work!”
-Rae Corr, Dougherty Station Community Center, May 7

“What a GREAT night!! Your team was amazing!  So much FUN!  It was a FUN night for the girls!! Thank you thank you!! ”
-Jena von Ranson-Odiorne, John Swett Elementary, April 29

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