Patrick McMichael

Patrick McMichael

The dude travels north.

He's a So. Cal transplant who is stoked to be up in No. Cal's clean and green. His roots are the mean streets of East Los Angeles. Today he can happily smile and shake his head about his wild times as a teenager.

When his uncle made the move up north, he said there might be work for Patrick in his transportation company (he also through that in No. Cal girls were much nicer than So. Cal girls). Patrick didn't hesitate. His uncle promised him the ocean and it's waves would still be available a la norte -- a big selling point as Patrick finds his mojo in the mosh of the ocean's whitewash.

What his uncle didn't mention was the bone-chilling water temperature, or the rocks off the secret spot in Capitola. Patrick left a pound of shin flesh (and a good portion of his brand new wet suit) after eating it on a particularly heavy set.

Nasty scar in tow (nothing makes the chicks "oooh" and "ahhh" like a good scar), his hustle made him an instant favorite at his transportation job. He shot up the ranks from file boy to the front office in no time. He also moonlighted at Applebees, waiting tables to make a few bucks and meet a lot of people -- thankfully for us at D&D, one of those people was staff DJ Jason Ruderman. Jason liked Patrick's style and told him to come check out a showcase. Though Patrick didn't know Jason from Adam West, and was wary of the potential Amway Scamway, he gave us a peek. Hook, line and sinker.

At D&D we often say the music is the easy part -- the person with the personality is the gem that we're looking for. Patrick's a rare one, shining with the mic in his hand, coordinating games & dances with guests, and running behind the scenes with vendors at the same time. He loves getting lost in what could feel incredibly chaotic to others.

"It's like catching the set wave, getting completely barreled and making it out," he says with the trademark So. Cal smile. "It's sick."

"Sick" is So. Cal lingo for "great". You can take the boy out of the 'hood... See photos of Patrick performing.


"Hi Patrick, You were phenomenal! You made Ben's event. I hope you are resting today(I don't know how you keep up your energy Thank you again(we will see you at Diana's Bat Mitzvah in 2014)"
-HIlary, Peninsula Temple Sholom, Ocotber 29, 2011

"The party was great. Patrick did an awesome job. We heard many compliments on how he managed the event."
-Marc Herman, Peninsula Temple Sholom, September 24, 2011

"We have been to a ton of Bar Mitzvah receptions over the past ten years (being at the Jewish Day School, and active in the Jewish community). Noah's party was as good as it gets. Patrick deserves all the credit in the world. There were some other important ingredients (great venue/space, kids who were ready to dance/party, etc.), but Patrick's level of service, desire to do things exactly as we wanted, ability to 'read' the crowd, and energy/talent were just amazing."
-Joan Jacobs, Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa, September 3, 2011

"You dj’ed at my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah last Saturday at Crow Canyon Country Club. You were absolutely magical and made the entire party a success. You got a sense of the crowd immediately and got everyone up and dancing immediately. There seemed never to have been a lull. Everyone’s first comment was how good you were and how much fun you made the party.

I wanted to thank you for your professionalism, your superior ability to get people to participate, and for making Aliya feel so special. We are all so appreciative."
-Jane Sondel, Crow Canyon Country Club, August 27, 2011

"Everything was great! You guys are truly the best! Everyone can’t stop talking about your company. The girls kept the young ones busy, Mark kept everyone dancing and Patrick is so charming and so good at what he does.

The only disappointment my daughter had was that no Justin Bieber was played. Not a big deal I just I would mention it because Aubrey expressed that was her favorite singer. Your team made Aubrey feel like a princess all night!

We really appreciate the professionalism your company has. Patrick is incredible! My other daughters date is January 26th 2013. Please save that date for us and send me any paper work that is needed and we will send the deposit. I would love to have Patrick again if he is not booked yet. A thank you note and tip is in the mail to Patrick as well."
-Lainie Krieger, Round Hill Country Club, July 23, 2011

"We can’t say enough good things about Patrick and his “A” team. Our bar mitzvah celebration expectations were not only met but were exceeded. Sharon Cox from Crow Canyon Country Club suggested we get Patrick from Denon and Doyle and boy was she correct. Not only our family from out of town was extremely impressed with his excitement and crowd pleasing personality but so were all of the kids and our friends. He has a magical way of getting everyone from age 5 to 85 getting involved. We had a ton of adults and kids and there was something for everyone. How many times do you go to an event and at 11 pm at the end of the party everyone is still there? This was because of Patrick!! We have been getting calls for the past 2 days about how it was the best party they have ever been to. His organizational skills matched with his pleasing personality and energy are second to none. HE IS SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
-Ninan Fox, Crow Canyon Country Club, June 18, 2011

"Thank you again for helping to create a fantastic party for us. You kept the energy and flow going beautifully, and you have a knack for making the client (me) feel like it's the BEST party ever, and that YOU'RE having a blast. Amazing (and appreciated) gift you have for that, especially given the hundreds or thousands of events you're done, and the potential for a bored, been-there, done-that attitude. Not a trace!! Adam told me you did the Miramonte graduation the night (and morning) before, which makes your boiundless energy even more impressive! And countless guests also told me how fantastic you were. Bravo all around!!!!"
-Gail Brager, Temple Isaish, June 11, 2011

"On behalf of the parents who put on the 2011 Miramonte Grad Nite, I want to thank Denon & Doyle for your participation and contribution to a very successful event. When students comment that the entire event including the entertainment was amazing, you know we did a great job.

As the entertainment chair, I will be summarizing the event. There are rumors that the campus may no longer want to hold the grad nite event, but if they do, they will find an excellent cast of 2011 entertainment to hire again including you. Kudos to both Patrick McMichael & Mark Roberts for an amazing job."
-Laura Sawczuk, Miramonte High School, June 10, 2011

"Patrick and the team were simply amazing. From the moment the kids walked in to the moment they walked out they were busy, entertained and having a blast. Every time I looked over at Sam (as I was busy talking with the guests), I saw a huge smile on his face and knew I could go back to what I wanted to do without worrying whether or not he was enjoying himself. At the last activity, where Sam wrapped himself in bubble wrap and everyone went in for a hug, then Patrick had him walk around the circle of guests and hug everyone, Sam whispered in my ear "you nailed it mom". Many people have asked about the dj, and complimented Patrick in a big way. Many of the guests have been "making the rounds" at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and to hear the great feedback, and the excitement it generated is truly wonderful. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Denon & Doyle, and specifically, Patrick. For my part, he made my experience perfect. I didn't have to give a thought to whether the kids were entertained; when there was an issue with the DVD, Patrick took care of it; he asked me a question, then acted on the response. There was absolutely nothing he could have done better, as the party could not have been better. People (kids and adults alike) talk about the party with a smile on their face. What more could I ask?

So thank you, Dan & Patrick, for a stress-free, supportive and could-not-have-been-better experience. I wouldn't consider ever using anyone else."
-Maria Levy, TRC Harding Park Golf Course, May 28, 2011

"I just wanted to thank you and your team for being so great Saturday night. I think all the kids had a great time and that it did what Lexie wanted it to do. I had 3 kids tell me straight up that "this party is awesome" - so I think that about sumsit up. Patrick your team was great...and just blended beautifully without forcing thank you for that."
-Kate Polevoi, Fort Mason Firehouse, May 14, 2011

"Everything was perfect!! A great time had by all. Patrick was so helpful last week and the evening of the party he makes it look so easy. Mark , Ashley and Amanda were awesome."
-Jenna Feinberg, Lake Merced Golf & Country Club, April 23, 2011

"We were a little worried at first when we learned Dan wasn't available for our son, Jackson's Bar Mitzvah, since he was there for our older son AJ, and we loved him. However, after meeting with Patrick prior to the event, we were sure he would be great. What an understatement! The entire team was beyond fantastic!! They worked so well together and made, not only Jackson, but our entire family, and all of our guests feel very special. I hope we have an opportunity to work with them again. From the Torchon family to the D&D family, we send our gratitude, affection and extreme thanks!"
-Jeanette Torchon, Seafood Peddler, April 9, 2011

"I am a Sales Manager at Scott's Seafood Grill & Bar in Walnut Creek. On Saturday, March 26th we held a Bat Mitzvah for the Marriner family for their daughter Lucy in our Garden. Patrick McMichael and his crew were amazing. They provided a party that was absolute perfection! From the flawless set up that took only minutes to every single detail perfectly timed for the party, I can't say enough about what an amazing job they performed. I do not have Patrick's email but can you please pass on my compliments to him and the staff, I was impressed with them from the minute they arrived. I would LOVE to work with him again, and would not hesitate to recommend Denon & Doyle to anyone booking a party whose goal would be to make it incredible!! It was definitely a night to remember."
-Lisa Griffin, Sales Manager at Scott's Gardens, March 26, 2011

"Everything was perfect!!! I have been receiving emails and phone calls from family and friends all weekend about how fantastic Patrick and the DJ were. Thank you so very much for everything!!! It was a pleasure working with you and your fabulous crew."
-Sheila Emanuel, Stonetree Golf Club, March 5, 2011

"Denon & Doyle has done another amazing job!. Patrick was amazing and went above and beyond out expectations. We were thrilled from start to finish. Patrick memorized the kids which is not easy to do at that age. Everyone (honest) asked many times who is this? LOVED every minute of the evening. Ashley and Kesley were also great, very sweet and awesome dancers. I heard the boys had crushes on them!not too exciting for them to hear being they are 12 and 13 year olds! Mark did a good job too, I did not talk to him but we could see he worked hard. We want to send tips to all of them on our MC. Let me know how to do that. XO to everyone from your number 1 fans in Sacramento!! Again , Patrick you were a true doll and Bruce and I know you put hard work into the evening and have a true tallent.Many thanks."
-Lori Anapolsky, The Center, February 26, 2011

"Our party was AWESOME!! Patrick was outstanding. He kicked the party off with energy and kept it up right until the end. He knew when to check in with us, when a change needed to be made on the spot, and really personalized the event for Tanner. Also, apparently there was a power outage at the club right before we got there, and he was figuring out how to deal with that! But fortunately it was fixed, and the whole party was so much fun. He pulled a diverse group together, with a lot of 13 year old boys that were not big into dancing, and made it a PARTY! So thanks for the fantastic job that D&D, and in particular, Patrick, did on our son's Bar MItzvah Celebration."
-Shelly Larkin, Crow Canyon Country Club, February 5, 2011

"OMG…THEY WERE FANTASTIC! We and our guests had an awesome time! Patrick could not have done better. He and Mark, Ashley and Kaitlyn had EVERYONE engaged, young and old. Austin was great with the photo booth and we noticed that he also helped out the others from your crew. We have not stopped talking about the party. Patrick had such control of the party, it was so much fun. My voice is actually still hoarse today! J Patrick and the others have so much energy. After being there for hours doing the party, we were amazed to see them dancing a jig after the party was over!! Very entertaining. Bottom line is that I am 150% happy with everyone from Denon and Doyle."
-Beth Drassler, Granite Bay Golf Club, January 22, 2011



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