Understanding Astrology

A Guide to the basic concepts and terms of Astrology

This booklet is an introduction to the basic symbols and language of Astrology, the very basic concepts that are the necessary foundation for understanding Astrology. The booklet will serve as a Study Guide, reference, and tutorial as we examine a Natal chart step-by-step. Attention was given to formatting the tables so that they not only display well on screen, but also can be printed out as study guides.

If you do not have a Natal Chart, you may obtain one free on-line at: http://www.astro.com/cgi/awd.cgi?lang=e or http://www.kenaz.com/astro_calc.htm. The natal chart description in the booklet is for the Matrix Chart Wheel, which is the Natal chart that is included with Matrix Software's "The Sky Within" computerized Natal report. Other types of chart wheels will have the same information, but it may be in a different format. If you wish to follow along as we examine the natal chart, you may avoid some degree of confusion by using this Sample Natal Chart.

I grant permission to share this booklet with anyone who might find it helpful, but request that you do not sell it or any part of it.

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Astrology Workshop Area Preface: About this booklet.

  1. Introduction and Index (this page)
  2. My personal view of Astrology
  3. The Symbols of Astrology An Overview
  4. Reading Your Natal Chart Making some sense of all those squiggles.
  5. Sun, Moon, and Ascendant Glyphs, definitions
  6. The Planets Glyphs, definitions
  7. The Signs of the Zodiac Glyphs; definitions; dates; the Signs through the Houses
  8. The Houses Glyphs; definitions; natural rulers;
  9. Aspects Glyphs, definitions; brief note on Transits
  10. Signs, Glyphs, Elements, Modes
  11. Sample Natal Chart Printout
  12. Glossary Understanding those strange words

NOTE: Here is a Composite Page of Tables 1, 2, and 3 listed above to print out as a study guide. There are no links on the page so it will all fit on one printed page. You will have to use the "back" button to return to this index.

Comments of suggestions are welcome. Please inform me of any typos or things that need to be clarified. Your feedback can help make this a more effective teaching tool.

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Introduction to Astrology:
|| Introduction || Symbols of Astrology || The Natal Chart || Sun, Moon, Ascendant || The Planets ||
|| Signs of the Zodiac || Houses || Aspects || Signs, Glyphs, Elements, Modes ||

Study Guides:
|| Signs of the Zodiac, Houses, Planetary Rulers || Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water ||
|| Modes: Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable || Sample Chart || Glossary ||

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