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The "Sky Within" natal report is a written interpretation of the information contained in your natal chart. It is a great learning tool to have such a report and then analyze the process of interpretation. How does one go about interpreting a natal chart? Let us begin to understand the language of astrology and the process of interpretation of a natal chart by examining your natal chart. (If you do not have your own natal chart, you may use this Sample Chart.)

Locate the horizontal line that runs right through the middle of the chart wheel. The point where it intersects the circle all the way over on the left is called the Ascendant. In our sample chart this point is marked with the symbol "ASC", some numbers, and a Glyph (astrological symbol). A chart at the bottom of the page shows the Planets, their glyphs, and the Sign each is located in. On the bottom right, a chart shows the glyphs for the Zodiac signs.

The wheel is divided into 12 segments: These are the Houses. Starting on the left [about the point of the ascendant], moving counter-clockwise, are located the numbers 1 through 12. These are the numbers of each house. Each of your planets is represented somewhere inside the wheel by its glyph, followed by the symbol for the sign in which it is located, and the number of degrees of that sign. The beginning of each of the twelve houses is indicated by a line upon which the degrees of a sign is located. This sign is called the sign on the (house) cusp. Astrologers will often refer to this as the sign that rules this house.

Review: Each Planet [energy type] is located in a Sign [mode of expression] and a House [area of life experience]. Each House [area of life experience] is strongly influenced by the Sign [mode of expression] that "rules" it [that is on the Cusp of the house]. i.e.; Each Planet is colored by the energy pattern of the Sign it is in, and expresses itself most strongly in the area of experience of its House.

The Sun and Moon are included in the astrological term "the Planets". The aspects between Planets and certain "sensitive points" in the chart [for now we will only look at the Ascendant and the North and South Nodes of the moon] also influence the interpretation of a chart. This quickly becomes mind-boggling! - so let us begin by examining one thing at a time.

Begin with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and Nodes of the Moon, for they will likely be the most important influences in your chart. The North Node symbol is indicated on the bottom left chart as "Node N", and the South Node will be directly opposite the North Node.

Locate the Sign, and then the House, of your Sun. Read the meaning of your Sun, then the meaning of the Sign that it is in; then the meaning of the House it is in. Repeat these steps with your Moon and its nodes and each of the planets. Read the interpretation of the Sign of your ascendant.

** Ignore the following section for now if you do not have the "Aspect Patterns" print-out pages with your chart.

Locate the Aspect Patterns pages of your chart. A Planet glyph is located over the top of each little box, and inside are the symbols of Planets that aspect it. The numbers in the box give the number of degrees of the aspects.

It quickly becomes very complicated if you try to pay attention to each and every type of aspect. The most significant aspects in your chart will be any aspects formed to your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant.

As you begin to get a feel for the energy patterns, you will see more clearly what your own personal challenges are and how better to work with them.

When a Planet in the current sky moves into a significant relationship with one of your natal Planets, that natal Planet's potential will be challenged to evolve. Whether you move with the energy pattern or fight it determines how this event will be felt by you. As you become more consciously aware of the process, you will become more able to chose to work with the energies, and therefore to realize your potentials. Once you have an understanding of your birth chart, you may wish to have a reading done by a professional Astrologer.

There are whole books written on each of these areas that we have covered here briefly. Here we are focusing on just the basic astrological language and getting a "feel" for the energy patterns.

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