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Shadow Dancing

FAQ about the video:

The bit with the silhouetted girls at the beginning -- what do you call that?
"Shadow Dancing" -- perfect for events where you want high energy and eye-popping visuals as part of the presentation. We provide a big screen, projection and some of our very talented party motivator/dancers who appear as "the shadows".

Who were the guys with the microphone?
Those are our emcees. They are uniquely qualified and more than happy to run the show for you. Know, too, that like any good blender we have at least 12 speeds ranging from please leave the microphone at the warehouse churn to over-the-top frappe.

What do you call that little photo thingy -- you know, where that couple had their picture taken and it showed up on the TV above them?
"Photo Bar" is where we bring the truss (that arc/cage-looking thing), the flat panel plasma TV and camera to provide your guests with lasting photographic memories they can take with them at the end of the night. We can also provide you with a disk of all the photos shot during your event.

Did I see people dancing around their tables?
Yes -- that was one of our games our emcees can run for your guests. By the way, the lady in red won the grand prize that night.

What was the grand prize?
Some secrets are sacred (say that five times fast).

Does Denon&Doyle provide all the lighting & staging I saw, too?

What's up with the "Parasols & Bubbles of a Geisha" shot?
That was one of our production numbers where we fire up the bubble machine, hand out the parasols and have the whole crowd swaying to "It's Raining Men". That's not your song? No worries -- we have dozens of songs we teach as dances and production numbers where you and your guests are the stars! And, no, not all of our numbers involve parasols.

Who was that woman who did the flip and then let her backbone slip?
That was Beverly, one of our many extremely talented and friendly party motivators. As awesome as these guys and girls are as dancers, their main function is to add excitement and energy to the party. They really like dancing with you, not at you.

Do I have to have a kick-line at my event?
No. We will charge a $50 no-kick-line fee, though. Just kidding. It's only $5.

What do you mean by "Bah Bah Bah!"?
It's a "Sweet Caroline" thing -- give us a call and we'll be happy to help you understand.

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